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wasted time.
i can not say that i was ready for this.
but when worlds collide,
and all that i have is all that i want.


Kazuha sighed softly as she stared out of the classroom window, bored. It was earlier in the day, and the day was somewhat cloudy, so it was dimmer outside.

She shifted in her seat, moving her arm so that she could rest her head on her hand in a disinterested manner.

It wasn't that the lesson wasn't interesting, she just couldn't concentrate today.



Conan was on her mind more so than usual. The boy had several strange quirks, that if you bothered to analyze, and pay close attention to, you could really see he wasn't normal.

Mainly, a first thing you could look at was his personal appearance.

Sure, he seemed to look like your normal 8 year old, yet, the way he stood with his hands in his pockets was something one would find strange for an 8 year old. His clothing styles were also a bit strange, and even though they were children's clothing, he seemed to try and get as close to a more adult style as possible.

Even that stupid suit he wore willingly made him more adult than usual.

There were also his speech patterns, and ever more, his voices.

Yes, his voices. He had two different individual voices that had unique traits to them. One, was the more childish one that helped cover his more intelligent traits that he sometimes, unknowingly, showed.

The second being his more serious, deeper (well, as deep as he could get with a child's voice), and was able to draw the attention of even the more stupid of people. At times, she would be talking to Ran, and she would hear Heiji and Conan speak, and she would slowly find herself trying to listen to Conan, due to the tones he used.

If it weren't for the fact he were a kid, she would say his voice had a special alluring tone to it, she didn't know why, but it could bring her just as much calm (if not sometimes more) than Heiji.

Then, there were Heiji's quirks.. Heiji didn't care too much for kids, except Conan. Whenever able, he tried to get in contact with him, brought him places, and even willingly dragged him into danger! If it had been any other child, she was sure Heiji would never do with them what he did with Conan.

There were also his "Kudo" slips. His excuses were far beyond obvious (along with really really REALLY stupid) at times.

Perhaps… Perhaps it was time that she found out just who Conan was.

It was a scary, and far beyond bizarre idea, but, hadn't she dealt with enough craziness to know that you have to look past the outward appearances of your 'suspect,' and get to the deeper meaning behind the mask…?

It wasn't for nothing she had a detective as a friend.

She sat under one of the school's tree's staring at Heiji's cell phone.

She couldn't believe she'd actually managed to get ahold of his cell phone while it was on. Which… also made her glad Heiji was at an unexpected practice, otherwise the other's would have thought it a little more suspicious of her to rummage through his stuff for his cell phone.

'Cause, none of them paid attention all that much anyway- Heiji and her were best friends after all.

So, there she sat, shaking slightly as she slowly thought of a way to attack the current situation.

She then decided to go through Heiji's email, to see if Kudo had mailed him recently.

After fruitlessly searching that area, she moved to the auto-call part of his phone, and searched through his personal phonebook, before happening upon Kudo's phone number.

She paused, straightening up as she slowly collected herself, and hit the send button.

Conan was out skateboarding when his (Shinichi's) cell phone went off. He blinked and slowed his decent, paused, and flipped open his cell phone. He quickly scanned the name 'HEIJI HATTORI,' and put the phone to his ear, "Yo, Hattori?"

There was an indefinite pause on the other end, along with an audible soft choke.

Conan picked up his skateboard and started walking, straightening up slightly, getting serious, "..Who is this?"

The other line paused as Kazuha thought, 'Conan has never called Heiji just.. Hattori….'

"C… Conan…?"

Conan sighed softly, "Kazuha…?"

Kazuha shuddered slightly, "Y...Yes..?"

"How did you get my...this phone number..?" It was of course obvious, but, he still wanted to know how it was that Hattori was stupid enough to let this happen.

Kazuha took in a deep breath, "Well... I uh... took Heiji's cell phone out of his stuff...since he's... at a sudden practice... and I was just... I'm so sorry.. I didn't mean to..."

Conan very quickly began to feel that usual 'you-are-lower-than-dirt' feeling he always got when Ran cried, and sighed. Heiji was going to seriously have at him if he found out about this, "Kazuha...? Kazuha... please calm down... I'm not.. mad.. just.. please calm down...?"

After a moment Kazuha sighed, "Ok... And... you don't have to worry about me asking anymore questions..! I.. I won't ask how you got to be that way.. but.. uh... will you tell me someday...?"

Conan thought for a moment, "When it's no longer dangerous for you to know I guess... I guess I'll tell you then."

Kazuha smiled, "Ok..."

Conan looked around, "Now, Kazuha, don't tell Heiji you know, pretend you don't, or else he'll kill me... ok? It's dangerous for you to know I'm really... uh... not me.. ok?"

Kazuha nodded, "...Alright."

"I think you better return Heiji's cell phone before he gets too suspicious now, ok?"

Kazuha nodded, "Ok, and….. thanks... Kudo-kun."

With that the line went dead.

Conan looked at it and sighed. He was actually pretty surprised at how calm he was at the moment.

You would honestly think he'd be running around screaming, cursing Heiji's blood line.

Oh well.

He really should have asked her to make Heiji paranoid for getting him into this mess.

Oh.. wait.

Conan grinned.

He could.

Ah.. revenge...

It was truly...



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