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Ninjas Meet Pirates

The oceans mild breeze flowed freely through the open sails of the Going Merry, as the ship's crew went about their leisurely habits. Monkey D. Luffy was relaxing on the sheep head bowsprit, looking out towards the massive blue ocean, sparkling under the late morning sun. Usopp, not far from Luffy, was concocting explosive mixtures for bullets to shoot with his slingshot. Unfortunately, the mixture made a small explosion that covered his dark face with black soot, which made him sneeze convulsively.

"Hmm," he murmured thoughtfully, rubbing his nose, and got an idea.

"Pepper Bullets! Achoo!"

He continued to perfect his newfound invention.

Zoro was at the back of the boat taking a long nap, his loud snores were unnoticed by the crew. Sanji busied himself in the kitchen wondering what to do with the tangerines from Nami's orchard. With thoughts filled with Nami, Sanji decided he would make her his special Tangerine Sorbet, and one for Nico Robin too. Chopper grinded special chemicals in his mixing bowl, making more Rumble Balls for any upcoming battles to come. As for Nami and Robin, they were both sitting on leisure chairs, reading; Robin, with the Mystic Rainbow book, and Nami with her newspaper. All of them went about their ways, unknowing of the latest outburst that was about to come.

"WOOOHOHOHOO!" whooped the Captain of the Going Merry ship, bouncing excitedly on top of his favorite sitting place of the boat, and pointing at the long stream of land coming towards them.

"Oi, everybody, check it out! Another island!" Luffy shouted with glee to his crew.

"BAKA!" shouted Nami, as she punched Luffy on the head. "That is not an island!"

"Ow, Nami you don't have to be so mean," he said dejectedly rubbing the sore bump on his head.

"She's right," said Nico Robin coming beside them, and looking out towards the large mass of terrain.

"It is far too large to be an island, so it must be a country."

By this time, Chopper and Sanji came out from below the deck to see what the commotion is all about.

"A country in the Grand Line, huh?" questioned Usopp, his hand rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "I . . . uh. . . don't know what else to say about that."

"Well, it's about time we found a place to land," said Nami, ignoring Usopp's useless mumbling. "We're really low on supplies, and I'm tired of eating tangerines everyday."

"Naaami-Saaan! You're so beautiful when you want to be!" Interjected Sanji, his eyes lighting up with hearts with his arms flailing about.

"Quiet Sanji. Now, let's take a closer look," she said. Nami took out a small brass telescope, and peered through it. In a clear view, she saw a port, and from the looks of it, there was no sign of any activity; no boats, and no people.

'Hmm, that's strange,' she thought.

"Alright everyone, let's dock!"


Meanwhile, at the port of the Hidden Water Village; four ninjas waited somewhat patiently for the target of their mission. The small pirate ship not so far off the coast, and was ready to land in the port anytime. Kakashi's team of his favorite ninjas, hid themselves within the deserted harbor. Their mission was to protect the hidden water village from the (according to Naruto) "ill-fated" pirates. Three of the young chuunins hid together behind a number of crates and barrels left by the sailors after evacuating the area. Their plan (briefed by Kakashi, himself), is to surprise the pirates with their powerful jutsu, while their Sensei would hide comfortably nearby to catch up with his reading.

"This is a stupid plan," spat Naruto, pouting with his arms crossed.

"It's just not fair! That we have to do all the work, while dumb Kaka-sensei reads that perverted book of his."

Not far from them, a fit of giggling was heard from behind the bushes. Naruto fumed at those rustling bushes, knowing full well who was hiding within them.

"Naruto," chastised Sakura sharply.

"You have to keep quiet. Tsunade-Sama trusted us only to take on this mission, and Kakashi-sensei knows that we're strong enough to take care of a bunch of lowly pirates, right Sasuke-kun?"

Sakura added with a blush, but all that she received from the Uchiha heir was his trademark "hmpf", but she gave a dreamy sigh either way. Naruto was still far from happy.

"What's wrong dobe, are you afraid of a bunch of pirates, because Sensei isn't here to save you?" Sasuke taunted the already irritated blonde.

"YOU SHUT THE HELL UP!" Naruto exploded at the calm and collected Uchiha.

"NARUTO!" yelled the aggravated Sakura, as she firmly planted her fist onto his head.

"Don't you dare to talk to Sasuke-kun like that!"

"Oww, Sakura," Naruto groaned in pain.

"Don't you guys ever shut up? I swear you're both so annoying!" scolded Sasuke, right before he went to peer out of their hiding place to see the progress of the pirate ship.

"Their close now, they just put up their sails, get ready," Sakuke whispered urgently to his team. All three took out their kunais, and simultaneously looked over the mass of crates to watch the ship drop anchor. The hustle and bustle going on inside the ship could be heard, but not a single person was in sight yet. Then there was a shuffle of one's footsteps nearing to the front of the sheep boat, a young man with a long nose emerged from the ship, scanning the area with his goggle-covered eyes. The three chuunins kept their curious eyes on the pirate waiting for any sign of a threat. The long nosed man smirked to himself, and without warning, pulled out a flag with his face painted on the worn-out fabric.

"I, Captain Usopp, claim this land as part of one of my many famous discoveries. I shall name it, Usopptopia- Aagh!"

The loud pirate had been shoved off the boat by someone behind him. He fell and landed on his nose in a heap of fishnets.

"God, Usopp, you could be so damn annoying!" said a young orange haired woman, who jumped off the boat with such grace.

"Wow, look at this place," she said, looking around the deserted harbor.

"I wonder why everybody left."

"Hey, look A TOWN!" called out another pirate with a straw hat, who sprang from the ship, and landed on a bunch of crates that were right above the young ninjas' hiding place. He put his hand above his eyes looking for any sign of a restaurant.

"Where's the meat? ME WANT MEAT!"

There was a yawn heard from the ship, a man with green hair and three swords emerged into sight.

"Damn, you're all too noisy," complained the swordsman, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"Hey where are we anyway? Doesn't look like we're in a town."

"I agree," said another voice from the ship.

"I don't see any shops anywhere." The voice belonged to a tall blonde in the black suit. He lit his cigarette right before he jumped down to join the red haired woman, the unconscious long-nose, and the hyper guy with the straw hat.

Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke were quite surprised of this motley crew. They didn't look like any of the pirates they heard of in stories.

"What's with these guys?" Naruto whispered to his team members.

"They look too stupid to be pirates."

"I know what you mean," agreed Sakura with a silent giggle.

"What's with the silly straw hat?"

"Sshh, be quiet!" warned Sasuke.

"Hey look, there some kids here!"

Startled, the trio looked up to be face to face with the smiling Captain of the Straw Hat pirates.

"Hi there," greeted Luffy from above. All three of them jumped out of their hiding places in surprise.

"Dammit, we're found out!" said Sasuke as he quickly got into his battle stance. Naruto and Sakura did the same.

Luffy became confused, and tipped his head to the side.

"What's this, you all want to fight?"

"Luffy! Quit playing with those dumb little kids. We have to find out what to do from here!" called out Nami as she rounded up the rest of the crew for a meeting.

"It's alright Nami, I think they want to fight me!" shouted back Luffy happily, as he jumped from the mount of crates in front of the offended ninjas.

"Dumb . . . Little . . . Kids?" Sakura seethed.

'LET ME AT 'EM! I'M GONNA KICK ALL THEIR ASSES!' Screamed out Inner Sakura. Naruto was also enraged.

"I'll teach you not to underestimate me! I'm going to be Hokage one day, and I'm sending your sorry asses straight to the NAVY!"

"Shut the hell up! I've had enough of all your stupid drama!" Sasuke spat at his team. Sakura frowned.

"B-But Sasuke-kun . . ." began Sakura

"And YOU!" said Sasuke threateningly, ignoring Sakura, as he glared at the bemused straw hat pirate.

"You're going down! KATON RYUUKA NO JUTSU!"

A blast of fire emitted from the dark haired boy's mouth, in which the cargo, the ship, and Luffy were caught on fire.

"AAAH! IT BURNS!" Screamed Luffy as he ran frantically around the harbor in search of any source of water nearby, but unfortunately the only source of water was in the ocean. So Luffy jumped right in.

"Aah! Fire! Somebody help me!" cried the helpless blue-nose deer in the burning ship.

"Oh no! Chopper! Luffy!" screamed Nami in panic.

"I'll help Luffy! Zoro, you deal with the fire!" called Sanji, as he took off his suit coat, and rushed off to save the drowning Captain.

"I'm on it!" said Zoro. He unsheathed all three of his swords.


The strength of the Zoro's whirlwind technique extinguished the fire instantly, as well as it slashed the abandoned cargo around them into pieces, leaving no place for the young ninjas to hide.

Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto's jaws dropped in awe at such amazing power.

"How did he do that?" they all said in unison.

After the fire had gone, Sanji emerged from the water with Luffy in tow as they both gasped for air.

"Hey Luffy, you okay?" breathed Sanji.

"Whoa! (cough) That (cough, hack) that was a neat trick!(cough)," Luffy coughed out, sputtering water from his mouth.

"Hey you! Can you do that again!"

With that said, Luffy received multiple hits, and a kick from his crew.

"Don't encourage them, BAKA!"

"Ooow . . ."

Naruto took this minor distraction to step in.

"So you like tricks, huh?" mocked Naruto with a smirk while cracking his knuckles.

"Well then, Eat this!" Naruto placed his hands together to form the tiger seal.


With multiple puffs of smoke, a dozen Narutos appeared, surrounding the Straw Hat pirates.

"Ooooh! So cool! Luffy yelled out. He was so amazed that his eyes were bugging out of his head. All the Narutos smirked.

"Heh! I know," said Naruto, letting his ego get in the way of the task at hand.

"Naruto! Quit fooling around and get busy!" yelled out Sakura, who had her kunai out again.

"Don't worry Sakura-chan. These guys are a piece of cake," said Naruto.

"I wouldn't count on that, dobe. That swordsman looks pretty tough" warned Sasuke. All the Naruto's fumed.

"I know that! Quit talking like you know everything asshole!" They boomed at cool Uchiha.

Nami took this time to drag Usopp to hide back in the ship.

"Alright, you three down there, I'll watch the ship, while you take care of those kids!"

"Easy for you to say!" shouted Zoro angrily.

"Hai! Nami-Saaan!" called out Sanji, his voice singing with the sound of love.

"I'm hungry," said Luffy, rubbing his growling stomach with a pained look.

Sanji, Luffy, and Zoro all stood right in the middle of all the annoying blonde doppelgangers. Sanji lit up a new cigarette.

"Hmph, I guess these kids mean business," he said, letting the smoke come out of his nostrils.

"Can we have meat after this?" asked Luffy hopefully.

"Let's do this quickly then," said Zoro as he tied his dark green bandana over his head, as they readied themselves for what seemed to be an interesting battle.

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