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Danger? or Just Gas?

Kakashi ordered his team to be up and on the deck of the Merrie Go at 5:00 am.Naruto and Sasuke were already waiting there for more than an hour. They were both hunched over due to the fact that they weren't used to sleeping on hammocks, and their eyes were bloodshot from the lack of sleep.

"I can't sleep with those idiots," said Sasuke looking out into the morning mist hovering above the ocean with Naruto, who was leaning headfirst onto the edge of the deck, sleeping. Sasuke growled at his lack of attention, the cheerful side-effect of the seasick pill faded when he was trying to sleep. Sleeping along with the guys of the Straw Hat crew was a nightmare. Luffy and Zoro with thier thundering snores. Sanji with his love mutterings of "Nami-san this, Nami-san that, Oh! Nico-Robin!" Usopp saying out loud between snores "I'M THE GREATEST Sea Ad...ven..turer..."

Sasuke rubbed his hands over his face. He's going to kill Kakashi-sensei for putting them into this situation.


"Yo!" he raised his hand in a wave.

"...you're...late..." muttered Naruto sleepily.

Kakashi scratched the back of his spiky silver hair, with the usual sheepish crinkle in his eye.

"Ha ha! Sorry about that, you see, I was dreaming that I got lost on the way of life, and-"

"Save it sensei, we know you just overslept," grumbled Sasuke. Kakashi just chuckled and noticed his team for the first time. Naruto, sleeping. Sasuke, moody. Sakura...

Kakashi looked at them, realizing that a member of thier team was missing.

"Where is Sakura?"

Sasuke looked around, he just finally noticed that Sakura wasn't with them. Naruto was still sleeping like a log.

"Here I am sensei!"

The two of them looked up to see a very very scary sight. Sakura, was the size of the pudgiest pink ball of fat you have ever seen.

"Ohayoo everyone!" she said cheerily.

"Oh my god..." muttered Sasuke, his eyes widened so much, like he was trying to fit her whole image into his view. Kakashi, being the leader, tried to say something.

"Sa-Sa-Sa-Sakura," he struggled to say.

"Wh-What happened to you?


"You weren't telling the truth about that sorbet weren't you?" he whispered.

Sanji made an evil chuckle.

"You're right, that sorbet is actually filled with protein and lots of calories."


He just remembered that she consumed at least ten sorbet's last night, and maybe a few more before she went to bed.

'This is not going to be good for training,' He thought sadly.

"What are you talking about sensei?" she gave an adorable chubby pout.

"I feel just fine!"

Kakashi hoped that better be the cheerful side effect of that seasick pill. Chopper probably slipped it into one of her sorbet's, after overhearing him and Sanji's little quip.

'Hmph, sneaky little guy. He spent one day with her and he already knew how fragile she is about her weight.'

Sakura was starting to become a little impatient.

"What are you two staring at, shouldn't we be training?" she said with a little frustrated bounce that made her jiggle, and making the boat rock a bit, causing Naruto to instantly rouse from his nap.

"Wh-What's going on, Are we being attacked?" He said quickly rubbing his eyes, as they slowly started to focus onto the pink blimp standing before him.

"Why is there a whale on the -mmph!"

Sasuke clamped his hand over Naruto's mouth.

"Shut up!" he vehemently whispered. Kakashi stepped in.

"Well! Let's train now. We'll start with a warm-up.

All three lined up.

"Hai, sensei!"

"Alright! Now drop and give me two hundred one hand push-ups," he ordered.

Naruto made an arrogant look at Sasuke.

"Ha! Watch me finish before Sasuke-teme," bragged Naruto.

"You wish," said Sasuke, as he dropped down and started counting, with Naruto following suite. Unfortunately for Kakashi, who couldn't take his eye off his bulbous female student. Intead of the usual up and down motion of a simple push up, she was practically... rolling, and she seemed to be having... fun.

"Er... Sakura?" he began cautiously. She pushed herself with one arm to roll up.

"Yes sensei?" she asked innocently.

"M-maybe you should take a break," he suggested sincerely.

"Not right now sensei, I'm on a roll."

'My point exactly...'

Kakashi tried to figure out something to say without making her feel bad or hurt. He was going to kill Sanji for letting her eat all that dessert.

"Well, then why don't you help me with something."

"Like what?"

"With my own training of course. You can sit on my back, while I do about, say, five hundred push-ups?"

Sakura looked confused.

"Why do you need training?"

"Well, your sensei needs to be a lot stronger in order to protect you and your teammates, and I could use the extra weig-"


"Just get on my back."

---- 2 HOURS LATER----

Kakashi stumbled into the infirmary to find Toni Toni Chopper deep into his medical books. It wasn't until the jounin fell face flat on the floor, that he got the little doctor's attention.

"Kakashi-san! What happened to you?" the little reindeer panicked, as he rushed around the room gathering a blanket, a pillow, and a thermometer.

"My back..." he muttered, his voice etched with pain.

"...It's killing me!"

Chopper did a quick examination on his back.

"You ruptured several discs in several places on your spine, you should be paralyzed! How did you do this?"

Kakashi groaned.

"Sakura... so fat...ungh!"

He passed out on the floor. Chopper shook his head in dismay.

"... And just when I finished the medicine."

----Breakfast in the cabin----


Sakura wailed as she shoveled some of Sanji's deliciously made breakfast into her mouth. Most of the crew including Sasuke and Naruto only stared in amazement at the giant pink whale splurging off the entire table.

"I'm so-so-so ashamed of myself!" she sniffled.

"At first it was just my big forehead, that I didn't like, but now it's all meee!"

She shoved five sausages in her mouth and swallowed without chewing.

"Ino-pig's going to have the time of her life when she sees me like this! Only I'm going to have PIG at the end of my name now!"

She whined between sobs.


Naruto decided to be brave, to try and calm her down a bit.

"Aw, come on Sakura-chan. You don't look that bad," he interjected. Sakura glared at him with her piggy green eyes. His plan backfired.


She pointed her fork angrily at Sanji. The handsome chef cringed behind Naruto.


Luffy stood up.

"HEY!" he shouted.

"It's not Sanji's fault that you're fat. It was YOU who kept asking for more, porky!"

The honest captain was instantly tackled down by Usopp, Zoro, Sanji, Naruto and Sasuke.


Nami scoffed at Luffy, as he tried getting out of the pile.

"Like you're any different. If you had your hands on that sorbet, you would have eaten ten times as much than her!" she scolded. She turned to her splurging teary-eyed kunoichi friend, and spoke to her in a most sincere voice.

"Now, now, Sakura-chan. You shouldn't worry too much about your image."

Sakura whimpered to herself as she grabbed a tangerine sorbet from little hooved hands.

"But if you want to, why don't you join me in a jog around the ship?

Quickly, all the men shook their heads at the notion. Seeing this, Nami suddenly realized her mistake.

Wooden ship + Fat ass Sakura jogging equals DOOM.

"Oh! Oh right! Err... or you could just... eat... more?"

Nami sighed sadly as she watched Sakura chug down the last of the sorbet with the help of her spoon, making piggy-like slurping sounds. When she finished, she put down the empty glass on the table.


The rumbling of the loud outlet of gas caused the boat to sway dangerously. The pile of pirates and shinobi lost it's balance over Luffy. Nami fell over on her back side, as Sanji went to go protect his cooking from falling. After the small quake was over, their was a cry of "My back!" that could be heard from the infirmary. Sasuke was turning green again.

"I think... I'm gonna-" he quickly pulled himself out of the man pile and headed straight for the door. Once he was outside, everyone in the cabin could hear him retch out loud. Naruto scoffed.


"Hey everyone, look!" cried Chopper.

Everyone's head turned to look at the fat Sakura, only to see that she is no longer.

The kunoichi put her head down on the table as she continued crying.

"...Why me?"

Sanji gasped excitedly, seeing that the pretty young blossom was back to her slim cute self once again.

"SAKURA-SWAAAN! Look at you! You're so pretty!"

He bought out a flower bordered design full-length mirror and placed it in front of her, but she didn't look up to see.

"Be quiet Sanji! It's not like your compliments are going to make me lose weight!"

Nami leaned, and patted Sakura on the back.

"Oh, I think you're wrong about that," she said. Sakura looked up, confused.

"Nami-neesan, what are you- Huh?"

She caught sight of herself in the mirror Sanji was holding. Naruto, Usopp, and Chopper eagerly watched her surprised face turn into a bright smile.

"I'm skinny again!" she shrieked happily as she jumped onto the table and checked out her own slim figure in the mirror. Naruto jumped with enthusiasm.

"Wow, Sakura-chan! You look great!" he shouted. Luffy immediately started to devour Sakura's left overs.

"Yeah, delicious," he said before inhaling a large plate of scrambled eggs.

Nami made a relieved sigh, now that things are slightly back to the way they were.

"Well, time to get back to work," she said heading back to her room/map room.

Zoro yawned.

"Great. She's back to normal, I'm going to take a nap," he muttered.

Sakura gasped as she lightly hit her fist over her palm, she had an idea.

"I'm going to go help Kakashi-sensei! Chopper, how is he?"

Chopper frowned.

"...Reading," he said with a grimace.

"Alright! Later guys!" she waved, before jumping off the table and making her way to the infirmary. She stopped midway.

"Oh! Almost forgot," she came back and scooped up the shocked Chopper into her arms, and kissed his fuzzy cheek.

"Thank you, so much!"

Sakura gave him another squeeze before setting him back down on the floor. She patted his pink hat and went on her way. Chopper stood there frozen and blushing. Naruto stared with his jaw dropped at the little reindeer. Usopp nudged him.

"See, he does like her," said the sharp-shooter coolly. Chopper instantly came back to his senses.


"You do too."



Chopper jumped onto the table, and grabbed the last sausage from a plate, and brandished it at Usopp like a sword.

"Don't make me throw this sausage at you! FEAR THE SAUSAGE!"

But his "weapon" was soon taken and devoured by Luffy. Usopp gave a triumphant grin.

"Ha! What sausage?" he said. Chopper quickly looked for something else, then he grabbed two butter knives. He tossed the other to Usopp. Getting the idea, Usopp turned into fencing stance.

"Prepare to taste buttered steel, blue nose!


Amidst the clashing of butter knives, Naruto's stomach made a loud rumbling sound. He pouted, seeing that all the food on the table was nearly gone.

"I want sausage," he whined.

"Order up!"

Sanji placed a giant plate of freshly cooked smoking sausages on the table. Naruto squealed with delight.


And began to eat. Sanji, who started to get annoyed with Chopper and Usopp's little knife fight, shouted angrily from his cooking stove.

"Oi! Put those damn knives down! Those are for buttering, not stabbing!"



Sasuke spewed the last of his stomach acid into the blue ocean and wiped his mouth. He heard a rumbling snore not too far from him. He turned to find Zoro lying against the wall of the cabin sleeping soundly. Sasuke gritted his teeth remembering the torture he had to go through during the night. He stepped away from the deck, and walked over to the swordsman's sleeping form. The Uchiha's eyes flashed dangerously, as ideas began to run through his head... evil ideas.


Unfortunately, before he could put any of those ideas into action, two individuals were literally kicked out of the cabin, and both landed with a very harsh thud. The door closed with a loud SLAM!

"Ow, Sanji didn't have to be so mean," whined Chopper rubbing his little rear, which had a large boot mark on it... a fancy boot mark.

"You got that right," said Usopp, who had the same situation as Chopper.

"I bet you he was trying to read those new books he got from the Ninja village," he said, then he gave a mischevious smirk.

"I wonder what they contain within."

Chopper frowned at the thought. Just seeing the title of that book, would make anyone know full-well of what's "contained within."

"I wouldn't know," said Chopper finally.

"But still..."

Both groaned in pain, until Chopper noticed Sasuke watching them. The little reindeer knowingly smiled, and waved at him. Usopp noticed as well, and gave him the same greeting.

"Ohayoo Sasuke-san! Did you sleep well?"

The boy's eyes narrowed dangerously at the two, causing their cheerful greeting to fade.

"... No, I didn't."

And with that, he walked away. Usopp made a face.

"Looks like someone forgot to take their happy pills."



Luffy, Sanji, and Naruto rushed out onto the deck. Zoro remained sleeping. It wasn't too long when Sasuke came back into the picture, he had a look of panic on his face.

"There's a large black ship heading our way, and they're shooting large exploding balls at us!" he shouted. Usopp, Naruto and Sanji couldn't help but snicker at Sasuke's choice of words.


Naruto took a breathe before asking.

"What color were they?"

Sanji and Usopp doubled over with laughter.

"I don't know, bla- SHUT UP NARUTO!"

All three were on the floor laughing. Chopper and Luffy looked at each other, confused. They shrugged, and joined in on the laughing game. Sasuke was getting pissed.


Nami bursted out of her room.

"We're being attacked?"

Then Nico Robin.

"We're being attacked?"

Then Sakura.

"We're being attacked?"

Then Kakashi with a thumbs up.

"My back's better!"


A fiery cannonball missed them by an inch, landing into the water, and erupting with a large splash. Causing everyone to get wet. Zoro remained asleep. Sasuke, sopping wet and infuriated stomped over to Zoro, and grabbed him by the shirt.


You're too late...

Suddenly a wave of dark mist covered the entire atmosphere, and a downpour of cold salty rain. The black ship that was attacking them, suddenly appeared before them out of nowhere, blocking their way. Naruto, Usopp, and Chopper paled at the sight of the ship.

"...Ghosts," whimpered Naruto with dread. The three of them huddled together in shaky fear. Sasuke mutely unhanded Zoro, letting him fall and hit his head on the floor.

"Ow!" he finally awoke. Zoro grabbed Sasuke by the collar of his blue shirt.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" he shouted angrily at the boy, but Sasuke didn't listen, he just pointed behind Zoro.

"What are you-?"

He turned to see a large black ship with a glowing white skull on it's bow. The entire vessel was nearly covered in seaweed and barnacles. The black sails were torn and shredded, and the body the ship had large gaping holes that could sink a regular ship in a minute, only this was no regular ship... it's a-

"Ghost ship!" said Sakura, remembering that the Ghost Island was not only the ghostly thing they were going to meet on this mission. According to the scroll they received from the Hokage: The Ghost Island is also responsible for sightings of ghost ships terrorizing the sea... apparently she forgot to tell Naruto.

The eyes of the Skull on the mast glowed red, as an eery voice emmited from the ship itself.

I know what you seek, I know what you desire, I know what you fear...

The three scaredy cats cried in each others arms. Nami stomped up to the ghost ship.

"What do you want from us?" she yelled.


A massive cannonball shot out of the ship, and made a direct hit on their frequently repaired mast. With all the steel and extra wood, holding the mast together, it snapped and broke off.

"Veinte Fleur!" called Nico-robin.

Within an instant, twenty arms grew out of the mast to prevent it from falling on top of the crew.

Kakashi called out to Nami.

"Don't you have any weapons on this ship?"

"We got one cannon, and one person who knows how to use it!" she said.

"Usopp! Go get the cannon!" ordered Nami.

The long-nosed wannabe adventurer bundled up his courage, and saluted.


"Sanji, Chopper, go down to the bridge and see if you can move the ship!"


"Hai, Nami-swaan!"

"Nico-Robin, how long can you hold that mast?"

"Long enough," she said coolly.

"Alright! And the rest of us, we're getting on that ship!"

Naruto immediately was against the idea.

"What? Are you crazy? Why do I have to go?" he panicked. Nami grinned as she greedily rubbed her hands together.

"There might be some valuables on that ship, and I need the extra muscle to move it all on the Merrie Go."

Zoro gave her an angry stare.

"You've got be kidding," he retorted. Kakashi didn't seem too pleased with the idea either.

"Nami-san, my team and I are on a mission to find the Ghost Island, not stealing treasure from other ships," he said warily.

"We're low on rations," said Nami, eyeing Sakura.

"On second thought, let's go steal some treasure."

After about ten minutes, Naruto was the last to get on the ghostly vessel. Still hating the idea of being on a ghost ship, he slowly walked to where the others were gathered for instruction.

"Don't shoot, until I give you the signal!" Nami called out to Usopp back at the Merrie Go.

He waved back, showing that he understood. Sanji and Chopper in his strong human form rushed out on the deck.

"Nami-swan! The helm moves, but the ship won't budge."

The ship is mine now, you are all mine now... your lives will end here...

Naruto could no longer hold it down.


Sasuke bonked him on the head.

"Get a grip, dobe, we're not going to die," he said calmly. Nami intervened.

"Okay everyone, Zoro and Kakashi we'll search around the bottom of the ship. Sakura and I will look in the Captain's headquarters, and you three look around here. Got it? Great, let's go."

Everyone was about to disperse except for Naruto who didn't move from his spot. His hands were clutching his stomach.

"Wait! Hold on!" he grunted. He looked as if he were in pain. Luffy went up to him.

"Oi, Naruto, are you okay?"

Sakura quickly ran over to him.

"Naruto! What's wrong-"

"No Sakura-chan! Just stay where you are! I just need a minute to-"

Nami looked confused.

"What's going on?" she asked. Zoro gave an unimpressed look.

"He's too afraid," he said.

Kakashi was becoming impatient.

"Naruto! We don't have time for this! Put your fears aside for now and-"

"Move it scaredy-cat!"

Sasuke shoved him from behind.


...silence... Then a wail of agony from the Ghost Ship.


Naruto made a perplexed face.

"... I didn't."


GYAAAHH! I'M FADING! Fading... fading... gone.

The Ghost Ship vanished instantly, leaving everyone on it's vessel standing on...



The rain stopped falling, and the skies instantly turned back to it's normal blue.

Usopp looked over the deck to see if his shipmates were okay.

"Oi! Where is everyone?" he called out.


A head of orange colored hair popped out from the water.

"Nami-swan! You're okay! I'm so glad!" shouted Sanji, the hearts on his eyes beating rapidly. Nami weeped a little.

"All that treasure... Gone!" she cried.

Soon after, Kakashi's silver head, followed by Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto, coughing.

"Ugh! This water tastes nasty," he whined. Sakura looked around to see if anyone was missing.

"Hey! Where's Luffy?"

Suddenly, two heads came up from the water. Zoro with Luffy in tow. Luffy had the bigest smile on his face.

"Wow! That was cool Naruto! You just destroyed an entire Ghost Ship!" said the captain of the Straw Hats enthusiastically. Nami, however was not impressed.

"I hate you."

"Well, that's our number one surprising ninja for you," said Kakashi, hitting the side of his head to let out any water from his ears.

Naruto looked perplexed.

"I did?" he said, then realization hit him.

"Yeah! I did! I destroyed an entire ghost ship! Ha! Beat that Sasuke!"

But the Uchiha didn't say anything, as a matter of fact he didn't even look like he was listening.

Sakura's eyes widened in shock when she noticed that his face suddenly turned green.

"I'm... gonna- ulp!"

"He's gonna hurl!" screamed Sakura. Zoro and Luffy took initiative.



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