Summery What if Travis had more of a past and the gang including Parker and Grace go spying to find out more about their mysterious friend.

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Travis' secret

The gang was in eleventh grade when they met Travis

( the gang is at their normal table for lunch)

Lily- So are you on for our annual Friday the 13 sleep over?

Ray- as long as I can bring Grace.

Lily- alright Parker Robbie Travis are you in?

Parker, Robbie- Yes so meet at your house at say 6:00?

Lily- Sure Travis what about you?

Travis- I would like to but I can't.

Parker, Robbie, Lily, Ray- Why not?

Travis- I have something I have to do.

Ray- Like what Swami?

Ray- Ow Lily what was that for?

Lily- If he doesn't want to tell us he doesn't have to.

Travis- Yah whatever I gotta go.

Robbie- I think we should follow Travis on Friday.

Lily- Why?

Parker- Because Randi maybe we can find out a little more about his past. Right Robbie?

Robbie- That's right.

Ray- cool! Then I think we should start as soon as the school day is over Friday.

Lily- Ok We'll meet at my locker, but we can't make this obvious.

Parker, Robbie Ray- Sounds good.

The rest of the day was uneventful.

( The gang except Grace and Parker are at RFR)

Robbie- I'm question mark and I'm wondering why do some people keep their past just that their past?

Lily- I think sometimes if you move a lot or something bad happened in your past you tend to not tell anyone.

Ray- Nice insight Shady, but I think people try to run from their past because the liked some stupid cartoon or something.

Travis- Nice Pronto, but sometimes people just don't want to talk about their past.

Lily- Ok Smog here's a song that will take you to the weekend Happy Friday the 13 early.


Lily- Parker do you know where Ray and Grace are?

Parker- no I haven't seen them since lunch.

Robbie- Well you know Ray he's probably gotten himself lost.

Lily- alright lets follow Travis, but don't get to close or make it that obvious.

(Mean while Travis is in Waller's office)

Travis- I might not be able to come to detention tomorrow.

Waller- Why not Travis?

Travis- I don't know if I can find someone to watch Hailey.

Waller- Well maybe you should bring her with.

Travis- Thanks Principle Waller.

Ray- Why is he stopping at the store?

Lily- maybe he has to buy something Ray/

Ray- No duh Lily, but what does he have to buy?

Robbie- Well we're about to find out.

Parker- It's baby food and diapers.

Grace- He's probably just got a little sister.

Ray- It seems like we've been walking forever.

Robbie- I think we're at his house.

Lily- What makes you say that?

Parker- Well Randi he just opened the door and said hi mom.

Lily- Well I always pictured him living in a house with a picket fence.

Grace- Ya me too, but he lives in a run down house.

Robbie- Maybe that's why he never let us come to his house.

Parker- Well we should knock on the door.

Lily- I don't know if that's such a great idea.

Rest of the gang- Come on Lily we didn't come this far for nothing.

Travis' mom- Hello are you friends of Travis?

All- Wes we are is he home?

Travis' mom- Yes He's in with Hailey. I'll go get him make yourself at home.

Lily- Look it's Travis when he was little.

Ray- Wow he was actually a cute baby.

Ray- Ow Grace that hurt.

Travis- Why did you let them in?

Travis' mom- Because you never bring anyone home to meet us. I have to go to work don't forget to take Hailey with you if you leave.

Travis- ok mom I'll talk to you later maybe.

Parker- Why does your mom make you take your sister with you wherever you go?

Travis- Because she's not my sister she's my daughter, and my dad doesn't like to watch her.

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