Travis arrives at Henry Roscoe High just in time. While he was on his way to the school he found a help wanted sign in the window of a music store called So Good. So he decided to stop and get an application. Where is Haily? I mean I thought you had to bring her along today. Questioned Woller. I was supposed to but Lily, Grace, Robbie, Parker, and Ray followed me home from school yesterday and convinced me to come to their party. When we had gotten to Lily's house Lily's mom freaked out because she thought she was babysitting but after she realized Haily was mine she was really nice and understanding. So they told me to leave Haily with them while I served my detention. Stated Travis. Well you know the rules of detention. So let's get to it Mr. Strong. And I don't suggest you break any of the rules unless you want another detention.

Travis knew this was kind of an empty threat because you could pretty much do whatever you want in detention. Other than talk, put anyone in danger, or leave the room without an explanation to Woller. He decided to look over the job application he had picked up earlier. Mean while the rest of the gang is back at Lily's house enjoying the splendid breakfast Travis prepared. This food is freat that's fantastic and great best of both worlds Ray Stated. Yeah I have to admit I was a little weary to eat Travis' cooking but it's actually better than what I expected. Stated Grace. All of a sudden Haily starts to scream at the top of her lungs.

Lily went to go and get her to try to calm her down before she woke up her mom and dad. But Haily was still screaming at the top of her lungs and she wouldn't calm down. Lily what is wrong with Haily? Questioned Mrs. Randal.

I don't know what's wrong I've tried burping, feeding, changing, singing, and rocking her and nothing works and I don't know what else to try. You have Travis' number right? Yes I do Why? You should call him and see if there is some special thing that he does to get her to calm down. So Lily called Travis' cell phone. Travis I can't get Haily to stop crying is there something special that you do to help her calm down? Questioned Lily. Put the phone up to her ear so that I can talk to her. Lily puts the phone up To Haily's ear and Travis starts to talk to Haily. Hey little girl you need to calm down. I'll be back to pick you up in a little while but you have to calm down He also sang hush little baby. Lily takes the phone away from Haily's ear. Travis whatever you did it calmed her down completely. Thank you so much. You're welcome Lily but I really have to go before I get in trouble. I'll be by to pick her up in an hour. Sounds good bye Travis. Stated Lily. Woller walks in just as Travis was putting away his phone. Mr. Strong you know the rules there are no cell phone conversations allowed in detention. But it was Lily and they couldn't get Haily to stop crying. Alright Mr. Strong I'll let it slide but only this time don't let it happen again. Stated Woller. Travis started to fill out the application he had picked up earlier.

To be continued

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