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Present time.

In a little room, of a little house in a little town, there was a little girl sitting on her floor, reading. Well, she wasn't a little girl per say, she was just short. But her wit of tongue and fast reflexes made up for all the height she never had. Over time she had learned to deal with it, but being five foot two at the age of seventeen can be quite discouraging.

Anyway, she was sitting on her floor reading. As cliché's would go, it was nearing midnight, and our heroine was getting discouraged. The numerous books laying face open on her floor were not answering the questions she had practically pouring out of her head. They all said the same thing:

Out of all the myths ever recorded, being able to control the four elements, or bending is the most commonly known. It is said that in ancient times, the planet was ruled by four nations peacefully. These nations were Earth, Fire, Air and Water. These nations were able to control their specific element, bending it to their will. Eventually, the nations soon died out,but the powers they controlled, some believe, did not.

Blah blah blah, all of the books were the same. She knew that she shouldn't have trusted the public library, but it was herlast resource at this point. She had already looked it up online, and they also said the same thing. They never explained WHY a person was able to bend. All they said was the person could bend their element. But why?

Slamming the nearest book shut, she stood up and walked over to her window. Opening it up, she gingerly placed a foot outside and onto her rooftop. Crawling out of her window like a gymnast, she straightened up and took in a deep breath.

The warm August air wrapped around her like a blanket, and the night even smelled a tad like wool, though she had no idea why. Breathing it deep into her lungs, she soaked it all in, every last inch. Bathing in the moonlight, her long caramel colored hair glowed like a spiritual being, and her tan skin sparkled like gold.

After she basked in the warmth of the night, she held out her right hand and concentrated, and a tiny flame appeared right in the middle of her palm. Using her left hand, she placed her middle finger and thumb together and flicked a tiny tunnel of air toward the flame, which extinguished after a few flickers.

"Why am I able to do this?" she asked herself.

For this is why Kila Okame had been sitting up all night reading about bending; she was able to do it herself.

Kila was fascinated with myths. Greek mythology was the most interesting to her, and she would soak all of that information up like she was taking a luxurious bath in it. But when she had read in one myth about when Poseidon bent water to thwart Odysseus in his quest, she was stumped. Kila had never heard that term before, "bend", and she then proceeded to learn all she could about it, and even tried it herself. Imagine her surprise when she tried to push water with her mind, and having it obey her! When she learned that there was also air, earth and fire bending, Kila tried all of those as well. And strangely enough, she was successful in all of her attempts.

But when she had hypothetically asked all of her friends about it, or had tricked them into trying themselves, she learned that it wasn't possible for anyone else, and that nobody had ever heard of 'bending'. So why was she alone in this?

At first she thought it meant that she was a Goddess. But after she had burned herself cooking, and it hurt, she decided that probably wasn't the case, because usually a tiny burn wouldn't hurt as badly as it did. Plus, Goddess's were perfect, and probably wouldn't burn Kraft Macaroni and Cheese™.

So, for the last few months, Kila had been looking this up online, at the library, and from her teachers. But they all just explained the same thing.

Kila looked towards the coffee black sky, pitted with stars. The man on the moon sneered at her, smiling with his cheesy grin, laughing about the little secret only he knew the answer to. Kila screamed up at him "WHY CAN I DO THIS? WHY DO I HAVE THIS GIFT? GIVE ME A REASON! SHOW ME WHY!"

The next-door neighbor's dog began barking at the noise, and a light went on across the street. "…maybe I shouldn't have yelled so late at night." Kila said, feeling guilty. Heaving a great sigh, she made her way back into her room.

Crawling into bed, Kila looked at her watch. The green crystal light blinked at her '11:52 am'. She groaned at the fact that she would have to be waking up in about five and a half hours to get ready for school, and cursed herself for staying up so late studying, even though she was dead tired. She hadn't even changed into her pajamas, just crawled right in, and still wearing her jeans, shirt and bra. Yawning, she rolled over on her side and tried to get comfortable.

After a few minutes, she was gently breathing and asleep, guarded by the moon and his leering face. For the reason he was smiling at her is because he knew the reason why she had this gift. And he knew that she was going to find out extremely soon. And he also knew that when she would be waking up in the morning, she would be glad that she didn't change out of her clothes.


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