Hazzard County General Hospital - 2012

The first person to meet Beauregard Lucas Dalton was Quinton Franklin. Doctor Quinton Franklin, who in turn handed him to Kelsey Ash, who, with the help of Georgia Carter, wrapped him in a blanket and handed him to Bernice Milton. Bernice moved on and laid him down on Jessica's stomach. She wrapped her arm around Bo's body and held him close, looked up at the crowd that had gathered around her and then back down at Bo; his blue eyes blinking wildly, trying to come to grips with the sudden brightness.

She laughed and gently tapped his nose. "Welcome to Hazzard, buddy."

Jessica heard the door to the room open and close a couple times and smiled knowingly. The phone lines would be tied up something bad tonight, well wishers and gossipers all enjoying the news of the birth.

A resounding boom was heard from the hallway and Kelsey and Bernice took off running out the door to see what had transpired. Kelsey disappeared around the corner and immediately started laughing; Bernice cast the remaining crowd a puzzled look and then followed the wayward nurse out the door and around the corner where she proceeded to immediately start laughing. She staggered in again seconds later, red in the face from laughing so hard and staring at Jessica shaking her head. "It's alright," she gasped. "Jesse's headstrong husband just went head first into a cart full of clean sheets."

Jessica pulled Bo closer to her and sat straight up in excitement. "Brian's here?" She knew in her mind she probably should reprimand him for running, but forgot about it just as quickly. He was here.

"Jess!" Brian grunted as his shoulder slammed into the doorway. The force of the hit knocked him off balance and had him scrapping at the floor to stay upright, but as soon as his runners got enough traction to move he was gone. Almost head first, he landed awkwardly in the seat beside her bed and shot back up. "What is it? Are you ok? How big is it?"

"Brian." She said sternly.

He turned wide eyes in her direction.

"Calm down."

He nodded and took a couple quick breaths. When he was ready he turned his eyes towards Jessica again and nodded.

She nodded in agreement and slowly handed her son off to his dad.

Brian slowly settled the child in his arms and just gawked for quite a while. Silently taking in the pale skin and pink cheeks, strong and long fingers wrapped tightly around his pinky, the small tuft of copper blond hair peaking out from behind the light blue touque. He smiled as tears glistened in his eyes. "This is Bo?"

Jessica laughed and nodded with a small proud smile. "Yup,"

Brian coughed then cried and laughed. "Wow," Bo began to fuss and he quickly took it upon himself to quiet his son down. He brought the child up to his shoulder and began gently rubbing Bo back in circles all the while staring at Jessica with bright eyes. "He's big."

"Well, his parent's ain't none too tiny either." She smiled.

"Jesse," Quinton called. "I don't think I can hold your relatives off any longer. They're getin' ta be worse than a pack of wolves in heat."

"Ok, Quint, let 'em in then."

Quinton nodded and opened the door. No sooner had he twisted the handle did the door suddenly hit the wall behind it as Daisy and Manny barged in, followed closely by Luke and Enos, who stayed behind slightly to help the dazed doctor off the floor.

Daisy grinned as she approached the bed and then bent over just enough to hug Jessica. "Hi baby," and then pulled back and turned her sparkling blue eyes on Brian. "Are you alright? The way Kelsey was laughin' it must have been some collision."

The tips of the poor boys ears burned as he gave Bo back to Jessica. "Yeah, Daisy, I'm good."

She had just settled Bo back in her arms when Luke came up beside Brian and spoke. "Red hair?!?"

"It runs on both sides of the family."

Pulling back slightly, Luke though for a bit and then nodded. "True,"

Enos smiled at the silence and then at Jessica. "What's his name, Jessica?"

This was it. This was Jessica's time to shine. She only got one chance. "Guys, I want you to meet Beaureguard Lucas Dalton." She said each word slowly and made sure to enunciate clearly. And judging by the tears in Daisy and Manny's eyes and the proud grin on her Uncle's, it looked like she had done a good job. Nobody but Brian had known of Jessica's plan to name her first boy Bo and somehow her secrecy had made the moment just that bit more special. She was glad it hadn't horribly backfired because Bo was Bo legally and she hated paperwork.

Choked silence was the only sound within the packed room for the longest time, each waiting for someone else to speak. So when Luke finally spoke it took the bunch by surprise. "Yur daddy-" he choked again and cleared his throat; after another failed attempt at voicing his comment he shook his head and lowered it. "Yur daddy, he ah…" his head rose and Jessica's eyes grew at the sight of visible tears trailing down her Uncle's usually stoic face. "He would be proud, kid."

"Good," she beamed. "I'd like to think so."

Jessica tensed slightly when she felt a hand wrap around her neck, but relaxed just as quick when she realized it was her Uncle Luke. She let him pull her towards him and closed her eyes when she felt his lips touch her forehead.

She opened her eyes before raising her head and gazed at the sleeping infant in her arms. Welcome to the Jungle, kid, she thought with a fond smile. You're going to love it.