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Summary: Connected by a name, the Black sisters take on three different roles in the magical community. This three-chapter installment takes you into the minds, hearts, and souls of three very different women.

Paint It Black

Part Three: Andromeda

Inside of the Black household, compassion can be considered a weakness. Being a Black means that there are no slip-ups, no mistakes, no sympathy, and most of all, no defiance. Thankfully, I won't be a Black for much longer. By now, my family knows that I'm independent. I always have been. I characterize everything that the Black family doesn't. I am rational, yet impulsive. I am compassionate. I am sympathetic, I am defiant. I am the anti-Black. My entire life I've had to carry around a name that has meant less than nothing to me.

I don't hate my family at all. I don't think I could hate them. It's not in my nature. I just choose to follow my heart, opposed to my last name. I have always done things the Andromeda way and I plan on doing things like that for the rest of my life.

My parents are wrapped up in the dark arts, very cynical, and very old fashioned. They don't believe in the mixing of blood. They prefer arranged marriages opposed to true love. Keeping the Black name prominent and pure is the only goal they set forth for their three daughters. From day one, I think they've always known that their rules and traditions don't apply to me. I will do what is right and what I believe in.

My two sisters and I have never been remotely close in our entire lives. I've always felt distant from them. Bellatrix has always been so dark and passionate, while Narcissa has always been shy and reclusive. Although we're sisters, they seem like near strangers to me. In some ways we are similar. Bellatrix and I are both very open with how we feel and we're both very dedicated. Cissy is very deep, as am I. We've also all had to carry the name Black with us.

Narcissa and Bellatrix have done precisely what my parents asked for. They married into two noble pureblood families; the Malfoys and the Lestranges. When I announced who I would be wedding, my parents were less than pleased.

Ted is exactly the type of man my parents disrespect. He is muggleborn, opinionated, and he's not exactly the most wealthy of the bunch. None of this matters to me, as I have told him on several occasions. Ted has always been so kind to me and he is amazingly intelligent. On graduation day, he proposed to me. The news stunned my parents. I'm no longer welcome in their home any longer and I highly suspect my aunt has blasted me off of the family tapestry.

None of that bothers me though. I have always known I was different. I have always known that I would never live up to the Black name in the way I was expected. I live my life the way I choose to, not the way my parents would.

Bellatrix is a strong woman and she didn't necessarily follow my parents' wishes. She followed her own. She wasn't brainwashed. I think she truly believes in the Black's cause. She's a Death Eater now, I'm sure of it. She has always been a bit twisted and cruel. I knew that there were no other options for her. Joining You-Know-Who's ranks has always been her dream. She's extremely talented and craves power in any way.

Narcissa, however, came close to defying my parents. Her fear is her weakness. She is now stuck in a marriage she didn't ask for and will never be able to do as she pleases in life. Out of everyone in my family, she disappoints me the most. She watched as I told our parents about Ted and she didn't say a word. She didn't stand up for me in the least. She shunned me, disowned me, like everyone else in our family has. I honestly expected more from her.

So now, my future lies with Ted Tonks and whatever I decide to pursue. I've been thinking about becoming a Healer or even an Auror. My grades are good enough for both. Every year, Professor Flitwick would ask me what I would want to do with my life and every year my response was always indecisive. I live for the moment, not the future. What I plan to do will eventually come to me. I like the fact that I have choices. I like being able to live freely and not have to decide everything immediately. Ted respects that.

He is the only person who completely understands me. He knows how I feel about my parents, my life, our future. He knows and he respects it. That is how I know he is the one I want to marry, muggleborn or not.

The Black name has never effected my life in the least. It is just a name I was born with. It will soon be forgotten and I will soon become a Tonks. Andromeda Tonks. I can be whoever I want with that name with no expectations to live up to. Narcissa and Bella may have remarried and changed their last names, but they'll always be Blacks. I, however, will not.

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