Yes, Chapter two. I wasn't planning on writing a second chapter, but I thought I'd be nice and give you a little something to tide you over. I mean, I couldn't really write too much for him, since she was the one who spilled everything to him. He's just agreeing with her!

So, enjoy. This is the last chapter, to be extremely clear.

I can honestly say that I sat here, staring at that piece of paper for a good forty-five minutes. I still can't wipe the smile off of my face. Even though you say you're a bad actress, I was oblivious to anything and everything, so you were a pretty damn good actress to me.

If I had known what you were going through, do you think I'd just stand by and watch you torture yourself with lies and misconceptions? Do you think it's in my blood to just watch you cry, for God's sake? I'd rather die a thousand deaths than be the reason for your tears... remember that, Sam.

I'd do anything to protect you. You do know that, don't you? Granted, I have saved your pretty ass many a time in the past, it's not because I have to it's because I want to. I never want to see you harmed or in any type of pain.

I knew you hated Paulina, but it wasn't because she was a 'shallow witch'? You hated her because she liked me? Phantom, of course, not myself as I write this. It makes me horrible that I unintentionally put you through all of that crap. I would never do that to you on purpose. Never ever ever.

You think you stay up at night? You think that you get no sleep? Sure, I get no sleep from all of the night watches, searching for ghosts, but on top of that, I hear your voice, cheering me on; I hear you, whispering your praises in my ear. On many occasions I've had to stop myself from going into your room and to watch you while you sleep. However...

I have done it once or twice. Okay, four times, but who's really counting? And, no, I didn't watch you in the shower (despite the need to) and I never watched you get changed (on purpose).

Sorry about that–I didn't think you'd notice. You can sense me anywhere, can't you? Even without being visible, you can pinpoint exactly where I am. You're amazing. I don't say it enough, but you're amazing. You're stunning... gorgeous...

Honestly, you're the hottest gothic I've ever met.

So, directly from me to you, as you read this (hopefully standing in front of me before I lose my nerve), I'll try and act all macho so you can still view me as your 'hero' and then I'll prove to you how I feel about you, once and for all, for eternity and beyond.

I love you, Sammy. It was love at first sight, denial at first accusation. I think Tucker knew it longer than we did, huh? Has he ever given you one of those 'I know something you don't' looks when we were caught flirting? Well, I think it was flirting, but that's besides the point. Everyone and their mom knew about us before we did. I think it's time we took their advice and... become a couple. I'll wholeheartedly become your boyfriend if you'll become my girl.

You've always been my girl, but I never admitted that out loud.

Oh yeah, and all of those 'fake-out make-out's? They were one-hundred percent real, and you know it. I felt the fireworks, and I know you did, too. It was just a major disappointment when I had to let you go, or when we got interrupted (with was five out of six times).

Mr. Boot doesn't like me too much, does he? You should've aimed for Paulina–that would've been a sight to see. There would've been a fight, and Tuck and I would have front-row center. As an afterthought, at least Mr. Boot isn't pointy. That would've hurt like hell.

And, just so you know, I may be your hero, but you're mine. You, with your strength and individuality, prove to be of greater worth than ghost powers could ever be. I may have the ability to turn invisible and fly, but with you next to me, my heart always feels like it's soaring (it's corny, but it's true). Whenever I take you flying with me, I love it even more. You just get the sense of freedom, and if I'm free with you, it makes me the happiest man on the face of the Earth, and I'm not lying to you when I say that.

Did I mention I love you?

And, yeah, look up from the letter now so I can kiss you.

Really kiss you.

A real non-fake-out make-out.

Danny Fenton and Phantom

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