Trance: Yay, first fanfic. (Jumps up and down excitely)

Mint: Yeah, lets celebrate.

Rain: You guys get excited easily.

Mint: Aw, no celebration?

Rain: Whatever, what are we gonna do?

Trance: (Raises hand) Whooh, whooh. I know, I know.

Rain: Anybody has an idea?

Mint: Hm, nope.

Trance: (Jumps up and down) ME, ME, ME!

Rain: (Growls) Anybody?

Trance: ME!

Rain: (Sigh) ... (Growls) How do you think we should celebrate Trance?

Mint: -Thinks- Please don't say going to the dessert shop.

Rain: -Thinks- She BETTER not say going to the dessert shop.

Trance: We can go to the dessert shop!

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Chapter 1: Kagome Kidnapped

Kagome looked at the glowing, blue sphere in her hands. Yesterday they defeated Naraku with the help of Kikyo and Sesshomauru. Yes, Kagome stopped loving Inuyasha long ago when Kikyo and Sesshomauru joined them. She grew to like Kikyo as a friend, she wasn't so bad when you get to know her. She could say the same about Sesshomauru, even though he's kind of creepy since he shows no emotion or barely talks. Surprisingly it took a little less than a year to complete the jewel and defeat Naraku. A familiar voice said," Kagome-sama? Would you like to bathe with Sango-sama and I at the hot springs?" Kagome raised her sapphire eyes to met Kikyo's chocolate ones. Kagome smiled and said," hai Kikyo-san, just give me a minute to get my towel and some soap." Kikyo nodded and left Kagome alone.

Kagome rummaged through her huge bag for her towel and soap. She let out a ' ah ha' in triumph when she found them. Sango entered the hut and asked," Gome-chan what's taking so long?" Kagome stood up and said in cute,whiny voice," I couldn't find my stuff San-chan." Suddenly when they got outside a dark figure appeared. Kikyo asked raising up her bow," who are you and what do you want?" Sango readied her Hiraikotsu and stood in front on off Kagome protectively. The dark figure chuckled and said," it is known of your business undead miko, or yours young taijiya. I'm here for the little girl over there." Kikyo pointed an arrow at it and replied," leave now and I'll spare your life." Kagome thought," what's with this thing? I don't sense demon energy from it but it's not human either."

The figure said," miko, I am a god. You can not defeat me." The trio gasped and Kikyo asked," why would a god want Kagome? You area liar." The figure said," shoot me with your sacred arrow." Kikyo let go of the arrow and watched as it glowed pink and hit the figure. They were shocked that the figure was not effected by the sacred arrow at all. Kikyo said," so you are a god?" The figure said," yes and my name is Kotsuko. I am the god of darkness." Kotsuko threw a wave of dark energy at Kikyo and she stood still, like she was waiting for the impact.Sango yelled," move" andpushed her out of the way. Kotsuko laughed," miko are you dumb enough not to move when you see something like that coming at you? Oh well. Time to get what I came here for." In the blink of an eye he and Kagome was gone.

Sango cursed as she punched the ground," shit." Kikyo said," do not blame yourself Sango-sama. It couldn't have been helped. He could have killed us if he wanted to. So right now, lets find the boys." Sango nodded and on cue the boy came running with their weapons in hand. Inuyasha asked," are you hurt?" They shook their heads 'no' and Shippo wailed," where's Kagome?" Sango and Kikyo looked to the ground in shame. Sesshomauru commanded," you heard the kit. Where the little miko?" Sango answered," gomen. Kagome has been taken."

Trance: Huh, Rain why do you want to stop it here?

Mint: Yeah why?

Rain: Tch, because it sucked.

Mint: It did? (Gets teary eyed and looks down to the ground)

Trance: Look on the bright side, if it did sucked we still get to go and eat at the dessert shop cuz this is still our first fanfic.

Rain: Will you shut up about the dessert shop!

Trance: But I can't help it if I'm hungry. I wouldn't be if you guys would just feed me. (Rubs belly)

Mint: Even if it did suck, please review. I promise chapter 2 will be much better.