This is an au (I guess) of after the cell games. It will probably be a bit odd because there won't be a lot of earth action (spoiler) o well I hope you guys like it…the first chapter will be a little … well…bland I guess you could say.

Gohan and the other Z fighters stared into the air as Goku's voice faded away. They were all surprised at his decision, but none were half as surprised as Gohan. Why would he do this? Didn't he realize that this was going to devastate his mother. There was nothing but silence as the Z fighters looked at Gohan. He glared at the sky, knowing that his father would not be able to hear his yells.

"Fine! Stay up there you jerk! Nobody wants you back anyways!" He didn't look at anyone as he tore off towards the edge of the lookout and shot into the air. He knew he had to tell his mother, but not yet. He had to calm down.

"That's not good." Piccolo said, finally breaking the silence. Every head turned to the green man.

Yamcha asked the question "What's not good?"

Piccolo turned to the rest of the group. "Goku doesn't realize that he just shook up his son's emotions. Gohan's mind has been weakened considerably, thus making him an easy target… not to mention the state that he's in. He still has many wounds and I think that his right arm is still unusable."

"Then shouldn't we go after him?" Trunks replied. "He needs to come back and get those wounds healed up." By saying this he received a glare from his 'father.'

"Idiot boy! The brat is unstable and if we attempt to go after him he would most likely turn around and kill us all." Trunks gave him an odd look that said 'I don't understand.' "I'm guessing he is upset, correct? Then he will be blinded by his rage at his idiot father and take it out on somebody else." Trunks nodded.

"So what are we going…" Krillin said, but was interrupted by Piccolo.

"Nothing. Leave him alone and let him get a clear mind… and tell his mother." Piccolo looked up into the sky. 'What were you thinking, Goku? Leaving your wife and eleven year old to live like this?'

Gohan woke from his spot on the ground. He had landed nearby his house and had sat on the ground to think. Leaning against the trunk of a tree, he looked across the lake that was stretched out in front of him.

'Why? Was it me? Am I the reason you didn't come back?' More questions similar to these raced through his mind. He didn't know what to do now. He had always followed his father. 'Maybe that's why you left… so I could be myself and not turn into you.'

His eyes narrowed. Now that he thought about it… His father wasn't really ever around. Only for his first five years of life had his dad been there to be the father he should have always been. Other than that he was dead, training, training him and others, eating, or fighting. That was his fathers life. Nothing more or nothing less.

'There won't be much difference around the house I guess.' He decided it was time to go home and tell his mother the news. He floated over to his house now that all the rage in his body had taken most of the energy he had left. He dropped in front of the door and walked in.

"Mom I-" He had not been expecting his grandfather. His mother rushed up to hug him. She had tears in her eyes. Her face was rubbing up against his as she hugged him. "Mom… Its dad." Chichi pulled her son away, holding him by the shoulders strait in front of her. He didn't even need to finish the sentence because he knew that she knew…he could see it in her sorrow filled eyes.

Gohan and his mother were at Capsule Corp. waving at Trunks, who was heading back to his own time. Gohan could feel, every once in a while, a pair or two of eyes staring at him. He knew why, though. He had stormed off the look out. He felt embarrassed now that he thought back to the occasion.

Once the time machine had vanished, everyone had gone home. Gohan had decided that the bandages that his mother had placed on his body needed to be removed. He though he looked odd in a sling so he turned to his mother after waving goodbye to Krillin.

"Mom, could you go home without me? I need to get these healed up." Chichi looked at her son and said ok. She called for the cloud and jumped on. Gohan flew into the air and headed in the same direction that Piccolo had taken only minutes before.

When he landed he spotted Mr. Popo watering some plants. He didn't feel like chatting so he decided that a wave would do for today. He walked on and soon found Dende sitting in a chair. He looked out of place sitting on the huge chair.

"Hey Gohan! I didn't expect to see you so soon." Dende greeted. "Yeah well, I uh… kinda lost my temper and stormed off without saying goodbye and getting my arm fixed."

Dende laughed. "Don't worry about it." He healed Gohan's dysfunctional arm and all the other scrapes and cuts on his small body. "There you go, Gohan. Just make sure to visit me sometime."

Gohan nodded. "I will. Thanks a lot Dende… I'll see you later." He said while running towards the edge of the lookout. He had been running, but waving and looking at Dende at the same time so he didn't notice Piccolo standing in his running path until he ran into him.

Gohan fell to the ground, but was unfazed by it as he looked up to Piccolo's towering form. "I-I'm sorry Piccolo."

"Don't worry about it kid." He stretched his arm out to help Gohan up. Once Gohan was back on his two feet then Piccolo asked "How are you feeling kid." This was more of a statement than a question.

"I'm fine Piccolo… you just knocked me over, that's all." Gohan looked into Piccolo's black eyes and knew he wasn't talking about the most recent incident. "Oh…uh I'm fine." Piccolo stared at him. "Don't worry about it, ok? It's not like its any different than when he was off training or whatever."

"Ok kid, just be careful." With that he walked away towards the building on the lookout. Gohan simply turned and flew off toward his house.

It had been a few weeks since the Cell games and Gohan had started to notice two strange events. One had been the separate ki that was emitting from his mother. He had thought about it and after a while he figured it out. He was going to have a little brother or sister. He didn't know if his mom even knew yet. 'I'll ask her about it tonight.' he thought.

The other strange event that was bothering him was the odd pain in his body. It had started in his head and soon spread throughout his body. The pain had sprouted up only a week after the Cell games. He felt considerably weaker and at times, but the pain wasn't anything more than the pain you get when a cat scratches you. He, of course, didn't think much of it and didn't want to bother anyone about it so he kept it to himself.

The sun was setting and Gohan had closed his book he had been reading. His mother had picked it out for him and said to use it to study for English. He had only stopped because the smell of food had snaked its way to his nose.

He stretched from his spot on his bed and looked at his cloths. He wore a pair of orange baggy pants with a white long-sleeved shirt tied around his waist. His t-shirt was green and had black sleeves.

He walked down the stairs and grabbed two plate, two sets of eating utensils, and two glasses. He filled up the glassed and set the table. Once he had finished he sat down and waited for his mother. She came out a few minutes later with dinner.

"There you go Gohan." She said while placing the food out. They ate in silence, like always. Once they were finished Gohan offered to do the dishes. "Thank you dear." She went into their living room and grabbed the book she had been reading. Once he had finished he sat on the couch next to her.

He didn't really know how to approach her with his question. "Um…mom?" She looked up to give him her attention. "Do- do you realize that you have two separate ki's emitting from you?"

Chichi smiled at him. "Yes dear." Gohan couldn't believe his ears. What was she thinking…not telling him, but letting him try and figure it out on his own. 'It's not fair…making me figure something this confusing out on my own.'

He couldn't help but be excited though… He was going to be a big brother.

He had been extremely careful around his mother for the remainder eight months. He would do everything around the house…besides cook. Bulma would come over and check on her. She almost always brought her son, Trunks, over with her. Gohan would always have fun playing with the little boy.

The day before Chichi had the baby, Bulma had insisted that she stay in the Capsule Corps. Medical wing. She had agreed and they went to stay at the hospital until the child was born. Gohan had slept right through the birth, because he had had the mysterious pain drain him of all his energy suddenly.

He opened his eyes to see Bulma's face right over his. He had fallen asleep in one of the more uncomfortable chairs. "Gohan…Gohan… wake up and go see your little brother." That had woken him up. Bulma had led him to a window and pointed out his new brother, but there was no need to. He had a mess of jet black hair and…a tail.

Gohan stood in the kitchen holding his little brother. He found a bottle and warmed it up for the four week old child. As he fed Goten he looked at the clock to see that it was five in the morning. Gohan yawned as he put the empty bottle into the sink and started to walk back up the stairs to his room that he now shared with his baby brother.

It happened right after he laid Goten in his crib. The pain appeared in his head and quickly spread throughout his body in a matter of seconds. It wasn't like the little headache and small shots of pain that he had been feeling right after the Cell games. No…this pain was far worse and unlike anything he had ever felt before in his short life. It was like he was being stabbed with knives continuously all over his body.

He cried out in pain. He fell to the floor right in front of Goten's crib. He heard his mother call out his name. He had to try and rid himself of the pain. He started to power up, seeing if powering up would numb the pain a little. It was working.

He looked around wildly, spotting the crib. He couldn't power up anymore in the house. He didn't want to harm his brother. He could feel his mother's hands on his shoulders…heck he could even hear some words here and there. He had to get away.

He shot out of his mother's grasp and flew right threw the window in his room. He was glad that it was far away from his brother. He flew into his front yard and continued to power up. He quickly reached the level that he was at when he destroyed Cell. It wasn't enough. The pain was still there.

Chichi ran out in her nightgown to see a huge crater in her front yard, her son standing in the middle of it. "GOHAN! WHAT'S WRONG!" She called out to her son. She shielded her face from the rocks and thin cracks of lightning that erupted around her as she pushed her way through the wind to get to her son.

She was extremely worried about her son. She had no idea what was happening to him. Suddenly everything stopped; The pain, the yelling, the wind, the rocks and lightning… it all stopped. She watched as Gohan fell to the ground. His hair turned back to its natural color. She could see that he was unconscious.

She started to run down the slope that Gohan had created when something happened. A light appeared right next to her eldest son. A tall man with pale green skin, light yellow eyes, and long white hair that was loosely braided. He wore a white long sleeved shirt and white baggy pants.

The odd looking man's hands started to glow. Gohan's body now had the same glow around his body as it limply floated into the air. "Wha- what are you going to my son!" Chichi yelled.

The man turned his attention to her and gave her a creepy smile. "Don't worry… he'll be, er… how do you earthlings say, unharmed. Well, until we put him to work." He laughed and disappeared with her son.

She simply stared at where the man and her oldest son had been only moments before. She sunk to her knees and started to sob into her hands, mumbling Gohan's name repeatedly. The sun had started to come up, spreading its light over the planet. She stopped when she heard a cry come from the inside of her house. She stood up, rubbing her eyes, and walked into her house to tend to her baby boy.

She grabbed her phone immediately after calming the child down and called Bulma. She didn't really know what to do but she had to start somewhere. The phone only rang once before an anxious voice spoke. "Hello?"

"Bulma? I- I don't know what to do!" Chichi cried into the phone.

"Chichi calm down. Vegeta jumped out of bed and said something about a huge power level. He went to follow it." The bluenette replied.

"It- it was G-Gohan… I don't know what happened. He started s-screaming and he- he flew outside, th-then he passed out and some- some man took him and- and disappeared!" Chichi broke down again.

"Don't worry…I'm going to come over there right now. Don't go anywhere… Vegeta is probably going to be there soon. Tell him to call my… what does he call it… my portable communication device." Chichi agreed and hung up the phone.

The first person to get there was not Vegeta…heck it wasn't even Piccolo. Krillin didn't even knock when he came through the door. "Chichi…Why was Gohan Powering up like that?" Before she could answer Piccolo and Vegeta came into her living room.

What was she going to do? Her head was spinning. "Vegeta… Bulma said to call her on her cell phone right away." She could remotely hear him mumble about a 'portable communication device' as she handed him her phone.

"Where is Gohan?" Piccolo spoke. His eyes were darting around.

"Somebody took him and disappeared… didn't you see that huge crater out there? He started to scream up stairs and…" She continued the story. She could tell that Vegeta was listening because his eyes were adverted to her.

"Who's upstairs?" Piccolo asked suddenly. Chichi could see that Krillin and Piccolo were both staring at her ceiling where Goten was sleeping.

"It's Goten." Chichi said to the two confused men. She knew that they didn't know who Goten was. "He's Goku's youngest son." She could tell that they were surprised.

"What? Since when does Goku have two sons?" Krillin asked. This earned him a glare from Chichi.

"Since four weeks ago when he was born!" She watched him with her hawk-like eyes as he started to sweat. Piccolo was standing with his eyes closed and his arms crossed. Vegeta was talking to Bulma. A small cry emitted through the house. Chichi went up to get Goten.

"Well… What do you think happened to him?" Krillin asked. Vegeta had just hung up the phone to listen.

"I said that his mind had been weakened, didn't I? I thought it would strengthen up like it did the first time Goku died but I guess I thought wrong. I'm guessing that something, or someone… got into his mind. I'm sure he was an easy target."

"But what could do that? Especially to Gohan?" Krillin asked.

"Koomi." Vegeta said suddenly. The short man and the green man both looked to him. "Koomi are a race of aliens that break into the mind when it has been weakened and start to weaken the host's physical power. Then they are used to do whatever the Koomi wish them to do…they have some sort of… control over them."

Krillin looked shocked. That was the most he had ever heard Vegeta say at one time.

"How do you know about these…Koomi?" Piccolo asked.

"I remember hearing my father talk about them." Was all he said.

Bulma arrived not long after and they all went to the look out to see what could be done about the kidnapping of Gohan.

Gohan woke up in a white room. He lifted his head off of the cold, hard white floor. He looked around as much as he could to see that the entire room was white and empty. It wasn't that big, either. It looked a little smaller than his room. He slowly stood up but quickly crashed back down to the floor. His head was spinning like mad.

He closed his eyes. He could feel that something was wrong with him. Opening his eyes, he pulled his arm out from under his weak body and noticed a tight white metal band wrapped tightly around his wrist. Another one had been placed right above his elbow. He felt a tightness around his neck and figured that a band had been put there too.

A voice broke the silence. "Get used to them… you're going to have them for the rest of your life."

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