Hanyou and Miko: One Shots

Chapter 1: Father and Son

InuYasha quietly removed his mate's hands from around his chest, covering her with their blanket before giving her one quick kiss and closing the door behind him. He waited by the door until he was satisfied Kagome hadn't stirred, then opened the other sliding door that led into his sons' bedroom. Shippou was on his futon in one corner mumbling in his sleep, while Makoto was on the other side sprawled out on his own futon. His silver and black-streaked hair was spread out above him, his little puppy ears slightly twitching. InuYasha kneeled beside him, giving Makoto a light shake on his shoulder. The six year old hanyou slapped at his hand and rolled to his side.

"Oi! Makoto! Are you coming or not pup?" InuYasha jabbed him again. "If you don't get up I'm leaving without you."

The little hanyou sat up straight, idly rubbing his eyes of sleep and yawning. "I'm coming, Oyaji!"

"Shhhhh. Hurry up and get dressed. And be quiet about it, don't wake your Okaasan or Shippou." Makoto nodded and pushed himself off his futon, walking over to a small trunk and pulling out a navy colored haori and matching hamaka, pulling his leg through one and struggling to keep his balance as he pulled on the other. He hopped around for awhile before falling square on top of the sleeping kitsune.

"Oww! Gees, Makoto, what are you doing!" Shippou woke pushing the pup off of him and looking really cranky.

"Can't talk, gotta go. Oyaji's gonna take me to go hunting with him!" Makoto left the flaring kitsune and skidded out the hut and ran straight into InuYasha's back.

"Oi! Clumsy pup. That's one thing I wish you didn't get from Kagome." InuYasha pulled Makoto back up to his feet by the collar of his haori and set him back on the ground. "I thought I told you not to wake Shippou."

"I…I didn't mean to. Can we go now, Oyaji? Please?" Makoto's golden eyes gleamed back at his father pleadingly.

That's another thing I wish he didn't get from Kagome. InuYasha sighed. "Alright. But you've gotta keep up. I'm not going to go slow for you, so if you fall behind just sniff your way back to the hut. Got that?"

Makoto nodded. "I'll keep up! You'll see." He smiled brightly.

InuYasha ruffled his son's hair. "Alright then," he replied with a hit of pride in his voice, "let's get going." In a flash InuYasha bounded into the forest, looking back as the shocked pup scrambled after him. He smirked. InuYasha decided to keep it easy for his son at first, running at an easy pace with a slight zig-zag. After a few minutes the pup was actually starting to catch up with him. InuYasha's smirk grew as he sped off even faster. His ears flicked behind him as he heard Makoto speed up to match. "You gotta do better than that, pup!" He leaped up into a tree, disappearing from Makoto's view.

Makoto skidded to a halt panting and looking up into the canopy of the forest for InuYasha. He couldn't see anything. I've got to find him. Makoto said to himself. I'm going to prove I'm good. I'm gonna make Oyaji and Okaa proud. He carefully sniffed the air and twitched his ears to every sound that reached him. "Aha!" he leaped onto a branch and made his way to the top of the tree, having a bit of trouble with a few limbs on his way up. Finally he caught sight of InuYasha who immediately leaped back to the ground and bounded off. Makoto scrambled after him again, slightly annoyed that he wasn't doing a good job of catching up despite his bet efforts.

An hour later Makoto was dragging behind, stumbling and falling only to get back up and start running again. InuYasha turned to watch his son's progress. He was quite impressed that the little pup had kept up with him for this long. InuYasha himself was only going half his speed, to make sure Makoto didn't get too far behind, but still going fast enough to push him to his limits. After a few more minutes InuYasha skidded to a stop and waited for his son to catch up, which didn't take too long. Makoto stopped beside his oyaji trying to catch his breath. InuYasha waited.

"I…I did good…didn't I Oyaji?" Makoto asked in a sincere tone.

"You did great, Makoto, but now it's time for the real work. You ready to go hunting for the first time pup?"



Kagome felt around her bed with one arm, her eyes opening when she realized InuYasha was missing. She sat up and stretched before pulling on her kimono and walking out to the main room of the hut. Shippou was already up and cooking breakfast, which was unusual as the kitsune liked to sleep much later than everybody else. Makoto wasn't anywhere to be seen, either. "Shippou, where's InuYasha and Makoto?"

The kitsune turned and put down a bowl of rice in front of Kagome. "Oyaji took him for his first hunt, remember?"

Kagome sighed. "Right. I forgot." She paused. "I still think Makoto's too young to go off hunting with InuYasha."

"Okaa, Makoto is a hanyou, youkai blood, remember? Oyaji and I had to explain that to you when he grew his fangs, started walking, when he first started talking, and when he started fighting. Hanyou, like youkai, grow faster. If Oyaji doesn't teach him now, he'll fall behind." Shippou started eating his rice.

"I guess you're right. Oh, has Sango come by yet? We're supposed to keep the girls for a few hours this morning."

"Nope. Not yet, but I think I hear them coming up the path."

"I don't want to stay here! I want to stay with you and Otou." One of the girls wined.

"I want to go with Otou, too!"

"No. It'll only be for a few hours, then I'll come and get you, but you have to stay here. You can get Shippou to show you some tricks, okay?" came Sango's more than a little tired voice. Kagome rushed out to meet them. "Kagome! Thank you so much for watching the girls this morning. I just need one day to sleep in a bit."

"It's no problem, Sango. You and Miroku need a break every once in a while." She smiled and hugged her friend, careful of the sleeping baby in her arms. "Aw, Yumi's gotten so big in the past week. It's hard to believe she's already one month old."

The eldest girl (Mai: 7) tugged on Kagome's kimono. "Obasan, where's Makoto?"

"He went hunting with InuYasha this morning, Mai. He won't be back until late this afternoon." Kagome replied. The little girl pouted.

"I want to see Makoto, too!" Cho (5) copied her sister's pout.

"Girls, if you be good we can come by later today and see Makoto. Right now all of you better be good and listen to your Obasan, alright?"

The girls reluctantly nodded, each hugging their mother in turn. When it came time for Hana (3), Sango had a hard time prying the girl's hands loose of her kimono and turned back down the path. Hana started to cry, as did the baby Yumi.

"Shippou! Can you please come and help me out here?"

"What do you want me to do?" he asked, stepping outside.

"See if you can get Hana to stop crying. Tell them a story or somthing to calm her down."

"Yea Shippou! Tell us a story. Please?" Mai batted her eyes and turned out her lip. Her sisters did the same.

"Alright, alright." He thought for a moment. "How about the story of five brave travelers battling against the fiend hanyou named Naraku?" the girls cheered, having heard the story many times before from their mother and father. Kagome sat down with the now sleeping baby to listen in on the story.

"Your Oba and Oji had already been traveling together for awhile when I first met them. They didn't exactly get alone too well back then." Shippou shape-shifted from Kagome to InuYasha, playing out one of their many arguments. The girls and Kagome all laughed at InuYasha being sat over and over again. Shippou, of course, was exaggerating how many time he actually got sat. "Later we met your Otou and Okaa, and they joined us to get rid of Naraku once and for all."

"And Otou had a hole in his hand that that man had cursed him with, too." Mai spoke up.

"That's right Mai." Shippou replied. "For years we searched for the shards to the Shikon-no-tama, and for Naraku. Okaa and Oyaji left me in the village with Keade, the old miko to keep me safe and finally found Naraku and there was a big battle."

"Yea, and everyone got hurt, too, Okaa told me so" Cho said brightly.

"Umhm. They all did get hurt, but in the end they ended up defeating Naraku and getting back most of the jewel shards Kikyou had taken from us and given to him before. Then, they all came back safe and sound to the village."

"And that's when they found out about me, isn't it?"

"Yes, Mai. A few weeks later they found out about you." Shippou grinned.

"Can we go play now, Oba?"

"Yes. Go on and play, but don't go past the trees or near the pond." Kagome replied. She sighed, a slight frown across her face.

"What's wrong, Okaa?"

"Hm? Oh. Nothing. I just haven't thought about all that in a long time." She smiled. "But we don't have to worry about that anymore."


"Makoto, stay low and still. You keep scaring everything off every time you move." InuYasha's voice was irritated.

"Sorry, I can't help it."

InuYasha sighed. "Just stay here and don't move until I tell you, and don't make a noise, either." Makoto nodded and crouched low to the ground as InuYasha sped out into the trees. A few moments later and Makoto was bored again, fidgeting in place and watching a bug fly up to him and land on his nose. He swatted at it only to have it fly around and land on his ear. He flicked his ear, sending the bug on it's way, and took a long deep sigh. They had been hunting for hours and he still hadn't caught a thing. The whole trip was starting to become a bit boring to the young hanyou. "Makoto, get it!" InuYasha yelled, coming into view with a rabbit running out in front of him.

Makoto reached out with his claws trying to grasp the rabbit but missed, then looked to InuYasha for guidance on what to do next. "Go after it pup! You've got legs, run!" Makoto nodded and shot out after the rabbit. InuYasha made sure to stay a good distance behind him to make sure he didn't interfere. Makoto was making good on the chase, keeping up pretty good with his prey. Suddenly he was knocked off his feet, flying face first into the ground and struggling to stand back up. InuYasha skidded to a halt a good distance from him and sniffed the air. A youkai, a centipede youkai. Pup has to learn sometime… He thought to himself, his ears flattening for an instant with worry.

Makoto finally managed to get back on his feet, twirling around to catch a glimpse of what had caused him to take such a fall. He sniffed the air and flicked his ears this way and that. There was some strange smell in the air, one that his senses didn't like too much and was making him uneasy. Then something wrapped around his leg and started pulling. Makoto jerked back and hopped backward a few times to keep his balance. The centipede youkai perched itself up higher for the young hanyou to see.

"My, my. Aren't we a tasty little brat." Came a slithering voice. Makoto gulped and backed away. "Are you leaving? My, my, and here I thought we could be friends. Well, half-breed, I guess I'll just have to kill you instead!" the centipede moved its many legs in unison, scurrying toward Makoto with an evil grin plastered across his face.

"Oyaji!" Makoto yelled, his ears flat and his golden eyes showing his fear. "Oyaji!"

InuYasha let out an involuntary whine. Every instinct he has was telling him to run in, kill the youkai, and protect his pup, but he knew Makoto was going to have to learn to take care of himself one day, and it might as well be when he was around to help out just in case things got out of hand. InuYasha crossed his arms and sighed. He knew if Kagome ever found out he did this, he would be 'sat' every minute for the rest of his life.

Makoto bared his fangs and growled low in his throat, trying to edge away from his fear of the new foe. His oyaji wasn't around to help him this time. He was going to have to save himself from the youkai. He slid his right foot back and twisted his left foot forward in a fighting stance InuYasha had once shown him, drawing his sharp inu-hanyou claws out in front of him.

"You think you can actually fight me! Ha! You're nothing but a hanyou, I can smell human blood flowing through your veins, weakling, half-breed. You're nothing to me but a light snack before a meal." The centipede reached out and slapped Makoto with the back of its hand, sending the pup flying to the ground with a whine. "Ha. You are nothing, just as I thought. It wouldn't even be fair for me to fight you, so I'll just make it quick and eat you now." It reached out again, but this time Makoto was prepared. His fangs latched onto the youkai's arm, who yelled in shock and flung its arm around needlessly. Makoto had a firm grip with his fangs, tightening his grip even more by digging his claws into the youkai's hard outer shell.

The centipede had finally had enough, grabbing Makoto by the scruff of the neck and flinging him to the ground with a loud thud. Despite being shaken and a little more than sore, Makoto surprised InuYasha by getting back to his feet. But from the looks of it, he was too disoriented to finish the fight on his own. InuYasha raced over to stand next to his son. Makoto looked up at him questioningly.

"You did good, Makoto." He smirked. "Now watch me. Pay close attention and help me out a bit."

"So," the youkai stated, "the brat's father is a hanyou as well. That just means I've ran into a full half-breed meal. Lucky me!"

"Keh. You'll be thinking lucky. I rather dislike centipede youkai, so forgive me if I make this fight a little short. InuYasha leaped forward with his claws drawn, instantly digging deep into the youkai's soft torso flesh. The youkai let out a horrible screeching sound that made both the inus flatten their ears. "Oi, whenever you're ready, Makoto!"

Makoto latched on to the youkai's back with his fangs and claws, regretting biting it because of the bitter taste left in his mouth. Together they punched, clawed, ripped, and fought until finally the centipede stopped moving completely. Makoto fell back on his haunches breathing heavily. InuYasha walked over and sat by his son's side wearing a wide grin. "You did good, Makoto."

Makoto casted his eyes to the ground. "But I wouldn't have been that thing without your help. I…I was too scared."

InuYasha sighed. "Sometimes…it's okay to be scared Makoto. We all get scared sometimes. Even me."

Makoto's ears perked up. "You've been scared before?"

He nodded. "Plenty of times. Once when Kagome was kidnapped, I was scared. When Urasue stole her soul, I was scared then, too. It's okay to be scared, as long as you don't let it control you. That's why you did so good this time. It was your first real fight, and you never backed down even though you were afraid. I bet next time you'll be able to do it all on your own."

"Really?" InuYasha nodded.

"Now come on, we've still got a bit of hunting to do."


Kagome paced back and forth before sitting at the fire pit and poking at the fire with a long stick. The girls had proved to be a handful even for her and Shippou. She was tired and worried. InuYasha and Makoto hadn't made it back yet, and it was starting to get dark outside. She knew the hanyou's had probably been off playing around and lost track of time. They'd come in with some wild excuse that they expect her to believe. Kagome sighed and threw the rest of the stick into the fire, watching as it was turned to embers, the flames shadow casting across the room.

"Oi! Kagome! We're back." Came her hanyou's voice. She stood and opened the sliding door to let them in.

The first thing she noticed was the two rabbits and small boar InuYasha had already skinned and draped across his shoulder. The next thing she noticed was her son's tattered and bloody clothes. "In…InuYasha?"

"It's nothing like that, Kagome." InuYasha stated, seeing the fear in his mate's eyes and sensing her upset rising. "There was a centipede youkai, and he attacked Makoto. I decided to let him handle it and…"

"Handle it! You decided to let our six year old son fight a youkai on his own!"

"Kagome, I was there the whole time and when I knew he couldn't fight anymore I…"

"Sit! Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit!" the hanyou hit the ground repeatedly, his face making a permanent imprint on the ground below.

"Okaa, I fought good! Oyaji told me so!"

Kagome turned and looked at her son's beaming face. InuYasha, released from his subduing spell, stood beside her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. "He wasn't in any danger, kioshi. He has to learn some time, and then was a perfect chance."

She sighed and leaned her head against InuYasha's shoulder. "I know. It's just, he's my little boy."

"I'm not so little, Okaa! I can hunt for myself too, see?" he pointed to the two rabbits that he had caught himself.

Kagome shook her head but smiled. "What am I going to do with you hanyous, hum? I can't keep up with you two and I can't help but love you."

"Keh. That's all we need from you, wench, that's all we need.


Well, hope you like the first one-shot. I don't know how many more there will be. I'm just giving you something to chew on while I work on the sequel. I'm updating everything on my personal page, so go there to find out what I'm up to. See ya soon!