Tell Me You Need Me

Harry's thoughts

"Harry speaking"
"Draco speaking"

Sorry if it's confusing, the first bit is Harry talking to himself.


Move on

I don't know if I can

He has

Did he use me?

You knew it would happen eventually

I hoped it wouldn't. I need him...

But deep down, you knew

I did

Then why do you hurt?

Because.. Because I love him

Then it's your own fault

Everything's my fault



I need you. Tell me you need me?


You always told me, this isn't real.


I wanted it to be real.

"Why are you here?"

Because I love you

"I don't know..."


I need you...

"Potter, I've told you a million times..."

I thought I wouldn't care

"... That it was no strings attached."

But I do. I care... I care so much

"I know."

I know, i've always known.

"Then why are you here."

I thought you'd change your mind

"I have your things"

They're reminders, I can't keep them

"Keep them."

But I can't. Do you live to torture me?

"I can't."


Tell me you need me.

"I should get going."

Don't go

"Yeah.. Me too."

Don't leave me

"So, then. I guess I'll see you later."

When you're beside Voldemort trying to kill me.

"I guess."

Tell me you need me

"Goodbye, Harry."

Tell me you need me..


Tell me you need me.



A/N: Explanation for this: I was bored and gloomy. Also I just had some caffine, which means I'll be up for a while. Enjoy it, and if you don't, well, it was a short read at least? Heh.