Vandread, The Next Experiment

Finally, Chapter 20!

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#20: Death's Doorstep

The 'Nirvana' drifted into orbit around a blue planet in the sol system.

"Something's not right, this is Neptune, Pluto should right over there, where that dust cloud is…" Jack said, realizing what must have happened. Earth must have gotten wise to the people hiding on Pluto, and taken care of it.

"You mean they destroyed a whole planet?" B.C. queried, shock in her voice.

Yes, are you surprised? The people of earth will destroy any opposition to their goals. Even if it means destroying an entire planet." He answered, not looking away.

"Well, then we best get ready, we will be reaching earth by tomorrow!" The captain said, addressing everyone.

The ship was non-stop movement until late that night, everyone preparing their stuff for what would either be the ultimate victory, or a spectacular defeat. Jack set up one final lesson with the group of new controllers, to hone up on their skills, with the exception of Parfait, who had other matters to attend to. Most likely Duero related matters. There was an air of finality to the coming fight that had more than a few people on edge. They went from focusing energy to lifting things with the energy, to making flames erupt and consume objects, to sparring, Jura against Jack, Hibiki against Vinn, John against Dita, and Barnette against Meia. They all were working hard, until, one by one, they all stopped and watched Barnette and Meia. They were trading blows such ferocity that the others backed up, for fear of a stray shot hitting them. It went on for several minutes, until Barnette was knocked on her ass. She sat there panting, and they though it was over, but then Barnette flew back and resumed the match. They called it a day when both the girls where so exhausted they couldn't lift their arms to keep at it.

"What was that about?" Jack and John asked, as they walked out of the room. It was after dinner, and they needed to get sleep before the next day dawned.

"I don't know, I just went for it." Barnette said, looking at the floor.

"I Just let go, and let my body go on it's own." Meia said, also looking at the floor.

"It's cool, isn't it? You can read the other person, and counter, then strike, and if they're reading you, they can do the same, and it's a stalemate, until someone misses a beat, and winds up on their ass." Jack said, smirking at Barnette. She raised her arm to smack him, but found she was to tired, and just shrugged.

Dawn broke just as the 'Nirvana' reached an asteroid belt, separating a large orange planet with a red spot, and a smaller red planet. They plowed into it, rocks bouncing off the shields, and spiraled out into space.

"We will be entering the space around earth in little over two hours! Make ready to launch, and remain on standby!" The captain said, and everyone got busy. They stuck near the red planet, Mars, and started scanning the planet Earth. The scan finished, and the results came up on the main view screen. The giant machinery clogged out most of the view of the inner atmosphere of the planet, which was a brownish yellow color. The atmosphere was breathable, and that was better than nothing. A spot on one of the long bands of metal stretching across the planet flashed. A zoomed in view showed a large structure.

"I'd say that's where we need to go. If we launch the controllers into their, they should be able to neutralize it in a surprise attack." B.C. said.

"I don't think that is going to happen." Ezra said, and shifted the view to the space around the planet. There were easily millions of ships there. Millions upon millions, the largest force they had ever seen. A flagship numbered in the ten's of thousands alone. The Earth knew they were coming, and they were ready for them.

"Here's the plan, we are going to fight off the space forces, while the controllers will be launched onto the machines of the planet, to try and take out the thing that makes the machines work. Everyone to launch in five minutes." The captain finished addressing the crew, and switched over to address Bart. "I want you to fire everything we've got, to clear a hole through so that the Infiltration team can get there quickly."

"Aye, Captain."

The 'Nirvana' came out from behind the planet mars, and move toward Earth. The enemy ships moved forward toward it. Bart unleashed a scatter blast, with the power of all six of the Paexises at once. The web of rainbow colored energy beams lanced forward, shattering anything in its path. When the light faded, Bart marveled at the complete and utter destruction that he had unleashed, almost scared at the damage inflicted. He had created a gaping hole over 30 miles wide in the enemy's defensive perimeter. The Dreads and Vanguards of the Infiltration team flew in as the enemy regrouped, and he launched another scatter blast.

The four Vanguards and four Dreads touched lightly on the metal floor outside of a large, spiky, castle like structure. They all hopped out of their ships, checked their weapons, and marched in the big doors in the front of the structure. They were in a well-carpeted room, with several door branching off.

"Everybody take a different door, and call in if you find anything." Meia said, and chose a door. The others did the same, and they were all about to open them, one the large doors opposite the entrance opened, and a small man stepped through. They all stared, and all the other doors opened, and more peoples walked in. They grabbed the group, and dragged them off in the same direction. After several minutes, they were all dropped in a large room, with a quartet of fancy thrones. The Earthlings filled out of the room, leaving the Infiltration team staring at the four men seated in the throne. When they spoke, it was in the same inside the head speech as the other Earthlings from the Capitol ships.

"Jack, you have made your way back, just as all the controllers do in their time, but much earlier than we expected. Have you come to join our fleet now? How is the Good General?" The lead man said to Jack, not making any indication that he had noticed the others.

"No, I'm not here to join you, and the General is dead." Jack answered, as if he wasn't paying to much attention.

"Dead? But how, did you kill him?" The man asked, astonishment touching his voice.

"Me? No, he was kicking my ass. My pretty little friend took him down without even putting out any effort." Jack said, gesturing to Barnette. The man then chose to notice the rest of the group.

"He was killed by a mere human?" Barnette's face turned red, but Jack answered.

"Yep, and she wasn't even paying much attention, just a single shot, and he was down." Jack said, pride in his voice.

"Well, such deaths are unavoidable, we will simply recover the Green Paexis, and make a new controller." The man said with a sigh.

"What do you mean? I already made a new green controller, and your looking at her."

"What! You can create new controllers!" The man said in surprise.

"You bet, and you're looking at all but the orange one."

"But there are seven others here, not four. You have all of the Paexises?"

"Oh, well, the blue decide to make four controllers, and yeah, we have all six of the Paexises. Plus, they have all given me their powers." Jack raised his arms, and all of the doors slammed shut and locked. Worry crossed the four men's faces.

"One man should never have all of the Paexis energy flowing through them. No one should have that much power, their would be nothing that could stop them, the would rule…" Another man spoke, but was stopped as he was ripped to shreds by invisible powers, and then burst into a rainbow of flames, so that nothing was left. The other men ran to a door.

"Open fire!" Meia yelled, and they managed to stop another man before they got the door open, and ran out of the room. Earthlings poured in from all sides, and were cut down by the weapon's fire quickly. Some turned and ran, and disappeared through other door. The Infiltration team took the same door as the two Earth leaders, and found themselves in a room filled with an array of computers and view screens.

"I got this!" Jack said, walking over to a computer and typing quickly, the metal of his glove clicking on the metal of they keys. After about a minute, he clapped his hands, and smiled. "Look at my handy work!" The screens all showed views of the robots in space, all exploding in puffs of flame. "I triggered their self-destruct programs, as well as the factory's on the surface." The views shifted to the surface, as mushroom clouds erupted all over it. He clicked a few more keys, and the Captain's astonished face appeared. "Mission complete, captain." Jack said, giving a salute. She blinked at him for a few seconds.

"Oh… good job, return to the 'Nirvana' so we can leave this place." All of the group stated to leave, but suddenly stopped, as Jack spoke.

"No, I can't, My place is here."

"WHAT?" Everyone yelled.

"This planet, is my home Planet, they need someone new to lead them, someone who won't harvest organs from others to propagate our people. With the cloning and medical equipment from Tarrak and Majale, I can give these people real hope. After I kill the two remaining High Counselors, I will take over, and rule this planet." Everyone starred at him, because of the resolution in his voice.

"But you are a part of my crew now." The captain said, determinedly.

"Yes, that is why I want you all to stay here with me." He replied but knew, no matter the augment, they would not remain with him.

"We cannot abandon our fellows at the asteroid base."

"We could tow it Back to the asteroid belt in this system."

"No, I'm sorry, but we cannot stay. If you really want to, you may, but the rest of us must go." She said, knowing what was traveling through the boy's mind.

"I know, and I will stay, I wish you luck in your travels." He sighed, and shut off the link. He turned to talk to his companions, but found only John, Meia, Vinn, and Jura still their. Hibiki, Dita, and Barnette were gone. He said his good-byes, and watched their ships depart, back to the 'Nirvana'.

Jack looked up at a view screen, holding the two broken corpses of the High Counselors, watching the 'Nirvana' as it speed of into the distance. It was his, the whole planet, his home… no, his only true home was now disappearing into the black of space, along with the people that had made him enjoy life, and the only thing that had ever been a source of happiness in his life. He burned the corpses, and walked into the throne room. With a wave of his hands, the four thrones fell to pieces. He waved his hands around, and the pieces rebuilt themselves into a single throne, tall spikes extruding from all around it. He walked back into the massive computer room, and released the four orbs of energy into the room. The green, purple, orange, and yellow Paexises latched in, and made themselves at home. They glowed happily at their surroundings, glad to be together. Jack was about to leave the room, when he saw a small piece of Paper. He picked it up, and tears welled in his eyes at the sight.

THE END of the story, hope you liked it, sorry if you didn't. might write a sequel, but who knows, school starts tomorrow, so it might be a while before I can write anything else.