A Muggle Thing


Harry groaned, his eyes roaming around the market angrilly.

"If you hadn't finished all the tuna--"

"Potter, I don't eat things that come from a can-"

"Then who else ate it?"

"It's not natural." Draco said stopping by an isle of canned spaghetti, ignoring Harry's last question. "Why do muggles can everything in sight?"

The former Gryffindor rolled his eyes. "Just because you're used to your spaghetti served on a silver platter-"

"At least it's not served in a can."

Another groan.

"Malfoy, do you like creamed corn or string beans?"

"Are they canned?"

"Well, er...yes."


"Corn it is."

Harry carelessly tossed the can in the shopping cart, not noticing Draco placing it neatly on the shelf once more.

"Tomorrow I wont be home, so I'll leave you some frozen dinners--"

"Frozen! Potter, do you really expect me to eat frozen food?"

"No, you microwave them...You don't eat them frozen."

Draco stopped by the freezer beside him and stared at the pasta label on the tiny cardboard box. Scanning it quickly, he stared back at Gryffindor. "I refuse to eat that rubbish."

"Well you'll have to. Do you like the pasta or the pizza."

"Is the pizza frozen too?"



A soft sigh escaped Harry's lips. "Pasta it is."

He added it to the cart, oblivious to Draco who picked it up delicately and layed it back in the freezer, before walking along side Harry once more.

"Do you feel like having noodles tonight?"

Draco thought for a minute before shrugging. "Why not."

Harry seemed rather happy that he'd finally found something Draco liked. Turning into the isle next to them, he easily picked up a bag of noodles.

"Potter, what are those?"


"Why are they all.. Skinny and.. Crunchy."

Groaning, Harry placed the noodles into the cart. "They're dehydrated, of course. You don't expect them to be sitting there cooked."

"Dehydrated! Are you telling me muggles go off dehydrating their food?"

"Well, yes."

"And you expect me to eat something that's been dehydrated."

"You have no choice."

Draco stared at Harry for a moment before crossing his arms. "Actually, I don't feel like noodles tonight."

"Too bad." Harry said harshly, steering the cart away, not realizing the noodles were no longer in the cart nor the haughty blonde looking quite smug.



"What are those?"

The brunette stopped in front of a counter and smiled slightly. "As if you didn't know."

Draco looked longingly at the doughnuts sitting on the rack. He was especially drawn to the chocolate one...

"Do you think we could have one of those?"

"But I thought you hate muggle things!"

"Not if they're chocolate."

"Right, only if they're canned, frozen or dehydrated..."

Draco turned back to Harry, who was holding a box of doughnuts teasingly. Finally he added it to the cart, before finally noticing it was the only thing in there.


"Yes, Harry?"

"Where are all the groceries?"

Looking down, Draco feigned a surprised expression. "They were just here a moment ago..."


"Yes, Harry?"

"I'm never taking you shopping again."


A/N: I don't usually attempt Humor fics, but I noticed many attempt the shopping together thing, so I thought i'd give it a try. I appreciate reviews and critism!