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Coupling: Someone and Yuya.


Yuya's Kisses

I wonder what Kyo would do if I told him that my favorite color is red. I think I'll tell him one day soon. I'll ask what his favorite color and then I'll tell him mine. I wonder if he'll even guess why my favorite color is red.



I run to catch up to him.

"Don't walk so fast."

He smirks.

"A certain little girl needs to keep up."

I glare at him. We continue to walk until dusk.

"We're sleeping here."

I glance up at him, startled, before I set my luggage down and go in search of firewood. It didn't take me long to find the wood, make the fire, and make dinner.


I set my bowl aside and look over at Kyo.

"Can I ask you something?"


"What's your favorite color?"

He looks at me like I'm off my nut. I start to get up but then I see his feet as he stands and strides over to me. He sits down beside me, placing his hand close enough to my own that I can touch it.


I stop dead and my mouth drops. I hadn't really been expecting him to answer. I recover from my shock and place my hand where it had once been. I forget that he hand put his hand there and so I end up setting my hand on his own. I blush slightly as he looks down at our hands.

I smile as his hand encloses mine.

"Mine too."

I lean in, pressing my forehead against his as I close that gap between us. I give him a fleeting kiss and lean back.

He stares at me with some unrecognizable expression written on his face. Why didn't he stop me? He could have if he had wanted to.


The color red reminds me of Kyo. It reminds me of his unquenchable thirst for blood and it reminds me of his eyes and of all of the blood that he has shed protecting me.


To be continued!


A/U: This is a 30 Kisses fic. It's called Yuya's Kisses because Yuya gets kissed… 30 times. The coupling is KyoYuya and whoever else I think up. There are going to be some odd couples here.