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Coupling: Someone and Yuya.

Important: He refers to the male of the chapter.

The Space Between Dream and Reality

Yuya's Kisses


He watches as the blood flows from the man's severed shoulder.

Never stop.

The blood flows from the man's neck where his head has just been severed.

Crimson Beauty.

He smirks as the girl, bloodied and broken, stares up at him.



He raises his sword and brings it down.




"Leave him alone! You killed his father, his whole village. Haven't you done enough?"

Don't question me.

He smirks again as he brings the sword down on the young boy with renewed force.


A shot rings out, the sound of metal against metal is heard as the bullet bounces off of the sword.

Don't disobey.

A cry of pain follows, the bullet had ricocheted back at it's owner.


His eyes widen.

Crimson Beauty.




Don't stop.


Flow faster.

The girl is gently dragged the the samurai's chest.


The sound of ripping cloth fills the otherwise silent surroundings.

Never stop.

He bandages her wound as quickly as possible.

I will never let it stop.

The blood keeps flowing from her wound despite his efforts.

Not you.

She lifts a bloody hand to his face and smiles with kind eyes.

Never you.

She stares at him and he stares back.

I never meant for it to be you.

He leans down, their lips now mere inches apart.


Her hand falls from his face, leaving a trail of crimson in it's wake and her eyes close.

Do not die.




Her hand was on his cheek, lips inches apart as her forehead lay against his.


"Are you okay?"


His eyes soften for a split second.

Never die.

"Of course wench."

His glare was met with the confused stare of the girl in front of him.

Never bleed.

A smile was not what he thought she'd give him but it was what he received.

Never leave me.

Kyo leaned in, catching her in a surprised, grateful, and desperate kiss.

That's an order, do not disobey your master.

She kissed him and he sighed, willing the dream to leave his mind so that he could focus on the female in front of him.

Always stay by my side.

(A/N- To clarify… the first part was a dream. And they're in a village. In the first version you couldn't tell what was happening in the dream. I hope I did a little to fix that. If not then I will rewrite it. Or at least clarify that part.)