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"Wha...What do you mean, Shigure-san?"

The writer puffed thoughtfully on a cigarette before answering. "I mean, from now on, you will live in the Souma Main House."

Tohru blinked twice and shook her head. She didn't understand. True, now that Kyo-kun and Yuki-kun were in university, she didn't get to spend as much time with them as before; however, she still took pride in the fact that she could prepare their meals and run the household for them. They were so protective of her that it was unlike them to send her away.

"Did I do something wrong? Does Shigure-san dislike the way I manage the house?"

"No, no!"

He shook his head emphatically and sighed, his hair falling forward to shadow his eyes. "It's just that ever since you spoke to him that last time, he's been demanding that you be brought to live in the Main House."


Tohru's mind flashed back to that day nearly one year ago.


His pale hand gripped her hair and jerked her head painfully upwards.

"Stop crying! Shut up! Stop crying!"

Tears flowed down her cheeks as Tohru stared down at the tatami mats she knelt on.

"I wanted her to see me. Tell me how you feel. It's okay if you get mad because those feelings...Akito-san...you're alive."


"You mean, Akito-san? I'm supposed to live in the Main House...with him?"

Shigure nodded worriedly. "In return, Akito will allow you to remain friends with all members of the Jyunnishi…without interference or complaint."

Tohru's heart leapt. This was all she had wished for! But why at such a strange price? Didn't Akito-san hate her?

"Sumimasen, I still don't understand. Why would Akito-san want me to do such a thing?"

The dog shook his head again.

"I honestly have no idea, Tohru-kun. Hatori and I have tried our best to dissuade Akito from it but he insisted. Then we tried to find out why he wanted this, but he refused to tell us." Shigure tactfully decided to omit the curses and insults thrown out by Akito during said conversations. "But I can promise you that if Akito hurts you in any way, all you have to do is tell any of us and we will find some way to get you out."

Tohru smiled gently at his concerned expression. Beneath that happy-go-lucky exterior, the older man was very kind. "I know you would." She took a deep breath and straightened her spine.

"All...alright. I'll do it."

Tohru gazed up at the huge, traditional Souma house. It was a brilliant winter day and the scenic grounds were covered in a soft layer of white powder. The courtyard was currently empty, Shigure, Yuki and Kyo having just left after a heartfelt and prolonged goodbye. A bird chirped from a nearby bare tree and Tohru started as a tall figure appeared in the doorway of the main house.

"Honda-san, please follow me."

The girl hurried forward with her luggage and paused to remove her shoes in the foyer, her eyes slowly adjusting to dim hallway. The man waiting patiently for her was around Shigure-san's age, his handsome face expressionless yet not unkind. He led her through long stretches of halls without speaking and finally stopped in front of a pair of double doors. He slid open the doors for her and motioned for her to sit before leaving again.

Tohru knelt in the empty room and smoothed out her skirt nervously. The main house was much larger than she had thought, but then again, she had only been here twice. Her musings were interrupted when one of the doors leading to an interconnecting room slid open abruptly and a dark-haired figure in a traditional yukata walked slowly up to her. Her brown eyes met a pair of black ones as he stopped a few feet from her.

"Take off your clothes."