Kish: Hey
PIA: Kish why are you still bugging me?
Kish: Coz you're my friend/ hugs PIA /
PIA: That's nice but may I go on?
Kish: YEP!
PIA/sigh/ here is a new fic. The first ' chippy ' is short to me anyway.
Disclaimer: I don't' own TMM but the two angels in the fic.
Ch 1

A young girl around the age of 16 walk with silver sandalsdown a dark, stone hall. She had long sunny blond hair that reach to her ankles. She wore a gold robe that goes to her knees and the sleeves goes to her elbows and a silver robe underneath it that goes over her feet and the sleeves almost over her hands. She had bright white-feathered wings and a halo. She had bright blue eyes and a clear face. As she walks down the hall she pass the window that show the planet earth. She stops at a wooden door. There was a person that look just like her, but with raven black hair and wore a robe with the colors switch and dark black-feathered wings looking at a crystal ball with a cry, green haired alien. " So should we help him Lunar?" said the black haired angel. The one called Lunar said, " Yes we should, Solar. She is not to be with him," she point to another image of a red head girl and a black haired boy. "We should get down there now sister." said the being called Solar. As the way the blond angel came they left walking down the hall to an out side of the castle. " We guardians of the light, faith, and love please send us to earth to help one needed" They chant and a flash of blinding green light they were gone.

Down on earth
It was a warm summer evening and yet noone was there in the park but a lone, crying, green haired pest of an alien. Kish was crying alone by an old oak tree. He tried to get Ichigo to be his, but she sent him back into the shadows, which he came from. He remember that moment very well and stated to cry again.
Kish was floating around to the park. He was think about Ichigo and how he could gain her love. Than he notice her sitting alone on a bench. So a reason to bug her Kish floats over to Ichigo." Hello honey." He said in a teasing manner. " Kish please leaves me alone. I'm waiting for Masaya." She said looking around for him. " Why can you love me back?" He said suddenly. Ichigo look at him with wide eyes than turned sad eyes and said " I sorry Kish but I don't love you. I told you a year ago that Masaya is my one true love" and with that she left Kish that in the park all alone after spotting Masaya
Kish got up wiping his eyes and walk around for a while and than heard a THUD.

Kish turns around and saw two people with wings (he doesn't know what angels are). One had white wings and blond hair and the other had black wings and hair. " I told you should you should lay of the cake, but did you hear me say that. No you had to stare into space!" said the blond " Now would you GET THE HELL OFF ME!" " All right all right." the black said (he doesn't know the name too) Kish walked up to two some what fighting angels " umm who are you two?" he said. The two stared at him " Oh nice going Solar. He saw as fighting." the blond yelled at the other. " Well my name is Lunar and this is my twin sister Solar." Lunar said. " And we are here to help you Kish with your love for..." Solar got cut off. " How do you know my name?" Kish asks in an angry tone of voice. " We been watching you for along time and we are here to help you to get Ichigo." Solar said as she fixes her robe. " She is not suppose to be with...uhh what name again...oh Masaya." Lunar said as she fixes her hair and back. " You will! How? " Kish said happily. The two angels look at him and said " First can we have some sleep and something eat." and Kish fell anime style.
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Kish: hope so
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