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Chapter 12

In the last chapter, Ichigo thought about dating 'Kible' How would angels fix this...Let see.

Kish was floating around the park, all happy and full of life. He stops floating and landed near a flower bed. There he picks up some white daisies with dew still on them. Since it was Saturday, Ichigo didn't have school and he's betting she's not going to work for awhile. and he was right...

...Okay, so I lied. Ichigo went to work only to see Mint abusing Ryou for cheating. And by abusing she (plus Pudding, Zakuro, and the author) had him wear the most ugly shade of pink in the world French maid style outfit with a pale blue wig in pig-tails with the same ugly shade of pink bands and three-inch heels. Serving tea to all the male customs in the cafe. Perverted male customs. Funny or not she really DIDN'T want to see that.

Anyway back to the green hair alien, who was daydreaming about the pink hair kitty super hero...Well there not much to say. All he's doing is picking some flowers in a Mexico...Where I don't how he got there so fast.

Solar and Lunar went to buy some strawberry and blueberry cakes (not a like 1034 cake about 3 or 4 cakes) for a their monthly 'sister to sister' tea parties. When they saw Ryou...Solar almost died (again) laughing and Lunar was shock in the color. 'There is a color like THAT in the century.'

"Ivy, Sam, How are you?" said a voice.

It was Ichigo. "Hey, I thought you weren't going to work for some time?" 'Sam' ask her and 'Ivy was getting the cakes from Mint. "Well I thought I should get over it. And I would like a favor." Ichigo ask Sam. "Depends on what." she replied as 'Ivy' stood beside her with the cakes. "Well can you get a date with your cousin Kible for me." The bomb just got release. Both Solar and Lunar were shock and Lunar almost drop the cakes. "Well I don't know...I mean I don't think he minds to..." Ichigo's hug cut off 'Sam'. "Thank you. On Friday. At 8:30. Have him meet me in front of the south gate of the park." (Pushy ain't she) Solar and Lunar look at each as Ichigo went to work and ran so fast out the door that they almost made a raven haired man (who was currently handcuffed to a honey colored haired male) with a big slice of strawberry cake (1)

When Kish got back form Mexico he put his flowers in a small vise in his room when the two angels got back. (And their cakes was still in a perfect condition) "Kisshu you have a date with Ichigo." Solar told Kish. Kish was happy, but before he could dance and sing (very badly and making Pai's life worse) Lunar added "But you need to dress as Kible." Another bomb as been release. "What?" Kish asks the two. "You have a date on Friday at 8:30 to meet her in front of the south gate of the park as Kible." they both told them.


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