This chapter contains adult, NC-17 scenes. The next chapter does not.

Author's note: It has been slash fic through and through since I was...well forever! Always! So this is my first attempt at well, non-slash which has always previously squicked me. However I've read some really good A/P stuff, so I hope this isn't too bad and apologies in advance if it is crosses fingers.


Chapter Three

She bit her lip and threw a subtle glance to the apartment's main entrance.

Dare I? Now is as good a time as any. Why wait and torture him any longer? Torture yourself any longer.

"I have a surprise for you," she suddenly smiled.

His position suddenly stiffened. She could almost tell what he was thinking. Why was she smiling when he'd just admitted his seemingly never-ending frustrations?

"Go check on the twins, give me ten minutes then meet me next door."

"Next door?" he questioned.

His confusion was palpable.

"Yes, we now own next door. I think you'll like this surprise. Go."

She shooed him towards their babies' room then disappeared into the kitchen to talk to her handmaiden and the friendly baby-minder on duty.

"We're ducking next door for awhile. Will you two be alright?"

Dormé's eyes smiled secretively at her mistress.

"Fine m'lady. I wish you luck."

"So do I," Padmé allowed a small grin of anticipation to show.

She hurried to their bedroom and hastily found a robe, belting it around the waist to hide her attire as she moved through the apartment and slipped out into the hallway.

"Here goes nothing," she murmured to herself as she keyed the lock to the only other apartment on the floor.

Now hers too.

Butterflies of anticipation that had not visited since – when? Probably the day she'd dreaded telling Anakin something grew inside her. They were back with a vengeance.

Her constructors had finished it the day before, and she'd spoken to Anakin's doctor that morning about specifics.

The once large open apartment that would have greeted a visitor was now nothing more than a small antechamber with two doors.

The door to the right opened as she approached it and she quickly moved inside. Tugging her robe off and leaving it to the floor she slipped the thin material of her nightgown over her head and stepped into a purpose built decontaminator.

Hurrying she had redressed and was awaiting Anakin's rather intimidating presence when he finally sounded the door chime.

She slapped a panel on the wall and the door opened, then closed behind him as he stepped in.

"What is it?" he asked.


He was so confused. So very confused. His beautiful wife had bought the apartment next door – for what? Their own space was more than adequate, and the twins couldn't even roll over yet, they needed no more room to live.

There were two doors. What was it? What were they?

"What is it?" he asked, swallowing as he turned to look at her.

Strings of pearls caressing her arms and that blue. It was soft to touch, he remembered. He remembered sliding his hands over it as they kissed. Did other things behind properly locked doors.

Taking his hand she carefully pressed a button and the door to the left opened revealing a stark chamber.

Confused he followed her as she took his hand and led him inside.

There was a small puff of air and he realised the chamber was pressurised. She led him to the end of a utilitarian bed and sat him down.

Then settled herself in his lap. Her nightgown riding up her smooth legs to reveal soft pale skin he could only dream about. Her legs dangled down his sides and he tried not to think about it.

"Padmé?" he murmured.

Tried to murmur. It didn't come out as the hoarse, loving endearment he'd meant it to, and if she could have seen his face she would have encountered confusion and hard fought attempts to fight down lust.

Suddenly her hands were behind his field of vision and he could hear her fingers on his helmet. Trying to undo the clasps.

He suddenly jerked his head back and grasped her wrists.

"What are you doing!"

You'll kill me, he added silently.

"It's alright," she lovingly smiled.

Her hands freed themselves, although this time rested just on his shoulders.

"It's for us. It's a sterilized chamber."

He baulked. Not sterilized anymore! He thought.

"Padmé I can see what you're trying to do but it doesn't work like that. You aren't sterile," he informed her, though he longed for it to be untrue.

He could certainly see what her plan had been.

"Untrue. I've talked to your doctor."

She gestured around the room, at its stark walls and the hard bed with nothing more than insulating blankets to cover it. Not the soft sheets and Naboo blankets that covered what had once been their bed next door.

"This room is just. For. Us," she whispered in his ear, enunciating every word.

"The other room is for me to decontaminate so I can touch you. Without this."

She tapped his helmet.

"Can I take it off now?" she asked his permission eagerly.

He sat in silence, turned his head left and right to examine the room.

"My doctor said you could be in here with me? And this can come off?"

She nodded and bounced a little in his lap. He'd not seen her so happy in months. But while he wanted to be just as joyous, his stomach dropped.

"I don't look the same," he said carefully.

"Anakin you must be joking."

She was already reaching back to the small clasps she'd studied so many times on the back of the hard case that trapped her husband's head.

He reached up and trapped her fingers to the helmet.

"I don't know if I want you to see me. I don't know if I can. I am not the man you married."

Her hands froze and he wished more than anything that she could see the fear in his eyes and understand.

"But I know that I need to see you. I haven't seen you in so long I'm beginning to think you are this outer shell I see…Please?" she entreated softly.

He didn't say anything but finally relented, dropping his hands slowly to his sides and nodding almost imperceptibly.

Turning her attention to the small clips she grasped the buckles and firmly pulled them forward. Fiddling for a moment she finally worked it out, removing the back of the helmet and setting it beside her on the bed.

She carefully noted the length of his hair, shorter than when he'd still been Obi-Wan's Padawan. She held her breath as she then reached forward and clasped the front, eyes focused firmly on where his face would appear.

She hadn't truly set eyes on him in months, and oh how she needed to. With a final tug the faceplate came away and she had to force herself not to gasp and hurt his feelings more.

His eyes were firmly on the floor as she studied his face.

"Oh Ani," she sighed softly, tracing the side of a deep angry scar that had still yet to heal properly.

Though it was starting to disappear beneath hair it was still clearly there and it was deep. On top of his head. For a brief moment anger flared not at him but at what Kenobi had failed to protect her husband from. And what the master had inflicted in his attempts.

His skin was much much paler than was healthy, and his hair a lot darker. No sun would be radiation bleaching it now. And the soft curls she'd enjoyed playing with so much were definitely gone.

But his features were all there, and they were all still the same.

Her fingertips ran down the length of his nose. His jaw. Around the soft cartilage of his ears. Finally she cupped his face and raised it.

"Look at me," she almost whispered.


He almost didn't want to look up. He feared the disgust in her eyes. At least with the helmet she could pretend that he still existed, same as always, beneath all the armour. Now there was no hiding it.

"Look at me," she repeated to him and he reluctantly lifted his gaze.

Into her eyes. And she was perfect. His vision no longer compromised he could see everything. Her eyes were brown, irises differentiated not in various shades of red but flecks of many hues surrounded her black pupils. Her hair full of a thousand colours. His senses went into overload with everything. Her skin, her lips; her nightgown startled him with the blue. And the feeling of complete love that spilt from her and washed over him.

"I've missed you Ani," she murmured straight into his mouth.

"Padmé," he echoed back to her, reaching up to sweep a tendril off her face.

They both startled at the sound of his voice.

"Hey," she grinned, her eyes suddenly very shiny. "You sound like you!"

She took his hands and placed them on her hips.

"Say my name again," she whispered to him as she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.

"Padmé," he repeated, and he loved it.

He said it with love and it sounded like that! It was soft and rumbled out of him!

"Again! Again again!" she pleaded excitedly as she started raining her soft little kisses onto his cheeks.

He pressed his lips to her skin and happiness started exploding inside him.

"Padmé Padmé Padmé," he obliged with a small laugh as he pulled her close.

He could feel the pressure of his padding pushing at his chest and he loved it.

"Can we kiss?" he asked tentatively.

Even if the answer was no he didn't care. She could hear him speak how he intended to sound! He could see her again. Her lips could touch him, he could hear her properly. But to kiss her properly…

She leaned forward and answered his question for him and all breath escaped him.


Oh ANI her mind cried out as she sunk into his kiss.

She wrapped her arms tightly round his head and held him as close as she could as their lips caressed for long moments.

"It's been too long," he murmured as he pressed further kisses to her mouth when she pulled away to catch breath.

She nodded and shifted further forward in his lap, slowly lengthening her kisses to his cheeks. There were more plans for tonight than simply enjoying his kisses once more.

"I had them make this for us because I need you to touch me Ani," she said softly, pulling away and looking him in the eye.

His face frowned, then deepened when her own lit up.

"What?" he asked confused.

"You're frowning!" she grinned with a smile that could light up the entire room.

"So?" he asked, even more confused.

"I can see it! I can see your face!"

She traced the frown lines on his forehead with her hand though they quickly disappeared. He captured her hands and pressed soft kisses to them as his lips got very use to reacquainting themselves with the softness of her skin.

"I've missed you so much," he told her quietly as he caressed the perfection of her fingers with his mouth.

"You know I've missed you too. You know how much I need you. And I intend to be with you Ani."

She said her last words just firmly enough to make him pause and raise his eyes to hers.

"Padmé," he said softly.

She melted inside at the sound of his voice saying her name again, even if the tone intended warning. She didn't care though. He could be as self conscious as he wanted with everyone else. But not here. Here was for them to just be together.

"It's alright," she reassured him. "I talked to your doctor remember?"

His eyes widened at the very notion of what very private discussion she'd had with his physician.

"I –" he swallowed. Hard.

"If you're scared, that's okay," she assured him lovingly.

She stood and tugged him up to reluctantly follow, leading him around to sit on the side of the bed then pushing him down.

She started kissing him tenderly once more.

"You can be scared. You don't even have to touch me if you don't want to."

She leaned forward and nibbled very softly on his earlobe. In a way he'd always enjoyed previously. Though some people now knew of their marriage, they'd been together for going on five years, and they had two children together, she still couldn't bring herself to speak the following words above anything but a private whisper directly into his ear.

"I'll just arouse you with my lips and my hands, all you have to do is lie back. I'll lower myself onto you so I can feel you inside me and I'll move you in and out of me until you fill me with your pleasure."

He groaned loudly, uncontrollably, and grabbed her hips in his mechanical hands as she climbed onto him, her nightdress riding up once more.

"Padmé," he protested weakly. "I-I'm not the same. My body is…"

He trailed off to gulp as she investigated how to follow his doctor's instructions on carefully undressing him without injuring that which supported his life.

She had one sure fire way to put him at ease.

"Anakin," she firmly sat back, placed herself right over him and moved gently to arouse him as she forced him to look beyond what he perceived as his imperfections. "You think whatever's going on in here is bad?"

She reached a hand down and caressed from his chest to beneath where she was rubbing herself at him, to indicate just where 'here' was. Putting just enough pressure to make sure he could feel it before she went back to undressing him.

"Did it stretch wide enough to squeeze out two human beings recently? You've got nothing to worry about except what you're coming into. I'm not the same, to say the least. But I still can't wait to feel you inside me again. I need you."

He groaned at her words and she felt what she was doing to him. It pleased her enormously.

"Anakin. Say my name again," she murmured, longing for the delicious sound as she finally revealed his chest.

She winced at the small incisions that covered it, where the artificial lung controls emerged from the skin. Half of his chest now dominated by a box that sunk right into his very being.


"Padmé," he whispered sadly, looking down to where she was focused.

It was grotesque and he knew it.

"Does it hurt?" she asked him gently, looking up into his eyes with remorse.

He shook his head as he lay there.

Then she seemed to shrug it off and move on and he couldn't be more grateful.

"You don't have to," he quietly reiterated as she struggled to get him out of his coat.

She paused, then thoughtfully removed his right glove.

A look of confusion passed over his face as something seemed to make her happy. He couldn't imagine what, both his hands were mere mechanical appendages now.

"Here's something I remember," she smiled, clasping it in both her hands and lifting it to her cheek, nuzzling into it.

Internally he was quite surprised as she turned her head and kissed the metal palm.

"Are you serious?" he grinned.

"Mmmhmm," she nodded slowly, happily beaming down at him. "I know this hand has pressure sensors, it felt when they were kicking inside me. I remember," she proudly reminded him.

"I guess that's true," he conceded, wondering at how she'd found anything positive in this situation.

Of course if she was right and they could truly make love…

"Padmé it may have felt when the babies were kicking but I don't know if I can use these hands to pleasure you in the way you remember," he said a little doubtfully.

She paused, then slowly kissed the palm once more.

"What?" he asked warily at the sudden shift in her mood he could sense.

Slowly, slowly, she held his hand, kept the palm open. Guided it down her cheek, along the length of her neck. It skimmed the top of her nightgown and then she helped it to cup her breast.

"Anakin," she suddenly groaned beneath her breath, her eyes closing as she gulped.

Really? his mind asked him gleefully.

Her hips started up their slow movements again in reply.

He said nothing as he watched, fascinated. One hand grasping his mechanical wrist, the other covering the back of his hand she dragged his caresses across her chest to the other. She whimpered softly and her eyelids fluttered, though did not open.

"Oh Anakin," she whispered again.

She bent her fingertips and made his own curl in a little, to massage her.

"Ohhh yes," she opened her eyes and smiled down at him.

Leaning down she grasped his newer hand, removed the glove to expose the metal which comfortably sat at his body temperature. She pulled it up too, moved her hands gently to encourage him.

She seems to enjoy that as much as before his mind told him excitedly as he touched her.

"Can you feel them with this hand too?" she asked him, coaxing his thumb onto her nipple.

"Yes," he whispered shortly.

He brushed his finger over the soft tip, knowing instinctively where it should be though she was still covered. She murmured her approval and asked for more.

"Do they feel bigger?" she asked him breathlessly.

Her hips ground down into his and he welcomed the arousal she created. Oh did he.

"Yes they're bigger. They're so full. And perfect," he added on a brief afterthought.

How much did he want to lean up and take them in his mouth? Even through the fabric. But he still didn't want to hurt her. And if he sat up maybe the small box that controlled his lungs would press against her and she'd be reminded of the thing that he'd become – no. It was better not to move and just be content to touch her in this way.

"Why are they bigger?" he asked as he realised that actually, yes, they were quite a bit larger. Fuller.

Though his left hand had not previously experienced the pleasure of touching her chest, his right certainly had and he knew it wasn't a matter of simply different comparisons. Her breasts were much larger. Much firmer.

"It's feeding Luke and Leia, they're swollen with milk," she breathed, finally opening her eyes and looking down at him with eyes full of love but laced with passionate lust.

He knew it shouldn't turn him on. It was a natural process that functioned to feed their babies and help them grow. But what she'd just said went in his ears and fired straight down to his groin.

"I want you to keep touching me but let go for a minute," she smiled at him, leaning forward a little and increasing the pressure as she reached for his jacket.

He looked up to her face, bent his arms back and let her remove it. Then there was silence.

"Is it awful?" he murmured, propping himself up on his elbows and looking at where the stump of what had been his left arm met the new mechanical limb.

She sat back and looked at it thoughtfully. Though she probably didn't register it her hips still turned minute circles over the lump growing beneath them.

"Actually, no," she said pragmatically.

She shrugged her shoulders and grasped his now free hands, coaxing one back to cup her firm breast as she leant down to press a kiss at the previously unseen join.

"Looks the same as the other one always did. Touch me here."

She took his hand, placed it on her exposed thigh.


He didn't dare look down to where she'd just put his hand. If he did he might catch a glimpse of more intimate places. And it wouldn't be unheard of for him to lose his resolve and dive down there, not returning until she'd passed out from being forced to heights of pleasure over and over and over again. It certainly wouldn't be the first time.

"Padmé," he groaned again.

He slid his hand up her thigh and to her still slightly swollen abdomen.

"Oh Anakin," she sighed back.

She trailed her hands up and down his chest.

"I'm going to need you inside me soon," she warned him, grasping his hand tighter to her breast.

He nodded, eyes wide as he could only lay there. He hadn't always been this passive when they made love, but she was a site to behold, a site to obey.

She suddenly grasped his hand and put it between her legs, holding it there.

He instinctively went to pull away. He'd only ever let his real fingers inside her but at that moment she really didn't seem to care.

"Anakin don't be – ahhh! Don't be ridiculous, I don't care! Slip them into me," she begged him in agony.

Her hips thrust demandingly as she held him beneath her nightgown. He finally worked up a tiny bit of courage and changed the angle of his fingers. She did the rest, impaling herself on them. Her small cries increased in frequency and pitch and he suddenly had a thought and went to pull away.

"Padmé I want to be inside you when you – you –" he begged.

"Anakin," she looked down at him lovingly, but the sexual pleasure he brought her could not be denied. "I have never had a problem climaxing multiple times for you. This time I want it to be on your fingers, and I promise, in a couple of minutes it will be on something even bigger and better."

She dragged his hand back beneath her wet warmth.

"But right now I want you to slip them up me and remind me of some of the things you discovered my body likes."

Too aroused by her words to think of any more complaints, he took the initiative for the first time that evening. He stretched a few of his fingers out and as she requested pushed them into her folds. She cried out and started moving on them in earnest, and he used his remaining fingers to tease her like he remembered she'd liked, when he used to do it with his flesh hand.


"Anakin," she whimpered desperately.

While her body had been reminding her of how much she missed Anakin's caresses for weeks now, the instant she'd seen his loving eyes again she'd flared up.

And now his fingers. His well trained fingers, that had been taught just how to touch her. Though they were new, mechanical, the skills obviously lay within his brain. Because they were perfect. Their technique was well-practiced and familiar. And knew exactly how to manipulate the very centre of her being.

"Oh, oh," she moved desperately.

"I love hearing you moan for me," he whispered as he watched her intently.

Beneath her his own pelvis started thrusting in anticipation and she knew it wouldn't be long.

He fingered her intently, coaxing cries from her, stroking her as she relished the pleasure unashamedly.

"Am I reminding you of benefits of being a woman? A married woman?" he asked.

"Cocky," she gasped to him as he gave her breast a firm squeeze.

Yes Ani, oh please, oh my Ani her mind cried in excitement.

It had been so many months, so long, far far faaar too long. And as his confidence came back it only benefited her more.

She reached down, smoothing her hands along his shoulders.

"I'm coming, I'm going to come for you," she suddenly whispered to him and she knew it was true.

She was almost there. And she couldn't wait for the drought to be broken.

"Your touch is going to bring me climax. Anakin!"

The last instance of his name was screamed and she drove herself onto his fingers frantically.

He'd forgotten his previous rationalising, and in the arousal of watching her pleasure he'd reared up and cupped her free breast in his mouth, squeezing the other tightly.

Taking even more of the satin-covered swelling between his lips his head was suddenly clasped tightly by her arms to her and she was suddenly silent.

He knew what that meant and sucked her harder, frantically. The intensity of her orgasm had washed into his awareness and he revelled in it. So long it had been. So long. Too long.

"Padmé," he whispered hoarsely.

"Suckle me, keep suckling me," she gasped beneath her breath and could say no more.

He needed to hold her to him. Tightly. And she was still trembling with aftershocks between her legs where his fingers stroked them out of her. So he freed her soft breast and wrapped his arm across her bare back, clasping her to him.

"Padmé Padmé," he continued, lost in her sensations.

"Oh Anakin," she sighed, resting her head on his shoulder briefly as she panted to catch her breath.

"You wait," he grinned, kissing her shoulder around the thin straps of her nightgown.

His confidence was rushing back to him in droves.

"I think I'm getting ready to remind you just how much I love you."

He could feel her lips pressing to his neck eagerly.

"I know you are. Mmm Ani."

There was a rumbling of desire in his chest and he licked some of the sweat that was forming on her skin. Her hand had slipped down to rub over him.

"If you let me get you naked, I will too," she offered softly.

He paused. Deformed arms she'd had the entirety of their marriage to deal with. But his legs? That was something entirely different. He'd always had legs to wrap around her and tangle up with when they made love and fell asleep. But now.

"I'll be naked for you," she prompted seductively.

He swallowed.


When he remained silent for so long, she paused in her thinking. This was probably the biggest step for him of all. Giving him a little longer to ponder she finally gave him a little more prompting.

"You. Inside me. Filling me, Ani."

He groaned and she could feel him finally nodding against her skin.

She lifted her head from his shoulder and looked him in the eye.

No words were necessary, his trepidation was plainly obvious. But she kissed him firmly, assuring him that there was no doubt in her mind.

To help calm his nerves she continued with their kisses. Loving him. Showing him that she had always loved him, and always would.

He seemed to understand and whispered "I love you Padmé."

Then he pressed kisses to her shoulders.

"You skin is so soft. I'd forgotten," he murmured into the nape of her neck.

And she blushed. Despite all the intimate words she'd been speaking to arouse him, that one simple comment embarrassed her. And that's why she had married him. He could do that to her with the simplest words.

"I'm going to get off you and take off your pants, and I want you to scoot back against the wall."

She felt him lose some of his firmness at the explanation of the more clinical reality of their mating, but she knew how to handle that. Keep stoking his interest. Keep his attention.

"And when I'm done, I'm going to stand up, and you're going to watch me undress. And then we're going to wrap my legs around you and you're going to push yourself up inside me."

He nodded obediently, caressing her back lovingly.

"I can't wait," he admitted, a little of his former nervousness returning.

She knew then that she would have to push him to the height of passion to make him forget himself again. But she was more than up to the challenge.


He tensed as she wriggled off his lap and reached her hands down to his ever-uncomfortable pants. He was losing his nerve the longer it took her to fiddle with the fastening. Maybe they shouldn't do this now. Give her time to get used to the idea of his legs. She'd never seen –.

"It's alright," she pressed a quick kiss to his cheek.

He watched her glance down and then back up to him with naughty passion written plainly on her face.

When she finally started tugging and he had to lift his hips to aid her, he paused.

And then he felt himself really tensing up. He didn't want to. He really didn't want to. He wanted to stay aroused and love her. But there was nothing he could do to help it. He was reminded of the grotesque half-machine he'd become.

But her gaze didn't seem to linger beyond a mere glance and she was looking him in the eye again.

"Back up Ani," she smiled lusciously to him.

Awkwardly he did as she instructed, until his back rested against the wall.

"Watch me," she continued.

He couldn't help licking his lips unconsciously as she reached across her body and clasped the sides of her nightgown, tugging it up. His breathing became laboured and he could hear his breather working overtime on his chest as the soft folds of fabric slowly slipped further and further up her pale legs. He didn't realise he'd squeezed his eyes tightly shut as the anticipation had overcome him until she laughed

"Look at me Ani!"

He peeked his eyes opened and stopped breathing altogether.

"Well? I'm still a bit swollen from the twins," she grinned, patting her belly fondly.

"Padmé," was all he could manage to force out.

"Anakin," she mirrored back to him with a hint of mirth, climbing up onto the bed and working her way across to him.

She reached his lap and straddled it, leaning forward to kiss him tentatively.

"Are you as giddy as I am?" she asked him, bouncing in his lap all of a sudden.

"You're so handsome," she grinned, running her fingertips across his features.

They kissed, and he noticed how she was careful to keep herself from interfering with or injuring his breather.

"Ready to be inside me?" she asked, kissing his lips over and over.

The thought of making love to him seemed to excite her to no end. But he needed a little more…encouragement.

"Maybe give me another minute," he smiled against her lips.

His whole body could feel her. Naked skin to naked skin. And it felt wonderful.

Her hand was suddenly unashamedly wrapped around his length and touching him just as he'd shown her he liked, all that time ago.

"Mmmm," he murmured against her lips. "That's nice."

"Yeah?" she asked him, kissing at his lips.

There was silence for a moment as she set about hardening him up. But he had a relationship with someone whose career relied on her competence with words to further her causes, and they hadn't deserted her now.

"My breasts are so full. Touch them," she coaxed into his ear canal and followed it with a long lick.

He did just that, letting one weigh in his hand. Although he had a desire to slip one of the enticing dark circles into his mouth as well, his need to caress her lips far outweighed it, and the soft kisses between them continued.

She continued rubbing him but was now moving herself.

"What're you doing?" he murmured.

She said nothing, lashes lowered and he looked down between them. Saw her heaving chest. Saw beneath it to her dark centre. Saw her moving his tip, then raising herself and rubbing it at her.

She whimpered and he baulked.

"Padmé!" he cried out.

Her surprise and pleasure filled him as he suddenly reached down, brushed her hand away from his cock, and thrust it right up into her without warning.

"Anakin!" she whimpered as her breath caught.

They both panted, not daring to move and Anakin couldn't help his eyes closing, rolling back in his head.

"You're, you're so wet," he stumbled over his words.

"Of course I am, I haven't had you in months."

He groaned at her response and twitched inside her unconsciously.

His hand slipped free of her breast and both slid down to cup her round behind.


Anakin taking charge and suddenly forcing himself into her reminded her of the pleasures she'd only found as a married woman. And he filled her being. Her mind, her senses, her body, all were filled with Anakin. And she loved it.

"I'm so wet for you Anakin. You're huge."

She rested her head briefly on his shoulder once more to catch her breath, then lifted it and looked him directly in the eye.

She lifted herself gently then sunk back onto him, enjoying how he groaned with her.

Suddenly there was a tear rolling down her cheek as she met his lips passionately.

"What is it?" he asked gently, pulling away and running his thumb across her cheek.

She noticed he didn't even hesitate to touch her with the metallic finger and it prompted even more tears at the very thought that he was forgetting some of his inhibitions with her.

"When it first happened I was so scared I'd never even see you again, let alone touch you, or kiss you, or hold you or –"

He raised his finger to her lips and pressed it to them, cutting her off. She immediately pressed small kisses to the tip without even having to think about it.

"I'm inside you Padmé."

The simple statement sent shivers through them both. It was a very simple statement of fact, but it meant so much to them both. They were together. Even just being able to look into Anakin's eye made Padmé's heart swell. But to get this far, to be with him like this, she'd have to be forgiven for being overwhelmed.

He traced his substitute fingers down along to her thighs and covered them lightly. Then he suddenly raised his hips and pushed up into her. Kissed her and made her feel so loved.

"Yes Ani," she said softly, beginning to move with him.


He loved watching her raise herself, then sink back down only to feel her velvet walls surrounding him.

He could have done so many things, his hands could have been so many places, but he didn't want to do one of them. He just wanted to move and feel her move against him. He just wanted to kiss her soft lips and be reminded of how much he loved her. He just wanted to revel in the feeling of touching her and having her see him for who he was.

He just wanted her to hear his voice.

"Padmé," he made sure to murmur over and over again to her.

Into her mouth as he kissed her repetitively.

Tenderly pushed into her and felt how her body had changed since childbirth. Receded from it and immediately missed the arousal that fuelled her warmth and wetness.

"Anakin. Penetrate me, penetrate me," she tormented him with her body and her feelings and he succumbed to them all.

Slid into her again and stroked her thighs. He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment as he slid even deeper into her. She'd just moved forward a little closer and wrapped her naked legs around him as their bodies continued to join.

"Padmé," he groaned. "You feel wonderful."

And he meant it. She lubricated for him as he continued to move inside her.

"I never thought I'd feel you inside me again. Anakin this completes me. You complete me."

The tender kisses they were sharing continued and became quicker as their thrusts did.

And for moments nothing else existed outside of the two of them. They continued to move together, reaffirming their love and Anakin totally lost himself. Lost all his insecurities and fears about her reactions to his body. Just existed as a being consumed by his passion for her.

Then the time came.

He burst with pride as he was finally able to fulfil his husbandly duties. Made her clasp him tight and sob in desperation as he held her close and filled her with the warm essence of his own pleasure. While he rubbed minutely at her softness and had her choking out in an orgasm he managed to draw out for a seemingly impossible amount of time.


There only seemed one thing that was appropriate to say at this moment.


She whispered it as she lowered her head to his shoulder in exhausted defeat.

"I can still feel your pleasure," he whispered happily as he still shifted from time to time.

Padmé nodded against his shoulder and as she tried to recapture her breath she caressed his back with her fingers.

"So did you like your surprise?" she teased him.

"Padmé," he replied.

That was it. Just her name. She loved hearing him say it and as always the way it fell from his lips was the sweetest pronunciation she'd ever heard.

He gently moved around, careful of her and his fragile body, eventually relaxing back into the bed.

"Want me to pull out?" he murmured as she tried to find a way to rest on him that avoided the mechanics protruding from his chest.

"Just –"

She wriggled a little, slid down and across and moved his arms.

They both sighed as she settled and murmured "there."

"Mmmm," he grinned, his eyes sliding closed.

It had been so long since she'd crashed into the welcoming arms of orgasmic sleep she was that much more susceptible and left the conscious world almost immediately.

Anakin could not wipe the smile from his face. He stayed inside her, feeling her emotions and drowning in them until he felt her gently fall asleep. Then he was careful to pull out of her and roll her to his side.

"I love you. Padmé," he whispered.

He grinned at her sleeping form as he stretched out on his back, linking his arms in contentment behind his head. But he couldn't stop himself from turning his head to watch her. This was the first time he'd been entirely out of the suit since he'd been forced into it – that was before the twins were born.

And it hadn't even occurred to him until she'd thoroughly loved him through and through!

With his head overcome with the happy thoughts of stretched muscles and a satiated body, all provided to him by the love for Padmé that filled him, he followed her into sleep.

He was woken some time later by an annoying beeping. Frowning, but not opening his eyes, he reached out with the force, feeling his com in his hand a few seconds later.

He flicked the switch in his sleep and murmured a "yeah?"

"A," the voice abruptly cut itself off. "Anakin?" a soft tone of disbelief questioned.

"Yes? What is it Dormé?" he asked, reaching out to make sure there was nothing wrong with his children and wife.

His wife was a lot closer than he was searching for and he opened his eyes to turn towards her. His face literally lit up.

Oh yes. I remember.

"Wow, you sound like you," came the voice of his wife's loyal handmaiden.

"Hmmm. I know. Padmé likes it too. Is something wrong?" he asked softly, sitting up to rub at his tired face with his hand.

"Leia's up and needs to be fed," came the reply.

He threw his glance down to Padmé's happily sleeping, naked body.

"Give us a few minutes," he grinned.

He waited long enough to get her acquiescence then switched the device off.

Leaning over he blew softly across her ear and then kissed it.

"Padmé," he called tenderly to her to emerge from dreamland. "Padmé," he repeated, stroking his hand down her side.

"Mmmmm?" came a non-response before a startled "Anakin!"

She was immediately awake and turning to her back to look up at him. There was a quick smile and she reached up to cup his face. He was obligingly drawn down for a lengthy kiss in greeting before he had to pull away smiling.

"Hi," he greeted eagerly.

"Hi," she repeated.

"Leia's awake," he informed.

She looked up at him thoughtfully then sat up.

"Hmm, 'kay. I have an idea."