This chapter contains adult, NC-17 scenes. Chapter Eight does not.


Chapter Seven

Anakin didn't even wait until the door had shut properly behind her. He reached up and slammed the clips back, yanking the helmet off his head and throwing it to the floor.

Before she could say a word in surprise he had crushed her to him.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," he apologised, fighting back the swelling in his throat.

"What for?" Padmé asked, the tone of her voice indicating she was startled by his actions.

"That I did what I did. That I'm like this now."

Anakin took a deep steadying breath and pressed on to say what he really needed to.

"I'm so sorry that I didn't touch you more while you were still pregnant."

There. It was out. Since last night, when he'd been able to have Leia see him properly, the thought had niggled into his head. And sitting with Padmé before the twins went to bed just now had just brought it all to the forefront. He felt so removed from the world. From his loved ones.

And he'd had all that time before to be happy. At least three months worth. She'd had perfect confidence in him, and he'd forfeited it all in a foolish attempt to save her.

"Eight hours," Anakin murmured into her hair then kissed the top of her head and pulled away.

"What's eight hours?" Padmé asked in confusion.

She reached up and kissed him tenderly. Lazily.

He had to wait for his mind to return to their conversation once she'd finished.

"I had about eight hours to be happy about them before they were born. I was thinking about it, just now."

"Before your nightmare?"

She took his hand and he let himself be led to sit beside her on the bed.

He nodded sadly.

"I remember. I was so very happy when you told me. I said it was –"

"Wonderful," Padmé interrupted him. "You said it was wonderful. I remember Ani. I'd spent hours thinking about how horrible it was since I'd found out. And the first thing you said was that it was wonderful."

Miserably, Anakin couldn't stop a small smile from appearing.

"I did think it was wonderful. I still do. I remember every part of that day."


Padmé started undressing Anakin slowly, but it wasn't the exploration that it was last night. Nor was it a need to have his mind connect with hers as the same time as his body. She no longer yearned for him as she had the past months. Now her longing was subdued, from boiling to a more steady simmer, and she could hold off enough to hear Anakin's memories.

She wanted to hear Anakin's memories. He didn't seem to want to be so forthcoming though.

"Tell me what you remember," she prompted him gently.

She stood to start removing him from his jacket as she waited for him to speak.

He grinned up at her as she started tugging at the right sleeve and coaxed his arm back.

"I remember we came back here and went straight into our bedroom for a few hours."

She smiled widely at him.

"Yes, there was that."

"I think that was a personal record. Four times. Even Jedi stamina couldn't sustain that. That was driven purely by missing you."

She leaned forward and kissed him. She couldn't help it. She wanted to hear his memories of the day she'd told him about the twins, she truly did. But she remembered that part of the day too and it brought a definite flush of arousal through her.

"It may have been four for you, but as I recall it was five for me," she murmured into his mouth.

"One for every month I was away," he told her seriously and she couldn't help but smile at the solemness with which he informed her of that.

They sat looking into each other's eyes for one pure moment, enveloped in warm feelings of love and contentment.

Then Padmé blinked and turned her attention back to the top half of his suit.

"Surely that's not all you remember?" she prodded.

"I remember when we were finished, I curled up to you like this –"

She squealed briefly as he suddenly pulled her down onto the bed and spooned up to her back.

"And I did this," he continued in a whisper.

He reached his artificial hand down, running it along her side and causing her heart to increase its speed. However he wasn't initiating a caress to speed their lovemaking. That became clear when it curved around her stomach all of a sudden and rested over where she still bulged from having had the twins inside her.

She gasped and then lay in silence, reaching up to cover his hand. Holding it to her as she looked straight ahead at the wall.

"And?" she queried him softly.

"And, I felt proud," he revealed, shrugging it off. "It was already there, that bulge that was mine. Seriously, you have no idea how proud I was."

Here he seemed to pause and reflect.

"A little bit in love with your middle too. Which is odd I guess, since it should have been what was in there, not the bulge I could see."

He pulled his hand away and sat up. Looking down toward her knees he started tugging at the bottom of her tunic.

She obligingly sat up on her knees and started to remove the item of clothing.

"Keep telling me," he heard muffled through fabric.

He sat back and watched in delight, as she got naked for him.

"Then I decided I should head back to the Jedi temple and make sure I was seen so I could spend the night at home with you. And when I came back you were in your nightgown out on the balcony brushing your hair. Telling me you wanted to have the baby on Naboo."

He stopped and hung his head.

She could tell immediately what he was thinking. What he was blaming himself for. Yes, in retrospect she should have forced him onto the first available transport and secreted them both to Naboo until the twins were born. But she hadn't, he hadn't, and there was nothing they could do about that now.

"And then we went to bed and the nightmares started," he finished sadly.

"Anakin," she murmured softly.

She reached up to take his face in her hands and kissed him again.

"When I had just found out that I was pregnant, do you know what my first thought was? To make it go away. To protect you from being hurt. To keep our secret above everything else, even life we'd created."

He looked up at her and frowned in confusion.

"I seriously considered having it dealt with so we wouldn't be revealed. The only reason I didn't was the thought that you might not come back to me. That I would be all alone and I would have gotten rid of a part of us that was living inside me. What you tried to do for us was not selfish. Yes our lives right now might be a little different, but then again our lives might not be at all. Do you understand me? Either of our actions changed in the past could have meant different futures for us now."

She trailed off and removed herself from his body, quickly stripping him of the rest of his suit.

"We have the twins, we have each other, and everything else we're just going to have to handle one piece at a time, alright?"

He looked at her with deep, intense and demanding eyes. But she didn't back down.


Anakin felt Padmé looking into his very soul. And knew that he had to admit it. He'd only had eight hours to be happily overwhelmed before they were born, but he had their whole lives to be so now.

He did the only thing he could think of. He leaned forward and kissed her. Like he had at the start of those life-changing eight hours. And she responded like she had a short time later. When they'd meant to come home and enjoy each other's company, but instead unable to stop themselves from seeking a reunion that could only be had in their bedroom for the rest of the afternoon.

"I'm going to be inside you tonight," Anakin whispered to her suddenly.

She let out a short yelp as he flipped her onto her back and climbed hungrily on top.

Although he hadn't being paying that much attention, he loved that they were now both naked. He reached to the end of the bed and grasped a handful of the blanket, pulling it up over them so swiftly that he was laying himself along her and tasting her sweet mouth before she had time to reply.

He could feel her surprise at his return to dominance. Especially after his reservedness last night, he reasoned. But as he lowered himself down and started rubbing his hips against her, all felt right. Quickly reaching out, he reinforced sleep in the twins, then relinquished his awareness of all but Padmé.

Her hands had come up to caress his cheeks and neck, and hold his head close. He couldn't help but let out a small moan for her and let his kisses soften against her lips.

Between her legs he let himself harden. His comment to her earlier this morning had been right – teasing her all day when he could come home and do something about it had only heightened his excitement. And increased his need for her about ten fold.

As he stiffened considerably her legs opened right up, then rested against the backs of his bare thighs.

"Go ahead Ani," she whispered.

But he didn't. Not just yet. He continued to play over her lips, pulling back every few seconds to look into her eyes, before he would cave and have to kiss her again.

Without a hint of his timidity from their last encounter, one of his hands came up to play over her soft breast, the other down to clasp her rear and hold her to him as he ground against her.

"Ah-Ahh Ani," she started gasping as he refused her subtle entreaties to slip into her.

He pulled his lips away once more and told her determinedly

"No fingers tonight. Every time it happens, I'm going to be inside you."

"Just how many times were you planning on it happening?" she asked with heart-fluttering anticipation.

He appeared to ponder for a moment as he gave her nipple a final pinch then grasped her hip.

Her breath caught and they both lost their vision temporarily as he guided himself into her.

"Twice at least. We'll just have to see," he finally managed to reply, gulping to keep himself from exploding with emotion.

Her thighs twitched beneath him and she tentatively pulled away then thrust back up. His appreciation was loud and immediate.


"Mmm, Ani," she whispered to him intimately, drawing one of his hands back to her chest.

"I don't know how I lived without you like this," he told her seriously, sliding back in.

"Now that we've discovered we can be together again, you realise I'm going to need you every. Single. Day?" she told him softly, meeting his careful thrusts.

Suddenly her back arched up and his arms automatically slipped around her, holding her as close as possible.

"You will have me," he murmured deep into her hair as he surrounded himself with her.

He knew she'd been far too wet as she immediately started coming for him. Already. He held her close as the orgasm centred her being between her legs, making sure to slide in and out of her slowly to drag it out.

"How do you have me doing that already?" she gasped out to him as she collapsed.

"That's one," was his only answer.

With a soft smile of understanding.


She lay on her back panting as the waves started to subside. She reached up to touch the soft hair that was growing behind his ears.

And for some reason he took that as a sign that it was okay to pull out.

"No no no," Padmé complained as he removed himself.

"Oh don't worry, we're not finished," he smirked as he suddenly, without warning, flipped her over.

His hands slipped up between her tight thighs, gently prying them open and then laying himself against her back.

"Oh oh ohhhh," she let out, satisfied with his intentions as he guided his stiff member to open her up even more.

"Oh Anakin!"

She thrust her hips back in uncontrollable pleasure as he started taking her from behind, her rear rubbing against his stomach.

"Padmé. Padmé you feel wonderful. Oh Padmé," he grunted into her ear.

Her hands were captured in his and extended above their heads, where he held them down in pleasurable caresses. Meaning their hips were the only things guiding their mating. Shunting back and forth. Coupling wildly.

Taking both of her hands in one of his he slipped his hand down her front and started fingering her deep well.

"Oh my sweet Padmé," she groaned as he whispered lovingly into her ear.


"Anakin stay inside me like this forever."

He closed his eyes and fell into the feelings she created within him. That made him push up harder into her. Made her cry out. Made her legs slide wide open.

"Padmé what are you doing to me? You're going to kill me," he whimpered.

Precious few thrusts more and he was pumping his excitement up into her. Although now exhausted he waited for her to thrust back a few more times and reach her own peak before he collapsed on her back.

He barely had the strength but he tugged his trapped hand free and raised it to cover hers once more. And then just barely moved his thumbs back and forth over her knuckles.

As they both drifted off to sleep he had the presence of mind to pull out and roll to her side so he wasn't crushing her. And like that they both slipped from consciousness.

Despite his best made plans to spend the evening talking so that she could hear him as he intended – tell her all his pent up thoughts from the day – the warmth of her naked body pressed up to his saw him give them all up to sleep.

It wasn't until some hours later that he awoke. And it was to the feeling of an orgasm about to wash over him as she sat above him, riding him shamelessly.

He grunted her name, grabbed her hips and was already there before his eyes had even opened.

"Mmmm, thanks Ani," she grinned a little later as she nuzzled into his neck.

He had no reply. The idea that she could just ravish him in his sleep again was now settling over him and he was trying to get used to it. It was liberating, to say the least. To be able to share a bed with her once more. To have her touch him again.

"Babies awake yet?" he asked tiredly with a yawn.

"I just fed them."

Anakin smiled to himself.

"What?" she murmured as he lay her on her back and sat up.

He didn't reply. Just put his tongue at her throat and started placing moist kisses to draw whispered words of love from her. He worked his lips down her body. Between her breasts. Before he could move on he thought better of it and detoured. He licked her nipple. Once. Twice. Carefully ran his full tongue over it. Then opened his mouth and carefully gave it a single suck.


"Anakin," she whispered longingly.

Her hips raised into the air but he didn't respond like she wanted. He placed his flat palm over her opening to keep her down but not pleasure her.

"Mmmmm, Anakin," she repeated with a moan, complaint lacing her tone.

His mouth moved down a little and sucked on the underside of her breast. His hand came up to squeeze and caress the other. In response her core started to weep again.

He let go of her enlarged chest to quickly lick down. Down. His tongue darted a straight path. To right between her legs.

All that could escape her mouth was a desperate whimper. Then silence. She thought she was screaming in sexual pleasure, but no sound came out. The sensation was that overwhelming. His hands on each of her thighs, gently prying them apart to allow his head to sink down between her legs. And then each hand clasped her thighs to his head. She squeezed them together tightly, involuntarily.

"Oh Ani," she moaned as he tasted her.

The first lick was tentative. Reminding her it had been far too long.

But the next was a long, slow tease. From deep between her thighs right up until, looking down at him, their eyes met. The third lick saw his mouth encompass her in a soft kiss, and his tongue slowly come out, then dip in.

"Anakin. My Anak –ohhhhh" was all she could manage.

Her hands flew down to his head and held him firm. Rocking herself against his most obliging mouth.

He pulled away briefly and she whimpered for him. But even as she was complaining his tongue laved over her entrance.

"You're so moist," he whispered as his practiced tongue danced lovingly. "And it's wonderful. I could live between your legs Padmé. Down here tasting you forever."

She cried out at his erotic promises and rocked unstoppably against his mouth. His hushed words had breathed over her, up into her. The pleasure. The pleasure. She was wet for a reason!

Then he firmly clamped his mouth back over her and drank her essence at its source. Caressing her thighs very gently with his hands as he went. Slipped his tongue right up into her.

Her once naïve husband had learnt well from her first tentative instructions, and his own creativity and imagination had seemed to fill in any blanks. And though her body had endured excruciating pain as a result, to bring his twins into the world…Having his head firmly occupied as he sucked her was reminding her just how worth it risking that pain was.

"Yes, yessssss. This will be my fourth Anakin!" she told him, her cries becoming closer together.

Suddenly he pressed his hardness to her thigh and she twitched between her legs. The way she could feel it against his tongue increased her excitement. Until his mouth abruptly pulled away.

"Anakin," she groaned in complaint.

But even as she parted her lips his fingers came up to stroke her.

"I promised every time tonight would be inside you," he reminded.

She threw her eyes opened and propped her feet up on the bed, catching his meaning immediately.

"Yes Ani," she told him, one of her bent knees falling to the side in blatant invitation.

She reached for his hardness, without even sitting up, and gave it a few tender strokes as he positioned himself. Then, hand wrapped around his base and her fingers gently tracing his full sacs, she stared him straight in the eye and relaxed herself. His fingers, still stroking her, felt how ready she was and slowly pushed inside.

Eyes locked they shared their pleasure as the penetrative act was once more committed.

"Padmé," he groaned.

Long and loud and so deep.

She reached out her hands and he immediately brought them up to rest on her knees. Then covered them with his own.

"Oh that feels wonderful," she told him softly.

With his thumbs he caressed her fingertips and palms very softly. And his throbbing muscle remained unmoving inside her. But the way it pounded with pumping blood, expanding her walls over and over was shooting unbearable longing throughout her.

"Ani," she whimpered, amazed that he could keep still for so long.

She started thrusting her hips down to take him in and then feel him pull out. It only took a brief movement to have him join her.

"You look so beautiful," he told her, prodding her with his length.

Her cries were almost repetitive now as he satisfied her with bliss. And they became more so as he clasped her hands, the tops of her thighs, her knees, tightly. Only to open them up even more. So he could disappear even deeper into her.

"Padmé," he whispered, their eyes never having left one another.

What was happening as their bodies copulated once more was almost as intense as the look that had never broken. She loved it. Her own name coming from his lips. Even as he satisfied them both with his slow, ground-shattering movements. All he could say was her name.

"Ani," she smiled back, letting her legs now fall wide open.

She tugged her hands away from his and reached for her breasts. Massaged them tenderly. She loved watching his gaze fall down to them.

"Yes Ani," she moaned in appreciation. "Watch me touch myself. For you, Ani. Watch me touch myself for you."

She loved how his breathing noticeably increased and his thrusts became a little faster. She caressed the firm lumps, thumbing her nipples back up for him.

"Look how excited only you can make me. Fill me up Ani."

Her womb twitched in eager anticipation.

"Make me shatter like only you can," she whispered finally to him.

His hands reached down and covered her breasts as his eyes returned firmly to hers.

"Padmé why do you say such things? I'll be finished before you and won't be able to finish you."

Even as he sadly murmured it his hands massaged her breasts and he moved frantically inside her. She lifted her feet and wrapped her legs loosely around his waist. She let her feet press firmly at his buttocks, forcing him deeper. And deeper he could be felt.

"Then you'll just get hard again and we'll have each other once more. But I'm pretty close for you Ani."

He freed one breast and put his hand down to where his thick firm arousal was repetitively assaulting her.

"Yes. Yes Padmé. Come with me Padmé," he pleaded, even as he started rubbing at her hot spots.

She touched herself, he touched her, he filled her. He moved within her and made her wet. He forced her legs open by desiring her.

And he filled her with his satiated appetite as she arched her back and reached a climax in his arms.


To be continued...