Hi. (Shuffles feet) Well. Time has flown by hasn't it? Um…here are the reasons (pick one) as to why I haven't updated on Wish Upon a Goddess in like, three months, and why I'm doing this.

1)I temporarily became obsessed with Harry Potter fics and Draco/Ginny pairings.

2)I'm a lazy arse.

3)Writer's block?

4)But Harry Potter has like—MAGIC! And WANDS! And DRACO!

5)Yes, Sailor Moon has Darien, but don't tell me Daniel Radcliffe doesn't look like Darien's real life counterpart.

6)I've been really, really pickled off Mountain Dew and Ginger Ale all the beginning of summer.

7)…I'll tell you when I think of it.

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barbie and ken


"I say—we kill him."


"Yes. You're too good to him."


"Ok, so maybe it's just that you've somehow managed to keep enough patience to not totally bite off his head, but you did gnaw on it once."

"That was an incident we were supposed to forget."

Minako peered over her sunglasses at Serena, who was perched at the other end of her dining room table. Minako was letting her chin rest on her hands, and Serena had her head buried in her arms.

"Serena, lighten up. I forgot it, ok? But seriously, you've got to do something. Dare-bear there is not going to be a teddy bear for much longer."


"It fits him." Minako waved an airy hand. "Besides, when he gets grizzly on you, you, you know how upset you get! And then the next day your eyes are all puffy and your nose is red and you've got splotches of pink on your cheek and—"

"Stop!" Serena raised a hand, her head following soon after. "I didn't want to know I looked that ugly, jeez."

Minako sighed and stood. "The point being, Sere, is that you can't let him get to you any longer. From what I've heard from Rei, he went too far yesterday."

At Serena's glossy-eyed look, Minako tapped the table lightly. "Have we forgotten the incidents of yesterday already?"

Serena remembered perfectly.

"Barbie and Ken are splitting up!" Serena pointed to the newspaper lying in front of her.

"You can read, Odango Atama?" She ignored the raven-haired young man in the booth next to her who had said this and leaned towards Rei Hino, who was sitting across from her and idly twirling a key chain between her fingers. Serena jabbed at the paper.

"They've been going out for forty-odd years now, it says! This is a disaster! The world is coming to an end when a relationship so perfect crumbles!"

Rei looked at her oddly. "They were dolls, Odango. Don't you have anything better do?"

Serena sat back on her haunches and pouted. "But Rei-chan, can you see it? Barbie was eyeing Blaine, that Aussie boogie-boarder, for days!"

"Well, maybe if Barbie had had the sense to snag Ken in marriage, they wouldn't want to go through with a divorce and instead they would have had private affairs." The male spoke again, and Serena turned to him, fuming.

"Shut you mouth, Shields! They didn't get married because—because—"

"What, Odango? They were saving up money?" Darien Shields replied with ease. "They both had almost every career in the world, you can't tell me that they weren't eligible."

Frustrated, Serena turned back to Rei, who as stifling a laugh. Her sleeveless black gloves were hanging from her belt, and the red shirt she was wearing seemed to stand out against the white of the booth. Serena glared.

"Rei! You can't laugh at his jokes! That's treason!"

"Such big words, Odango." Darien ducked as a plate of fries flew past his head. Serena stood on her chair, fuming. "Can't you go bother anyone else, Shields?"

"Nope!" He replied blithely. Serena dumped the contents of her milkshake all over his perfectly ruffled locks and sat back down, in front of a now shocked Rei.

"Now, Rei, is there anything you have to say on the subject—" She stopped as something cool and wet slid all over her hair and down her shoulders. Serena looked up, straight into Darien's eyes. He smiled down at her.

"There! Even now!"

Now in total astonishment, Serena looked back down at Rei. The black-haired girl had a quirky grin on her lips. "Yeah, Serena, I have something to say. When are you and Darien going to get married? I'm not waiting forty years.

Then she stood and left, laughing.

"I have no recollection of anything happening yesterday," the odangoed blond answered innocently. Minako rolled her eyes.

"The point being, Sere, is that we have to get back at him. And we have to make it hurt."

Serena's head drooped. "Fine. So what do you suggest we do?"

Minako smiled. "We strike and make it hurt." Serena nodded silently, and after a moment, Minako peered curiously at her cousin.

"By the way, Sere, between Barbie and Ken, who gets the Dream House?"