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A young man raised his guards again and kicked at a vital point on a mechanized bug. Elsewhere other people either ran in terror or fought as well while the local police fired their firearms and the mechanoids. The young man had black hair, blue eyes with brown splotches and wore a black t-shirt, black open vest, black cargo pants, black boots and black fingerless gloves.

He took one step and back kicked one of the machines in the 'eye' and it collapsed unmoving to the ground. He whirled around to tell the other fighters of the week point only to find them being killed quickly. His blood lust rose to new heights. Already at his feet lay the body of a girl he had loved that the machines had killed.

"GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" He screamed as loud as his lungs would allow as he charged into the midst of the machines and attacked in a frenzy. He no longer cared if her was killed, only on if her annihilated these things.

One after another the machines fell to the man's fury but he didn't escape unscathed. He was badly wounded and bleeding from multiple cuts all over his body. "DIE!" He kicked another one then backhanded the one behind him.

He fell to his knee exhausted from the constant fighting and the blood loss but he didn't give in. He wouldn't go down giving up! He'd die fighting!

Just as he got to his feet a hail of blaster fire came out of nowhere and took out all the machines. The young man looked at where his saviour was and saw a silver and blue fighter of some sort. He watched as the cockpit opened and stared at the pilot.

The pilot was an aging anthromorphic fox with a high tech head set and a pair of sunglasses on. "Young man! This world is lost! Come with me and I'll take you somewhere safe!" The fox spoke with a voice of urgency.

The young man was about to protest when he saw the skies of his world. The blue skies where filled with moth like machines. He looked back to the fox, "Fine… I want to save someone though! I have to! I promised I'd look out for her!" he raced to the ship and jumped into the reserve seat.

The fox nodded and did a scan and shook his head as they took off and he closed the cockpit, "Your it. We're the last people alive on this world…"

The young man paled instantly. He was the last? Everyone and everything he knew was gone? It was too much for him as the tears flowed down his cheeks freely. He was soon passed out from the exhaustion, lack of blood and sheer scope of his lose.

When the young man began to regain consciousness he heard voices. Being curious as he was he fainted still being unconscious and listened to the people talking.

"I've never seen anything like him… He is of no known species… where did you find him?" A female voice asked. To the young man's ears her voice had a slight purr to it like a cat.

"I found him on the planet called Earth just before the Aparoids consumed it before the self-destruct program activated." The second voice, this time the voice of the fox replied.

"How sad… he's the last of his kind then…" Another voice female said with a sigh.

The young man couldn't stand faking anymore and managed to sit up to the shock of the three gathered creatures in the room. He noted he was in a rather comfy bed in a very high tech room of some sort and that a drip was transferring blood into him.

The fox smiled at him, "So your awake. Your quite the tough one!" He offered the young man his hand and introduced himself, "My name is James McCloud. I'm the captain of this ship, the Archad, and leader of this band, the Frontiers."

The young man shook James' hand and replied, "I don't really understand but I'm Jolt Kullkaven." He blinked as he looked around; the fox was joined by a female panther and lynx, "and I guess since everyone else from Earth is dead… I'm the last human…"

The panther nodded sadly and with a smile slowly said, "Yes that is so… My name is Sally Silverstar." Jolt looked her over. He had to admit for a panther she was quite attractive. She had a well-formed figure with curves in all the right places and a nice set of boobs.

The lynx then spoke up, "I'm Amaya Matsuda." She bounced to his side and smiled warmly. Jolt blinked, something inside told him her happy appearance was a mask of what she truly felt as he had seen so many times before.

It was just his lot in life. His personality just seemed to attract the lonely and those who have had their self-esteem totally destroyed by awful childhoods. He was the one that cared easily and gave them attention without a second thought.

James started speaking again and Jolt focused on him, "We are a small crew of outcasts that patrol the Lylat system and the entire galaxy. We prevent major threats from harming worlds and catch wanted interplanetary criminals. But as you know we don't always succeed…"

Jolt nodded, "You can't win them all I guess…" His voice sorrowful yet hardened.

"You suffered a great lose. Feel free to take your time mourning." James began.

"No." Jolt interrupted, "I'll just continue on… I'll honour those who died's memory by fighting… for the sake of others…"

Sally smiled at the human's statement and looked over at James with a smirk, "He is a good hand to hand fighter… maybe he will make a good pilot as well."

James scratched his chin and smirked, "Lets see how you fly one of our birds Jolt."

Just an hour later Jolt and James where flying through deep space in a pair of the Frontier groups fighters that the human had learnt to be Arwings. James was teaching Jolt how to fly and he was catching on fast. Soon the two where mock dog fighting like two old veterans with James being tailed by Jolt.

James was laughing he was so impressed by Jolt's talent, "You catch on fast! I can barely shake you!"

Jolt replied, "I have a good grasp of three dimensional awareness. Also I was very interested in air combat while growing up. I'm just adapting those manoeuvres for space combat since I can't stall out here."

James laughed again, "You're a smart one! Ok that's enough practice. Sally when we land set a course for home."

Sally asked over the intercom curiously, "Are you going to finally tell your son?"

James was quite a second as Jolt did one last fancy move before flying back into the hanger but finally said, "He doesn't need to know yet…"

As the two Arwings lowered their landing gear and gently set down Amaya and Sally entered the docking bay to check on the boys. James got out first and climbed down the steps on the side of the Arwing to where Sally waited with some notes.

Amaya jogged over to Jolt's Arwing where the human jumped out completely ignoring the steps and landed crouched down on the deck. The Lynx looked him over and smiled, although Jolt was far from muscled what he did have made him look quite strong and able to protect anything. Then from what she had heard he survived an Aparoid attack with just his bare hands.

Sally was the first to say anything, "So is he good enough?"

Jolt looked over at James and blinked wondering what they where talking about. He did notice that Amaya had moved closer to him during this time. Very close.

James scratched his jaw; "He is quite a good pilot for someone that hasn't ever seen this technology before… he's perfect." He grinned as he chuckled.

Sally walked over to Jolt with a large smile on her face, "Congratulations Jolt! Your now a flight member of the Frontiers!" She offered her hand for him to shack.

His hand almost got there but the human was knocked onto his back by an ecstatic lynx that had just given him the tightest hug he had ever gotten from a female of any species in his life.

It was several months later that things really began to heat up for the young human made fighter pilot.

The shrill beeping of an alarm awoke the young man who was fast asleep. He grumbled and just beat the alarm with his fist to shut it up, breaking it in the process. Another persons voice muttered from his bed and Amaya's head popped up from under the sheets, "Is it morning already…?" she moaned.

"Afraid so…" Jolt yawned as he sat up in his bed. He and Amaya had been having a relationship since about 2 weeks after Jolt was named a new member of the flight team. He had found he was right; her happiness was just a mask. Really she was very lonely and dependent on the love of others.

Jolt had always wanted to share his heart with someone else and Amaya had given him that chance and he had no intention of changing that fact. He had lost everything he had cared about and she wanted his love and to love him. He felt he owed her for saving his sanity. He had a new home with her.

He got up out of his bed and set about dressing his naked body. He looked about at the mess the two of them had made as they had discarded their clothes the night before and shook his head. Amaya's underpants had found their way onto a kook next to the door while his clothes where just as oddly placed, "James would have a heart attack if he saw this…"

At that exact moment James walked in and caught an eyeful of Jolt's naked form and Amaya's exposed top half in the bed. James didn't have a heart attack… he just gaped at the two and backed out silently and shut the door behind them.

The two very red junior pilots quickly put on fresh clothes and cleaned up the room before reporting to the mess hall. They found James very silent and sipping at his coffee while taking as much effort as possible not to make eye contact with either of them.

Sally walked in with four plates of food for the team. Not only was she a strategist, medic and pilot but she was also an awesome cook. She grinned at the two younger pilots and said; "I hear you two had a little fun last night."

James visibly chocked on his coffee and shouted, "Please! I'm trying to suppress that memory! Two pilots I consider my children… naked… like that… I hope Fox is better behaved…"

Jolt blinked and decided to torture James, "Oh we had a lot of fun! Would you like to hear all the details Sally?"

Amaya grinned sheepishly and giggled, "It was great… I'm still a little tender though…"

Sally grinned knowing exactly what Jolt was planning, "Oh please! I would love to try out some of your tricks on James!" Jolt had quickly found out that James and Sally had been an item almost since the Frontiers had been formed.

James spat his coffee clean across the mess hall and started chocking much to the others amusement.

After the teams eventful breakfast the team moved into the ships cockpit where the crew worked hard to keep the Archad on course no matter what course that may be. Currently they where headed to a trouble spot near Meteo where an unidentifiable object has been found attacking anything that gets close.

One of the crew stood up and saluted, "This as far as the Archad goes, from here only the fighters go on! We will give covering fire if needed!" James nodded and the four pilots spun on their heels and ran to their ships.

Being taller Jolt's longer legs let him out race his fellow pilots. He reached his Arwing and placed his hand on the cockpit edge and his left foot in the first step on the side of the hull before heaving himself into the cockpit with ease and began to boot the ship up.

His companions took the getting into this Arwings a bit more slowly but soon all four where hovering in formation and shot out of the hanger.

James' voice came over the intercom as they entered the asteroid field of Meteo, "Keep your guards up Frontiers! We have no idea what to expect."

Jolt added is opinion straight away, "Keep the formation loose to maximise the space you have to manoeuvre around these damn rocks."

James immediately flew out of formation and the other two followed suite. Jolt kept is course through the middle of the asteroids weaving amongst the space rocks with ease in the agile Arwing.

The four flew through the asteroids and the debris of the destroyed Andross fighters from the old war. Sally suddenly commented, "It's quiet… too quiet." Suddenly she was being shot at, "It's an ambush."

Jolt rolled his eyes, why where traps always sprung when people said that? He opened fire and shot down several of the enemies' ships and switched to his wing lasers before continuing his fire on the enemy.

The wings of fate have brought me here
To your side
And I never wanna leave

The fighting was fierce as the four blasted their way through the enemy. Jolt was still the rookie but proved he wasn't afraid to shoot down an unknown enemy while dodging meteors that could smash the Arwing to pieces. Amaya kept close to him and the two supported each other.

I had nothing left
But you smiled at me
That tender smile that softened my blackened heart

James and Sally where the pros of the group and where keeping interested in the fight by counting their kills, "20, 21, 22…" James counted off.

"20, double kill! 23, 24…" Sally grinned as she took the lead in kills of the two.

Those sparkling eyes
That caught mine
That face that brought a smile back to me

"These attacks are getting more intense!" Jolt commented as the enemy swarmed at them from all over. He locked on and fired a smart bomb and whipped out nearly twenty of them at once.

The skies the limit
But why stop there
Lets go on to eternity
In each others arms

Amaya wailed, "There's some on my tail! I can't shake them!"

Jolt growled, "I'm on them!"

Yet I see you are no more immortal then I
I see you in pain
I see your tears

Jolt lined up the crosshairs and pulled the trigger quickly and let fly with a hail of laser fire and destroyed all of the bogies tailing Amaya. He grinned and laughed, "See Amaya! I got your back!"

"Thank you Jolt." She replied earnestly.

You put on a brave face and smile at me
But I know you still hurt
Your as dead inside as me

The four finally broke through the enemy and found their target, a gigantic sphere with a mouth with weird looking teeth. It was obviously a machine but looked nasty. Sally quickly analysed it, "Shields Analysed… the weak point is a small tube in its mouth small enough for a smart bomb to go in… but to hit it you need to get right up close… suicidally close…"

The skies the limit
But why stop there
Lets go on to eternity
In each others arms

Jolt throttled up and charged the thing without a word and the other four shouted to him before the enemy fighters interrupted and attacked the remaining three fighters. The human narrowed his eyes and charged in and fired at the teeth and started to blow them off while the things beams fired at him, which he narrowly avoided but took a few nicks to the ship.

Here you are in my arms
Now your tears are dry
Now my heart feels whole

An explosion hit the sphere thing and a third arm was blown off, "Only six more…" The human pilot kept firing like a madman while his teammates cried out to him to fall back and wait for them, a tear ran down his cheek, "I gotta do this…"

Forever more I am yours
I will stand by your side
We share one heart

Jolt fired at the thing constantly and accidentally fired off a smart bomb and blew away three more teeth with that one shot, "Damn! There goes margin of error!" he spat at is own mistake and fired relentlessly on the remaining teeth and took out another leaving just two.

The skies the limit
But why stop there
Lets go on to eternity
In each others arms

The last two teeth didn't last long against Jolt's hail of laser fire and where soon destroy and Jolt's way to the weak point was clear, "Your going down!"

The skies the limit
But why stop there
Lets go on to eternity
In each others arms

Jolt boosted straight at the centre of the 'mouth' and waited for a lock.

Forever more I am yours
I will stand by your side
We share one heart

The human's ears rang with the high-pitched tone of the lock on and fired his last smart bomb at nearly point blank range and pulled back hard on the stick.

The skies the limit
But why stop there
Lets go on to eternity
In each others arms

He glanced in the rear view mirror as the bottom of his Arwing's hull scrapped on the thing and grinned as the smart mine went where it was supposed to go.

The skies the limit
But why stop there
Lets go on to eternity
In each others arms

The others cheered then the thing exploded before Jolt had time to get clear and they cried out in horror as the name designating his position vanished. Amaya was hit hardest and burst out into tears.

We share one heart forever more

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