Thisis a very short drabble! Warning!- Character Death and Suicide!

She ran faster than the eagle can fly. Faster and faster towards the fate that was now, all but unavoidable, she ran. The dreams had become stories, the stories rumors, andthe rumors a reality. The thought of what she was about to do finally sunk in. She stopped short of her destiny. Fate was meant to happen but thought always killed fate.

Her fate was to go and never see his face again. The one that caused her great pain, yet the one who destroyed her was the one that saved her, in every way a person can be saved. He was always there to comfort her, until his heart disappeared and he sold his soul. He didn't sell his soul to the devil; no he sold his soul to a far greater evil. A tear leaked from her eye to even think about it. She watched him slowly fade into darkness. His final words to her, before the one he sold his soul to killed him without mercy, would haunt her to the end of her days. She didn't want to think of him anymore, he stole her heart and when he died he didn't give it back. He lied when he said he would always be there for her even when her friends lefther because of him. She thought everything would be alright, that was her young and naïve mind. She died inside that dreadful night. Her body just didn't know enough to stop working. She didn't want to feel anymore. Her and her so called friends were a spectacle. Everyone was asking her what it was like to fight along side the great savior and what it was like to defeat the greatest evil that existed in the world. She was sick of it all, she hated the world! Unknown to everyone, she begged the Dark Lord to kill her. Her plea didn't go unnoticed, he laughed and told her that he wanted her to suffer and that anyone who wanted to die that much didn't deserve to. He refused to kill her. She gave her love everything and all she got in return was a broken heart. Her heart was gone and so was her soul. She was just there but never really all there.

She stood at their favorite spot to stargaze. It was at the edge of a cliff with a river running far below. Also in this secrete place was a lone tree that bloomed the most beautiful blossoms in the spring. It was where they first kissed, where they laughed and talked. It was where he proposed to her and where she said yes. It was where she told him and he cried of joy. It was where he told her to flee and where he was killed. It was now where she came and cried of grief. It was the last place she would see. She sat down and leaned her back on the tree trunk. She remembered all the moments they shared, and she remembered her friends and family that abandon her. She felt all alone in the world. She had left a note explaining that she couldn't go on anymore without anyone. She couldn't imagine anyone to care that much anyway. She got up and moved toward the edge of that cliff. The sun was setting and it cast her shadow on the ground, also it cast a gleam to her wonderfully long red hair. She remembered the words he spoke to her, his last, "I will love you both forever." She clutched her stomach and cried as she stepped over the edge. In that instant all the pain ended. She felt no more and hoped that everyone would forgive her.

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