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Well here it is back up for those who remember it. The diary. Yeah. I have rewritten some of it for you. I hope you all like it. It has taken a long time to get it up for you all again. To those who have never heard of the diary don't worry it is here now

The Diary of a Pregnant Harry Potter

16th April 2004

Well its official, Severus and I are going to start trying for a baby. Though with Severus making the potion I'm almost 100 sure that by this time tomorrow I will be pregnant. Then again I might not be. The potion may be made to perfection, but that isn't the only thing that plays a part in getting pregnant.

I'm ecstatic that he said yes when I asked him about us having children, I've always wanted a family of my own. I made his favourite meal of honey roast lamb with trimmings, made the setting romantic. A candle lit dinner put him in a good mood. I then brought up the subject of having children. He doesn't seem like a baby person. He said that he had been thinking about it for a while as well. So in the end we both agreed we could see a few children in our future together.

Well that was a months ago. Yesterday we both were talking and we came upon the subject again and we decided that we would start trying today. Severus made the male pregnancy potion the day after our first discussion ready for when we decided it was time to start trying.

Well let me do the 'Severus thing' and tell you more about the potion. It creates a womb and ovaries inside of me, but they have to be created from scratch with only some genetic material. So it will be painful, but that's because my organs have to move out of the way to make room for the new ones that grow, thanks to Severus though he added a numbing quality to the potion. It doesn't take away all the pain but it does take some, or so he says.

Well, I'll be taking the potion soon, as it is close to 10am. It takes anything from 8 to 10 hours for the whole process to finish. The pain should go away completely after around 5 to 7 hours, because all the moving and the major growing inside of me would have finished around then. The only thing left for my body to do is to make the eggs and release them. I know Severus has something planned for tonight, and it's not just a night in bed, but something special. That's why he wants me to take the potion so early.

Well it's time now, so I'm going to take the potion now.


I took the potion 20 minuets ago. There is a dull ache in my stomach now, it's like a hunger pain, and I think that's the best way to describe it. It's only just started though, might get worse or it might stay like that. You can all guess which one I would prefer.

I'm going to have to tell Severus to do something about the taste, especially if he wants me to do this another two or three times. It tastes like washing up water. Yes I do know what that tastes like. In my 7th year we had a little party and we ended up playing dares. I was dared to go down to the kitchens and drink a glass of washing up water. I did it, but was ill for a few days after. Hope this only makes me pregnant and not ill (Heehee).

The taste is bad. Then again, I have noticed that all the potions I have had over the years, and that is a lot, have a really bad taste to them. There is a Muggle saying that 'the more awful the taste the better they work'. To me that's a load of nonsense, but when I told Severus he said it was kind of true. If you add too much of the nicer tasting things to a potion it can stop it from working. To me that's not fair.

In my opinion the worst tasting potion award goes to the Skele-grow potion I had in my second year, though the polyjuice potion that Hermione, Ron and I took might be a joint first place. I wonder what my friends think is the worst tasting potion they have ever had, might ask them one day.

I think I might go and lie down now, my stomach is really aching and cramping up on me. Ouch, it's like there is a knife inside of me and is carving things up in there. It really hurts. I'm going to get Severus to do this next time. Wish he was here with me, but he had to go out. He is meeting someone from Neville's botanic gardens about the organic potions ingredients that he needs. Neville grows the best plants so Severus always goes to him. Nev's out of town at the moment though, so we have to deal with Colin, the one always taking picture while I was at school. Photography is only a hobby for Colin now, thank Merlin for that. I could do with a cuddle.

Though I am sure that he said I was going to carry the baby. I think he did that because he knew about the pain, then again though he did warn me about it. Stupid brave and foolish Gryffindor side of me.

Husbands who'd have them. (Me unfortunately and loads of other people).

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