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Primal Ranma Licked but not Whipped

It took quite a bit of time, but over breakfast Nabiki was able to explain not only to Nodoka but also to her father and sister exactly why she was in Ranma's room and what had really happened. Nothing. This explination much to the disappointment of the Saotome Matriarch. Yet Nabiki and Ranma were not the only topic of discussion as Kasumi had found a note in Akane's room saying that she was going to be with Shampoo and Cologne today.

"So you think she'll be fine?" Soun asked worriedly, though thankfully to those around he did not look near tears.

"I know she'll be fine," Nabiki replied. "She wrote the note herself so she was not kidnapped, nor were there any signs of a fight in the room. She left, simply because she wanted to."

"But why?" Ranma asked with his head bowed. He just didn't see why Akane would leave, and not tell anyone.

"We'll just have to ask her when she gets back." Nabiki told them all with a shrug, although she was a little glad of this diversion as it kept them from asking about the box Happosai gave Ranma and the fact that she and Ranma had been seen this morning holding one of the items therein. 'I swear if I ever see that little pervert again…'

"By the way," Nodoka asked, "where is my husband?"

'Oh boy…' Nabiki thought and then wondered how to tell her that her son had tried to kill him last night and that he was recuperating at the hospital.

"Oh my, well there was a bit of an accident last night, and Uncle Saotome took the brunt of it," Kasumi said brightly causing Nabiki and Ranma to both groan, though they didn't notice they did it at the same time.

"An accident? What happened?"

Before anyone could answer, Soun suddenly spoke up. "Um, Mrs. Saotome, may I have a word with you?"

"Certainly," She replied and followed him as he walked out to the dojo, the others inside could only stare at their retreating backs in wonder.

"What happened to him?" Ranma asked suddenly.

"But Ranma, you were the one to bring daddy back to us," Kasumi said in a cheerful manner that left him gaping at her.

Seeing his look, Nabiki almost laughed, had it not been for what it took to bring her father back. "She's right Ranma, despite what happened last night; somehow, daddy has suddenly come back to himself."

"Um I… I… I don't; know if I should say I'm sorry or not…" He finally told them as he came out of his stupor.

Both Nabiki and Kasumi thought about that for a moment but a knock at the door interrupted them. "Oh my, I better go see who that is," the eldest daughter said and left the other two teens alone for a moment.

"I wonder who that is?" he mused causing her to give him a smirk.

"Not sure, but it's rather unusual for people to knock around here."

"Um... yea…"

"Hi Ran-chan…" A voice timidly said from the door alerting them who it was.

For a moment, Ranma's anger surfaced in remembrance of yesterday, but he quickly squashed it. "Hi U-chan," he replied then blinked at Ukyo. For once, the chef was without her battle spatula.

Moving over closer to him, Ukyo steeled her courage. "Ah, about yesterday… I… I'm sorry I… I just wasn't thinking right."

A slight tinge of anger bloomed in the back of his mind as he wondered, 'why not apologize ta Nabiki? She was the one I was protectin'.'

"So… um… to make up for it, I… I made you this…" she said and handed him one of her deluxe specials.

"U-chan…" he was going to say more but the rumble of a stomach could be heard. "Um… I…"

"Oh my, Nabiki are you hungry?" Kasumi suddenly said diverting the pig-tailed boy's attention towards the named girl, whom he noticed was blushing a bright red and trying to hide her stomach with her arms.

"Nabiki?" he asked and was answered by yet another growl of her stomach, which caused him to smirk, as he wasn't the culprit this time. "Here, take this, ya sound hungry." So saying, Ranma handed the okonomiyaki over to Nabiki who only blinked at him.

'Why is my stomach growling like this, and did Ranma just pass up food?' However, just before the stunned girl could take a bite, Ukyo grabbed on to it.

"Hey! I made that special for Ran-chan!" Ukyo decided then and there, that a day of drinking sake to the point that she was sick, then trying to spend a morning cooking was not the brightest thing she's ever done. In fact, that rated right up there with what was happening before her astonished eyes, as she had just seen Ranma give away food. Food that she had just tried to take back forcefully, but when she had grabbed the okonomiyaki, she had expected at least some resistance; unfortunately, Nabiki was stunned as well.

A brief moment, that was all it took for Ranma to hand it over to Nabiki, before it was ripped out of her hands by Ukyo and with no resistance, the chef stumbled backwards and fell onto her backside, staring at Ranma's face, where the okonomiyaki had ended up.

"Ah! Ran-chan! I'm sorry!" The chef shouted from her spot on the floor.

For his part, Ranma just pulled it away from his face, showing all those in the room, that yes, his face was covered in sauce. For a brief moment, he scowled at the three girls as all three of them, even though Ukyo had apologized, were beginning to laugh.

"Oh, don't be that way Ranma," Nabiki said and stepped up to him. Lifting her finger up to his face, she ran her finger down his cheek coating her finger in sauce before sensually licking her finger. "Mmmm tastes good…" she told him, then without realizing what she was doing, and before the astonished eyes of her older sister, and Ukyo, Nabiki moved in closer to Ranma. Practically pressing her body against his, she began licking more of the sauce off his face. Not just once or twice… but several times.

"Oh my…" Kasumi said softly as she stared at her sister licking Ranma's face, though she did have to admit that Ranma did look rather comical the way his pigtail was sticking straight out from the back of his head and his eyes must have been twice their normal size.

"What the hell is this?" Ukyo shouted and stood up angrily. Several times, she tried to reach behind her to grab her battle spatula only to curse herself for leaving it behind.

When Nabiki heard the shout, it shocked her enough to open her eyes and realize that she had cleaned practically half of Ranma's face… with her tongue. "What the…!"

Unfortunately… in Ranma's state, the shout only caused him to blink and look at Nabiki curiously. Then with a wry smile, he leaned closer to her. "You got some on you now…" as he spoke, she was a bit stunned because she could have sworn she heard him purr.

However, before she could say a word, he moved closer, and began to lick her chin causing her body to shudder at the sudden feeling. 'Ah kami… what…. What's happening?' Unfortunately, when she tried to open her mouth to say something, Ranma had chosen that moment to lick the sauce off her lips. This was unfortunate in that this caused both of their mouths to be open at the same time, and suddenly his lips were pressed against hers and their tongues were suddenly trying their level best to out lick the other.

"Oh my…" Kasumi said blushing brightly, though no one heard her.

Without Nabiki even realizing it, her arms had slipped around his neck, as had his arms slipped around her body so that they could hold each other closer.

"Son I think…." Nodoka said as she entered the room with Soun and then both parents just stared at Nabiki and Ranma… standing in the middle of the room, kissing and holding each other closely. "YEEESS!" She shouted and began dancing around waving little victory flags, though she realized that dancing by herself was not enough, so she easily convinced a stunned Soun and Kasumi to dance with her waving around little flags.

Ukyo just sat on the floor, stunned beyond the ability to move as she first watched Nabiki lick Ranma's face… and then he suddenly returned the favor and now they were kissing! "YOU JACK ASS!" She shouted loud enough to cause the house to shake.

This was enough to bring the two that were still kissing out to their state of mind and realize that yes, they were holding each other and yes, they were kissing… and yes… that was the others tongue that they felt in their mouths. With an audible pop, the two released each other lips and for a moment, they just stared at each other with wide eyes as they tried to comprehend what they had just done.

Also, this was enough to bring Kasumi out of her surprised state, only to find that she had been dancing around waving some strange little flags. "How curious…"

"Ah…" Both Ranma and Nabiki tried to say as they continued to wonder how they had come to be so close… and why was it so hard to let go?

"Ran-ma!" Ukyo shouted as she stood up menacingly.

Looking over at Ukyo and realizing it was her that he was seeing, was enough to cause the pigtailed martial artist to at least let go of Nabiki with one arm, turn towards his 'cute-fiancée,' and stutter out his response. "U-Ukyo! It's… it's not w-what it looks like!"

Said chef was flexing her fingers and wishing she had her battle spatula right now. "You…. You… you expect ME to believe that! I came over here, to apologize to you and you throw this in my face!"

"Technically you threw it in his face," Nabiki said softly so that only Ranma heard her, or so she thought.

"AAARRRGGGHHHH!" Ukyo shouted and made a grab for her mini-spatulas… only to remember that she had left them behind as well.

However, in her attempt to grab her spatulas, Ranma moved, placing himself between the chef and Nabiki with his back was hunched over. In this position, he brought up one hand and began to growl menacingly at his one time friend.

Hearing that growl, it brought everyone out of their contemplations as well as out of their ranting. Snapping her eyes back to Ranma, Ukyo let out a startled gasp. "Ranma…"

All she received as an answer was another low growl, though she did notice that the table and several other things in the room began to shake because of the growl.

"But… Ranma… I… I came to apologize!"

"Miss Kuonji," A voice called to her. Turning to look at the speaker, she realized it was his mother. "From what I understand it was you that attacked Mss Tendo and my son protected her. So it is not my son's forgiveness that you seek."


"Now, I ask that you leave, as your presence is upsetting my son and the last few times he has become this upset, terrible things have taken place."

This caused her to gulp loudly as she recalled how Ranma had attacked her, and reduced her battle spatula, to mere metal confetti in a blink of an eye.

"Now please, I do not wish to see my son harm anyone else."

"I…" She said then looked back at the way Ranma was protecting Nabiki and she held back a growl of her own. Not that she didn't think that it would help, but she knew it would send him the wrong message. Turning her back on them she walked to the doorway then paused to look over her shoulder. "This isn't over Nabiki!"

The named girl just blinked and looked between Ranma and Ukyo a few times before nodding her head. 'This is… just… as Shampoo says, too too weird.'

Once Ukyo had left, the tension in the room was still high, as Ranma had not calmed down yet. However, when Nabiki placed her hand on his shoulder, he seemed to suddenly slump over. "Ranma?" Receiving no verbal reply, Nabiki looked over the young man and her critical eyes caught the barely noticeable shake of his shoulders. "Ranma…" she said softly and turned him towards her with surprising ease.

This time she got a response, but it was in the form on him throwing his arms around her and of all things, crying into her shoulder. When she felt his legs give out from under him, she quickly, though without realizing it, pulled him closer and just let him cry on her shoulder. 'Kami this is so messed up, what the hell is going on and why the hell were we kissing?' she asked herself as she comforted the martial artist.

Watching this, Nodoka was about to make a comment about it not being manly to cry like that but she was stopped by Soun. "This is what I was talking about. Sometimes he will suddenly slip into… that… and when he comes out, his emotions are… well…"

"A jumbled mess?" She hazarded to which he nodded.

"Yes, and from what Nabiki has told me, as well as what I've seen myself, he has viciously attacked several that he calls his friends, and afterwards… he…"

"I see… and he feels guilty over hurting them."

"It's ok Ranma… she's gone… nothing happened," Nabiki said trying to clam Ranma.

Motioning for Kasumi and Nodoka to follow him, Soun directed the two of them into the kitchen. Once there, he let out a tired sigh and addressed them both. "I… I don't know what is going on. In the past two days I have seen Ranma go from one extreme to the other, and I don't mind saying that I was terribly surprised to see him kissing Nabiki."

Kasumi didn't answer as she kept recalling how deeply she had seen them kiss… she had even briefly seen their tongues! Just thinking about it made her blush and feel like she was intruding on a private moment between them.

"So what should we do?" Nodoka asked. She really wanted grandkids, and seeing how her son had been kissing the girl, she just knew it would not take much and the before long, she would have grandbabies!

"I don't know, but Ranma is having trouble adjusting and he needs… he needs time away from here."

"What… but… but I just got my son back!"

"And I've just come back myself…" he added ruefully though it did bring a smile to his oldest daughters face. "But, what if this keeps up? I don't think that he will be given the time alone here that he needs to gain control of himself again."

"Oh dear…" Ranma's mother said in alarm. "If what you told me about the Kuno boy is right, then something dreadful may happen!"

"Correct, so we need to think of something, and do it quickly." He told them seriously.

"I'm home…." A voice shouted then stopped suddenly.

"Oh, Akane's back," Kasumi said and left the kitchen to see Akane staring at Ranma, who was clinging to Nabiki. At their feet was a discarded okonomiyaki, though his face and Nabiki's clothes seemed to have the sauce in some interesting places. Yet instead of screaming about him being a pervert, she just stood there, staring at them, as Ranma was just now pulling himself together so she could easily see the tears on his cheeks.

However, that did not stop Nabiki from gaping as her little sister. "Ah… Akane… it's… it's not what you're thinking!"

Quickly wiping away his tears and removing himself from Nabiki's embrace, Ranma tried to stutter out the same thing, though his incoherent babbling didn't make sense to anyone. Shaking her head quickly, Akane muttered something about perverts, before rushing by them and up the stairs to her room.

Once safely in her room, Akane sat on her bed and leaned her back against the wall. "Now what?" She mumbled to herself. Closing her eyes, she could still see Ranma holding her sister. 'It's not fair…' she complained mentally. 'After all we've been through, and he's never held me like that… and… and in less than two days, she… she… she's gotten further with him than I have.'

Tears slowly began making their way down her cheeks as she thought of her loss, but what made it worse, was that every time she pictured Ranma holding her like he was holding Nabiki, it scared her. 'Baka…' she muttered to herself. 'Why am I so scared… I mean… he wouldn't ever hurt me… not really… but…' Slowly she rubbed her stomach where he had kicked her the other day. 'Why'd this have to happen? Why now? What… what am I going to do now?'

Frustrated, she began to think back over the time that she had known Ranma. Everything from how she had first met him, to when he had said he would kill to protect her… to the time he actually did kill. 'I should've told him sooner… I… I should've told him I… I…love…' Finally breaking down, the girl sank down on her bed, clutching her pillow tightly and let her tears come unbridled.

Downstairs, Ranma had watched as Akane ran up the stairs and he felt a part of his heart aching to help her, but… there was something else. Something else was holding him back and helped make up for some of the pain, yet even then, it was only enough to keep him from totally breaking under the strain.

Beside him, Nabiki stood and wondered what to do. At first, she had been worried that Ranma would leave her to check on Akane. 'But that's what's supposed to happen, he's not supposed to stay here… with me… he's supposed to go running after her. He always does.'

"Oh my…" It hurt to see her youngest sister crying, but Kasumi wasn't sure what she could do, or say in this instance. "I think I'll…"

"Stay here." Her father said simply.

"But Akane…"

"She… she will be fine in time…" he said though added, "I hope" under his breath. "I will check on her in just a moment. You have acted as her mother for too long. Its time… It's time I acted like her father."


The teens still in the room just looked at him in amazement for a long moment. It was then that his daughters quickly hugged him saying how glad they were that he was back, though it made Ranma feel a bit self conscious as he watched this. Yet what made him even more confused was why he felt… jealous… that Nabiki was hugging her father.

In a hospital bed not too far from the Tendo home, Genma Saotome sat and looked at his hand. 'Damn that boy… what was he thinking? How am I going to be able to eat, much less fight like this?' Grumbling to himself, the portly martial artist was looking over his bandaged hand, and wishing for some feeling, even if it was a little itch right now.

Leaning his head back against the pillows behind him he had at least some consolation in that they at lest tried to keep him comfortable, even though the food was bad and in such small portions that it was barely a snack. 'I've got to get out of here,' he muttered to himself.

"Ah Mr. Saotome," A voice said from the doorway causing the man to look towards the door. "How are you feeling today? I'm Dr Naginata, and I'm here to help you."

Genma blinked at not only his name, but also that phrase and could not help but be worried. However, the doctor appeared to be a tall skinny man with a pair of glasses hanging by a chain around his neck. The doctors' hair was thinning, but combed over the top of his mostly baldhead and that infuriating smile on his face made the martial artist want to slap it off his face.

"We still don't know what happened to you Mr. Saotome, but you appear to have not only been attacked by some wild animal, but you also some how flash froze your hand."

This caused him to grumble. "I did not do this to myself!"

"Then how else do you explain how this happened? Surely, a martial artist of your caliber should have been able to take care of himself, and known not to freeze your hand."

"Ah… quite right! I knew I shouldn't do it…" he stated proudly as he tried to think up an excuse that made him look good.

"So why did you then?"

"But I told you I didn't!"

"Then how'd it happen?"

"Uh… well you see…"

"Oh and it seems you are due for your physical, I need to run a complete examination on you…" As he said this, the doctor pulled out a latex glove and started slipping it on his hand. Behind the doctor, two large female nurses stepped into the room that made Genma whimper.

"Oh... that's not necessary…. Really…" he said and tried to get away, only to find that the two nurses were able to grab onto him, which caused him to scream out in pain, just before a gag was placed in his mouth.

"Really Mr. Saotome, you are acting like a child, calm down as this will be over."


"Please, you are acting worse than a six year old, be a man and lets get this examination over with."

While Genma had never had a high opinion of the medical profession, he had more reason than ever to distrust them now. Yet with all his bellyaching and complaining, he was still receiving much better treatment than another Nerima resident that was known simply as the Blue Blunder.

"Let go of my royal personage!"

"But sir!" An orderly cried only to have Kuno knock him over.

"I am the Noble Tatewaki Kuno, scion of the Kuno home, and as befits my station I demand you release my personage and return thusly mine hand so that I may slay the foul sorcerer Saotome!"

Everyone within hearing distance, which was quite easy as he was screaming it, were shocked as in the middle of the hospital, he was screaming that he wanted to kill someone.

"Mr. Kuno, you should not say such things!"

"I shall speak as I like!"

"But you are…"

"Silence! I the great… blue… thun…der…" Kuno slowly fell to the floor revealing a nurse standing behind him with a hypodermic needle in her hand. With the true blunder now sleeping, several large orderlies arrived, and carried the wannabe samurai into a special, triple padded room made specifically for him.

"Sasuke," A feminine voice called from her hospital bed.

"I'm here mistress," the ninja said as he suddenly appeared in the room from the window.

"Sasuke, I… I require information." She said sounding subdued.

"What kind?"

"Ranma-sa… I mean Ranma… is it true? Is he really the pig-tailed girl?" The small ninja ducked his head at that. "You know the truth."

"Ah… yes mistress… on both accounts." He said softly and then sighed. "Shortly after you and your brother became interested in Ranma I was able to observe the change."

"So you saw Ranma change into the girl?"

"I have…"

"And you never told me."

"I… I tried mistress… but…"

Kodachi wanted to be angry, but when she rubbed her face, she ran her hand over her scar, which calmed her down. "At once time, I would have become rather angry." With her finger still tracing her scar, even without looking at it, she knew where it began, and where it ended.

"I'm sorry mistress, I should've tried harder. I should've…"

"That's enough," she said softly. "Something happened… something happened to me…" she continued to caress the scar on her face as she spoke softly. "I am not sure how to explain it, but my long night has ended… and… and I am not sure where to go from here."

To be Continued…