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Chapter One: Home Again

/The pain in his scar was excruciating. He felt his wand fall out of his fingers as he raised his hands to his face. His legs gave away as he collapsed to the hard ground. It felt like his head was about to explode.

A high and cold voice called out in the darkness, 'Kill the spare.'

Another voice screeched out the words he dreaded, 'Avada Kedavra!'

A Green light blazed across his closed eyelids. The pain in his scar got even worse as he heard something heavy thud onto the ground. The pain receded then went away completely. He opened his eyes, terrified of what he would see.

Lying spread eagled on the cold ground was Cedric, green eyes burned with tears as he looked into the once lively eyes, now the open grey eyes were blank and expressionless.

'Ric,' Harry whispered to the darkness that surrounded him. 'No, please NO!' he yelled as loud as he could. /

"NO!" Harry yelled as he bolted up right in bed, tears falling freely down his pale cheeks.

Hurried footsteps soon sounded out in the hallway. The door opened and in rushed Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. Uncle Vernon turned on the light in the room, as Harry was quickly brushing away his tears. Aunt Petunia had carried on into the room and was now perched on the edge of Harry's bed, looking at her nephew.

Harry looked up at them both through puffy red eyes and whispered brokenly, "I'm sorry about waking you both up."

Aunt Petunia shook her head sadly as she looked at her distraught nephew and said softly, "Don't worry about it Harry, its okay." She then pulled his unresisting form towards her and held him in a tight hug.

Not expecting his aunt to hold him like a mother would, had shocked him. He was soon wrapping his own arms around her waist, holding her just as tight. She started to rock him as she gently stroked his hair in comfort and whispered that he was safe and that everything would be okay. Slowly Harry's arms started to loosen from around her waist as he started to drift into sleep. She looked down and saw that his eyes were closed, as he had fallen asleep. She gently laid him back down on the bed and covered him up with the summer duvet. With the light out they both left Harry sleeping quietly.


The bright July sun shone through the gap in the curtains. The filtered ray of sunshine lay across the pillow and shone in Harry's closed eyes, waking him from sleep. He turned over and opened his eyes, as he looked on the bedside table to see the blurry vision of his glasses, which he put on.

He was dressed and ready to face another day quite quickly. He went and sat at his desk and started to work on his summer homework. He once again didn't feel like eating any breakfast. There was someone knocking on the door to his room.

Harry looked up from his potions essay and said, "Come in." the door opened and in walked Aunt Petunia.

She walked over to the desk where he was still sitting and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "Harry are you coming down to breakfast?" she asked, as he looked up at her.

"Thank you, but I'm not hungry Aunt Petunia," He replied quietly, his voice slightly rough from not being used much since the end of fourth year.

She sighed and knelt down next to him. "Harry please, you haven't eaten in nearly two days, and when you do it isn't very much." She took hold of one of his hands and held it between hers.

"Aunt Petunia, please, I just want to be alone okay." Harry told her, as he looked towards his hand that rested within hers.

"Just have a piece of toast and I'll be happy." She begged him, getting up and pulling him up as well.

He followed her down the stairs and into the kitchen. Uncle Vernon was already there, sitting at the table. Harry's cousin Dudley was away at Piers for the week. Uncle Vernon looked up from his morning newspaper and smiled towards Harry. He slowly followed her to the table and sat down.

"Good morning Harry," Vernon greeted, still smiling. "Good to see you today."

Harry forced a smile and replied, "Good morning Uncle Vernon."

Aunt Petunia placed a platter of toast in front of Harry and a hot cup of tea to the side. "Eat it all up, okay Harry," she said, as she turned back to the counter and picked up Vernon and her own breakfast.

They ate in near silence with Vernon occasionally breaking it to tell Petunia about Grunnings. Harry was mainly forcing the food into his mouth. He had not eaten for sometime and it started to settle heavily in his stomach. He could not finish the last bite of the only thing he had tried to eat in the last few days.

He jumped up from the table and ran to the bathroom upstairs. Aunt Petunia followed him as she could hear the dull sound of retching coming from the bathroom. He was kneeling on the floor in front of the toilet dry heaving, as there was nothing left in his stomach. She went to the sink and wet a cloth, and filling a small glass with some water for him.

He sat back away from the toilet; the next thing he felt was a wet cloth washing him down. He opened his eyes to see the concerned face of his aunt. "Here swill you mouth out," She said, as she placed the half filled glass of water into his hand. He did as she had told him to.

He slowly got up on shaking legs and made his way to his room, followed closely by Petunia. Vernon was now at the top of the stairs as Harry got there. "I'm going to lie down for a little while okay," He told them both, still feeling nauseous.

Harry went back into his room, closing the door before either of them could say anything about it. Lying down on his bed, he closed his eyes. Tears began to leak out of the side as he thought about last night. He got back up from the bed and went over to his trunk. He opened the heavy lid and pulled away some covers to a photo frame that lay there.

Picking it up, he went back to his bed and looked at it. There he was laughing and giggling as he was being kissed. The other young man beside was kissing his neck and would sometime look at the camera and smile. Harry smiled back at him.

"I'm sorry Cedric, I should have saved you," He whispered, as tears fell down pale cheeks and splashed onto the moving pictured of him and his lover.

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