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It was finally time for Harry, Hermione, Ron and Draco to graduate from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry had been given the task of the leaving school speech, though he was as nervous as anything. Cho had graduated the year before and was now engaged to Remus, though they planed to have a long engagement so they could truly get to know one another. Cho was training to be a Healer in St Mungo's, it was what she had wanted to do since her sisters death before she came to Hogwarts.

Severus was now eagerly waiting for pay back, as Sirius was two months pregnant with their second child, Leanora was as mischievous as her daddy, and showing her intelligence that she had inherited off of her Papa. She was almost two years old, and was starting to talk, her favourite words at the moment was 'don't like it', which she said to almost everything.

Sirius was grinning like a fool since he had found out about his pregnancy, and did not have a clue why Severus moaned while being pregnant, well that was how he was until three days before the Graduation Ceremony, he was now suffering from 'Anytime of the day Sickness'.

Narcissa Malfoy had gotten rid of the name Malfoy and returned to her maiden name of Black, and like her sister Andromedia she was now dating a Muggleborn Wizard. She had met him at St Mungo's when she was going for a check up, he was a young Auror, four years younger than Narcissa herself, from the house of Ravenclaw. She had bumped into him as she walked out of a room, not looking where she was going. They both hit it off, and after two months they were officially dating. Draco had questioned the wizard intensively when he found out he was dating his mother, he did not want to see her hurt again

Everyone was sat down in the Great Hall waiting for the seventh years to get their diplomas from the headmaster. Albus Dumbledore stood up and so did the rest of the teachers, the chairs and tables disappeared and in their place was a table filled with rolls of parchment.

"Welcome to another Graduating Ceremony, we will first hand out the diplomas to the students and then Harry Potter will step up and give the leaving speech. So let us start," Albus said as he picked up the first diploma, "Hannah Abbott, is going to the Ministry and working in their Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Department." He said and then started going through the list of students in alphabetical order.

"Hermione Granger, is going to apprenticed under Potions Master Severus Snape, she hopes to become a Potions Mistress and to work within the research Department at St Mungo's." he said.

Hermione walked up the steps and received her diploma and shook the headmasters hand. She went through the teachers one by one as they shook her hand in congratulations. As she walked down the steps of the other side her once black robe turned white, and the Gryfindor Crest changed to that of the Hogwarts Quest. She was now a Hogwarts Graduate.

Albus went on and then came to, "Draco Malfoy is going to Wizarding University and studying Law, he wishes to be a Wizarding Solicitor." Draco stepped up and went through just as Hermione did.

It was soon, "Harry Potter," Albus said as a roaring cheer went up with those that had gathered, which caused said wizard to blush, "is going to be a part time student as he studies to be a Healer, he is hoping in time he would be able to join Madam Pomfrey here as joint Healers of this school."

Harry went up and shook the hands of each teacher; every single one of them thanked him for what he had done two years ago. He came to Severus and shook his hand as well.

"Well done Harry, you know they would both be so proud of you, and so would Cedric," he smiled to the young man that had become like a son to him.

"Thank you sir." Harry said with a small smile, the pain in his heart had eased some over the three years since the death of Cedric, but he still remembered the one he had loved so deeply.

Harry went and joined the others, his robes changing to white and the Gryfindor crest changing to that of Hogwarts. His heart felt that little bit lighter now, as he was moving on, he just hoped that he could bring up Sakura and Evan right now that he would be doing it mostly alone, though for the times when he would be studying Caitlyn and Amos were going to be looking after their grandchildren.

"Ronald Weasley," Albus said after a while longer, "Is going into the Auror program in October."

The Graduates stood to one side as the last of them was called and gathered.

"I want to say congratulations to another wonderful class. Can Mr Potter please come up and give the Leaving Speech." Albus said as Harry went back up the steps and took centre stage.

"Hello, I would introduce myself, but you all already know me. Seven years ago I knew nothing of this world that existed, neither did a number of my classmates. The day we went to Diagon Alley for the first time made us stare in wonder at the things around us. Then the trip here, with Draco getting bit by a rat, Hermione and Neville searching the train for a runaway toad called Trevor. Then the trip across the lake and we were all in awe, every single one of us, as we looked up and saw Hogwarts for the first time. For the first five years we had a new defence teacher, one dead from having Voldemort in the back of his head, one in St Mungo's, still trying to recover his memory, one was a fake, and ended up kissed, another in Azkaban for trying to kill me and harm my… our fellow students. The other we had, returned after a year and a bit absence, and stayed through the years. He is still here, I think he broke the curse don't you?" Harry smiled at them all. "Now it has been seven years since we entered the place we called home, a place where we could laugh, play and learn, get into duels, sneaking a dragon out of the school and not getting caught, lying to teachers about why a troll was passed out, nabbing a few, very important ingredients from Professor Snape's stores, several times, but all for a good cause, and sneaking alcohol in, thanks to certain people's help, and for once I am not talking about the Weasley twins. We leave now, with friends, the family we chose, the family we love, our Hogwarts family." Harry ended with a smile as everyone clapped.

Harry stepped down and went to his friends. "Well, was that okay?" he asked them quietly.

"Harry it was wonderful," Hermione said with a grin.

"It was fun, I just hope that we can't get into trouble for anything." Ron wondered as he looked to the teachers.

"I doubt it Ron," Draco reassured the red head. "Though when were you sneaking a dragon out of Hogwarts?"

"Do you remember the time you caught us out after curfew, when we got the detention with Hagrid, well it was then. We had to deliver the dragon to Ron's brother Charlie from one of the towers." Harry grinned at his blond haired friend.

Caitlyn and Amos walked over to the group of friends followed by the parents, and parent of the other three. Sakura and Evan secured in their arms, the two, two and a half year olds were bouncing in their grandparent's arms.

"Dada," Sakura said when she saw her daddy, holding her arms opened for him to take her.

"Hello sweetie, are you being a good girl for grandpa and grandma?" he asked his baby girl as he took her into his arms.

"Yus dada," she smiled at him, putting her thumb into her mouth once again, a little habit she would not let go of.

"Dray, Dray, Dray" Evan called out bouncing in Amos arms as he held his arms out to Draco.

"Hello little Evan," Draco said with a smile as he took the toddler into his arms.

"Cedric would be happy for you Harry, and proud of you. Don't isolate yourself from love." Caitlyn said a little cryptically as she pulled Sakura's thumb from her mouth, who put it back straight away when Caitlyn let go.

"I don't understand, I'm not, I have two beautiful children who I love with all my heart." Harry frowned at her.

"You'll understand soon enough." She told him.

"Oh Ron, Harry, Hermione, Draco we are all so proud of you, oh my kids are almost all grown up, just little Ginny left, oh I wish you could all stay little kids forever, I would even put up with the twins again, with all their pranks and mischief just to have them little once again." Molly hiccupped, tears in her eyes, with a few running down her checks.

"Mum, it had to happen some time, but don't worry, you'll have grandkids soon enough, what with Bill getting married, and Charlie settling down, and Percy's wife is pregnant." Ron said embarrassed by the way his mother was acting.

"Pregnant, why didn't I know about that, oh, I have so much knitting to do." Molly gushed.

"Ron!" came three shouts and one clout round the head from Hermione.

"You were supposed to keep it quiet, Percy wanted to tell her tonight," Hermione groaned at the red head, "Molly, please act surprised when he tells you, please, he was so looking forward to doing so." She begged the motherly woman.

Molly smiled, "Of course I will dear. Oh grandkids!" she yelled happily.

"Pity he couldn't be here," Ron said, "I know he wanted to come, he misses this place."

"We all will when we leave, we will be biting at the bit to get back here." Hermione said with a soft laugh.

"Yes we will, but at least Headmaster Dumbledore may let us visit, he does for some students." Harry said as he looked around the Great Hall and to all of the other graduating students.

"We will all miss this place, we had a lot of fun here, it's kind of scary when I think about living out there, in the 'real world'." Ron smiled sadly.

"Yeah, it is kind of scary, isn't it," Draco agreed.

"Well, we all have a place to live, things to be doing when the time comes. But for this summer, how about we have some fun, a holiday together." Hermione suggested.

"I would, but what about the twins, I couldn't leave them." Harry said.

"We will look after them," Caitlyn volunteered, "You are still young Harry, get out there and have a bit of fun. A couple of weeks away wont hurt them, or you."

"I… thank you." Harry smiled.

"Right, lets think of somewhere nice to go for holiday." Ron said as they all went quiet and thought of places to go for a relaxing fun holiday.

"I think I have a place," Draco said with a smirk, a few minutes later, "but you have to let me arrange everything."

"Are you sure, that would be a lot of work." Hermione said, not wanting Draco to be overburdened with what was her idea.

"Don't worry Hermione, this will be perfect, and I have my mother to help me if need be. This place is perfect, there are fun things to do there, and it is such a relaxing place. I'll sort out the details and then tell you all." Draco answered.

"Well then, we are off to our next adventure," Harry laughed, the other joining him.


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