A/N: This is defiantly not ever going to happen in the real books but I thought it would be different. Well I haven't read anything like it yet so here we go. Oh yeah it has OOTP Spoilers.


The Decision

The rain pounded across the rooftops of Privet Drive. The black clouds drifted somberly across the sky. The thunder and lightning implored the residents to retreat even further into their homes. It had been like this all summer. The day would start out beautifully, a promise of a warm breeze and cloudless sky. Then, as if magic, the sky would fill with clouds and it would be impossible to determine if it was daytime or nighttime.

Unlike last summer, the lawns were a muddy black and the roads were slightly flooded. The weatherman predicted the end of the downpours everyday, and was quickly refuted as the clouds reformed. It was quite perplexing to the muggles who lived in Surrey. Tonight wasn't any different as a skinny, bespeckled boy sat staring out of his bedroom window. Harry Potter, didn't mind the constant rain in fact it fit his mood quite well. The depression of his Godfather's death had overtaken Harry that summer. Harry wouldn't allow himself to cry, no he had to be strong, he couldn't show a weakness. After all Harry was the number one person on the darkest wizard in a century hit list. The rain served another purpose as well, it allowed him to monitor all activity of the comings and goings of his guard.

Harry Potter stared moodily at the alleyway across the street from his window. A parchment sat in front of him as well as a clock. His room was pitch-black so not to alert anyone to his watchful eye. He looked down at the parchment as he tapped the quill impatiently against the small, worn desk.

Mundungus: Monday July 3rd: 7:15 a.m.- 11:00 a.m.

Tuesday July 4th: 7:00 a.m.- 10:50 a.m.

Wednesday July 5th: not on duty

Thursday July 6th: 7:25 a.m- 10:56 a.m.

Friday July 7th: 7:07 a.m-10:49 a.m.

Saturday July 8th: not on duty

Sunday July 9th: 7:00 a.m- 10:43 a.m.

Monday July 10th: not on duty

Tuesday July 11th: 7:05 a.m.- 10:52 a.m

Wednesday July 12th: not on duty

Thursday July 13th: 7:23 a.m.-

Harry looked up from the parchment and looked back across the street. A blurred figure was slightly moving, only if you knew they were there would you have been able to catch the movement. The clock ticked loudly in the silence of the room. The figure outside suddenly disappeared. Harry looked at the clock 10:54, the second hand ticking slowly around, he quickly wrote down the time. Harry pulled out another parchment and looked it over.

Tonks: Monday July 3rd: 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m

Tuesday July 4th: not on duty

Wednesday July 5th: not on duty

Thursday July 6th: 11:00 a.m- 2:01 p.m.

Friday July 7th: not on duty

Saturday July 8th: 11:00 a.m- 2:00 p.m

Sunday July 9th: not on duty

Monday July 10th:11:00 a.m- 2:00 p.m

Tuesday July 11th: not on duty

Wednesday July 12th: not on duty

Thursday July 13th?-?

Harry looked at the clock and back out at the street. There it was, a sudden movement as someone apparated into the alleyway, as they walked a rock flew suddenly under their weight and the person tripped and landed on the ground. "Hello Tonks," whispered Harry as he wrote down the time, it was 11:00 a.m. on the dot. She never was late. But neither were the other order members. He had a parchment on each of his guard. Harry had been planning this since the day he got back from Sirius's will reading. And tomorrow, tomorrow was the day.

Harry had gone to Diagon Alley two weeks after he had come back to Privet Drive for the reading. Sirius had left Harry everything he owned, except for Grimmauld Place (Dumbledore and the Order of phoenix got that) 10,000 galleons that was given to Remus Lupin; 5,000 galleons to Tonks; and 1,000 galleons to each of the Weasleys-except Percy. It was quite enough in itself. Harry was rich, no beyond rich. He would never have to work in his life, heck generations would never have to work- that is if Harry ever believed he'd live long enough to have a family. And of course Sirius was never one to make life easy, he had emancipated Harry. While Harry still had to live with the Dursley's he was now considered a legal adult and therefore could use magic. He didn't tell the Dursley's this because they would chuck him out so fast his head would spin. But it was a major controversy the day of the will reading. Dumbledore was angry, until Harry agreed to continue to live with the Dursley- under protest that Sirius didn't want that but he would want Harry protected. And the Ministry was trying to contest the will in order to stop the emancipation, However Sirius had made it incontestable. But the main shock of the day wasn't the fact that he could use magic, but the letter he received.

Harry had gotten a letter from Sirius that he wrote before he died, it was funny and sad at the same time. Harry read it over and over, but the one thing that stuck with him, the advice that made him come to this decision was the ending.

Harry, you're a serious kid. You have the weight of the world on your shoulders and you carry it without complaint. But you have to remember that you are a teenager, this is the time you should be finding your place in the world. You may believe you know it- you're the boy-who-lived. But that's what they made you. You have to find yourself and define who you are on your own.

That was when he got the idea. He had dismissed it at once of course, it was stupid, reckless, immature, and dangerous, something Sirius would do. But that's when Dumbledore approached him and told him that he would be going to Grimmuald Place on the 15th, and Harry just couldn't do that. Harry had nodded dumbly and the carpet never making eye contact with anyone. He couldn't risk his thoughts being intercepted by Dumbledore or Snape. Voldemort wouldn't be able to, Dumbledore had explained that since Harry was so depressed and emotional right now that Voldemort wasn't about to enter his mind again, not after last year in the ministry. So Harry hatched the plan. He would do as Sirius advised, he would find himself by himself.

Harry got up out of the chair and went to take a shower. He ate and read a little and before he knew it, the small alarm clock rang. It was 1:56 p.m. Harry went to the window and counted down the minutes. 2:00 came and Tonks left, and as soon as she disappeared Moody was there to take her place. Harry had chosen to leave Friday because it was the only day where Mundungus worked but Madeye didn't. It also helped that the person who took over after Mundungus just happened to be Severus Snape. He was only there for an hour though and he only worked on Friday's, but it was a major incentive to disappear during his shift.

Harry needed a day's head start that's why he couldn't do it on a day Moody watched him. In fact when Moody watched him, every Tuesday and Thursday, Harry would go for a run in the freezing rain, Harry was fast and Moody didn't follow him physically but watched him with his magical eye. It was the only time he left the house. He marked down the time Moody arrived and turned to his trunk. There was an old hoodie of Dudley's lying on top of it. Harry threw it on and went downstairs as he did every Tuesday and Thursday. He walked into the kitchen and found his aunt washing thedishes.

"I'm going on a run," said Harry as he put the hood up and pulled the strings gently to tighten it's hold on his head.

His Aunt Petunia looked outside, it was raining even harder than the previous day and the lightning split the sky in two. "I really don't think you should, what if you fall, those people might think we did it."

Harry rolled his eyes, "I'm going for a run, can I get you anything at the corner store?"

His Aunt looked at him again and pressed her lips together in a fashion that made it look like she had just eaten a lemon, "I need milk," she said as she found her purse and handed him some money. He nodded as he walked toward the front door, as he was about to leave Dudley stopped him.

"Where you going?" Dudley asked boredom evident in his voice.

"On a run, and the corner store," said Harry as he pulled open the door. "Why you wanna come?"

"You're joking right, I wouldn't go out there even if you paid me." said Dudley eyeing the muddy pavement.

"Oh well," said Harry smirking, "Guess I'm on my own then. See ya Big D." And with that Harry started to jog down the street. He could feel Mad-eye Moody's magical eye following him as he crossed the streets and alleyways leading to the store. By the time he got there he was soaked from head to toe. But with a quick wave of his wand he dried himself off as best he could he walked into the store a little damp but not dripping wet. Harry pulled of the hood and shook his hair trying to shake off the excess water. Running a hand threw his hair as he walked toward the back of the store to where the milk was kept. His hair had gotten longer, it was a mix between Sirius's and James's hair. He really didn't know how his hair had gotten so long in such a short period of time, but then again he had made it grow magically overnight before. Harry opened the refrigerator that held the milk and took a carton out. He then walked up to the register to pay for it.

After Harry, who was constantly watched by the cashier a plump little man who was balding, paid for the milk he pulled his hood back up on his head and walked out of the store at a gentle pace. When he was sure the only one watching him was Moody he shrank the milk and shoved it inside his pocket and set off again at a run. He took the long way around and passed by Mrs. Figg's house and the small park before heading back down Privet Drive. Harry went around the backside of the house and un-shrunk the milk. He walked into the backdoor and found the kitchen empty. He quickly preformed the drying spell again and walked into the house put the milk away and made his way upstairs.

Harry entered his room to find Hedwig asleep in her cage. Harry sat down with a book and began to read. At 5:00 Moody left and was replaced by Kingsley Shacklebolt. At 6:00 dinner was served and at 8:00 Shacklebolt left and Lupin replaced him. At 8:30 the rain stopped and at 9:00 Harry fell asleep. He had a big day tomorrow and needed all the rest he could get, after all he was making a break for it and he would only have a few minutes, if that, to pull it off. Not to mention something could go wrong.