Summoning the World

Harry rubbed his temples in a calming gesture as he sat within the Defense classroom. He had retreated into the warmth of the castle when even his strongest warming charm had failed to keep the night chill from his bones and had spent the night within the Room of Requirement pouring over the propositions to be discussed at the World Summit, and was rather glad he had left the Gryffindor Dorm room in order to do so. After leaving the dorm he had almost immediately calmed down enough to ensure that he had a clear mind, something he seemed to be lacking as of late.

He had found to his dismay many things he disagreed with when reading the propositions and for the most part found them lacking true definitions. In fact, if several of these were passed then the ministry would find themselves being able to take over anyone's finances that they wanted to, under the guise of 'looking for contributions to the dark' to quote one such proposition.

Also, Shaylee had been right in one, the first proposition was the establishment of a 'confinement area' for known and suspected werewolves, the proposition listed that the conditions of the establishment would exceed their current dwellings, and that they would have access to the wolfsbane potion. However, Harry could read between the lines, they would be unable to leave, contact the outside world, or have any basic rights the law should guarantee them. Also, the proposition held firm that suspected werewolves could be held indefinitely, or 'until the ministry is certain they are not inflicted with the lycanthropy disease.'

"I didn't do anything to Malfoy's Hair!" Ron's snapped as he entered the Defense classroom. "I don't care how bloody suspicious it looks."

"I'm just saying," Dean's voice wafted in after him, "You did distribute that journal, and then Malfoy turns up with pink hair…"

"What journal?" Harry asked not sure he really wanted to know.

The boys paused looking slightly abashed, and quickly stepped away from Ron. Neville immediately dashed to his seat, quickly followed by Dean. Seamus seemed to shift his weight nervously, and Harry could almost feel the guilt radiating off of him.

The door swung open and Malfoy, Zabaini, Goyle, and Crabbe entered the classroom in a herd, glaring pointedly at Ron before moving to the very back of the classroom, the snickering bunch of girls behind them was enough to drive anyone to be as red as Malfoy was currently. Susan Bones, a girl Harry never suspected of a mean word called out cattily, "What's the matter Draco, can't stand staring adoringly at someone who is too saintly to love the son of a deatheater? Or are his 'piercing green eyes to much to encompass from the first few rows'?" The girls cackled with laughter as the class settled themselves in to their semi-normal seats, with the exception of Malfoy whom changed seats with Zabaini, taking his in the very last row.

"Am I to assume I've missed something?" Harry asked rubbing his temples again before staring pointedly at Seamus and Ron who had slunk into their seats.

"I've been given a wholly unfair detention," said Ron defensively, "Snape's out to get me. I didn't curse the ferret's hair."

Harry sighed as a huge argument broke out between everyone, excluding Malfoy who sat there crossed armed and staring pointedly out the window.

"Enough!" Harry snapped feeling as if he was being torn apart; he braced himself against the desk as he stood feeling as if every inch of him was on fire. The room silenced. He looked towards the group at large and snapped at Malfoy, "Why is Snape blaming Ron for your hair?"

Almost at once Harry found himself feeling calmer, if not a bit on edge. "I suppose it would have something to do with that." Malfoy returned evenly never looking towards him but pointing to a small pile of paper bound together in a makeshift book. Harry took the book from Neville who looked slightly guilty if not afraid, and for some strange reason Harry had a sudden urge to shrivel up into a ball and hide as he opened the cover.

Draco Malfoy's Personal Journal

The words were inscribed in a messy scrawl.

"I see, and who would be the counterfeiter of this item?" Harry asked the room at large.

"Counterfeiter?" Hermione asked curiously looking at him unsure. "What makes you think it's a fake?"

"This is neither his handwriting nor the ink he uses," Harry scowled, "And if I were to hazard a guess," his eyes landed on Ron, "I could identify the handwriting."

Ron shifted uneasily in his seat. "However, I fail to see the connection Malfoy."

Malfoy, turned his full attention on him, "Turn to page 5." He said in an almost hollow voice.

Harry complied as he turned to the page in question.

September 23rd

Today I inched my way closer to the front of the Defense Classroom. I found the smoldering green eyes of Potter drawing me in. I've found that his piercing green eyes are too much to encompass from the first few rows, and they steal my breath away. The love growing beneath my chest needs an escape, and I fear my hair will grow red with it.

Harry frowned deeply, "There are so many things wrong with that," his eyes immediately found Ron. "To begin with, there are some lines you do not cross, this is one of them." Ron seemed ready to raise a defense, which Harry cut off before it began, "Another thing is I can't fathom how you came up with that on your own," his eyes shifted to Seamus who tried to sink lower into his chair. "However, I do notice, your particular location in the class, and since you did write this…" Harry trailed off amongst snickering of several people in the class. Ron spluttered to respond, his ears and cheeks turning a red Harry had never seen before, "Of course, if you were to admit you merely doctored this to hide your feelings Ron, I could be lenient with your punishment, there are guidelines for this sort of thing, there is a script in the teacher handbook, should I go and fetch it?"

"I…I…." Ron couldn't seem to form a single coherent word.

"Of course you are aware I like girls…" Harry raised an eyebrow, "So perhaps it's not too much of a surprise I do not return such feelings…"

"Stop! It was a joke, Seamus thought up the smoldering eyes line!" Ron Snapped defensively.

"Oi! I heard some fourth year girls say it! I merely nicked it," Seamus said in a panic.

"Ah, I see." Harry said finding his way back to his desk and scribbling a note before sealing it with his wand. "I suspect you will find Professor McGonagall in her classroom, she has this period free."

"You're not serious, mate," Ron asked huffily looking at the note and the doctored journal.

"Ah, quite, I'm afraid. I may not like Malfoy, however, as a 'member of staff' for the week it is my duty to protect the students and your actions have caused harm to a student," Harry said still holding out the letter to McGonagall.

"I've already been punished," Ron stated angrily.

"Doubtful, you expressed an unfair detention was given to you, nothing more. I have little doubt that Snape accused you without a lick of proof; however, you freely admitted you and Seamus created this false journal, and no one else seemed to believe it to be fake, so you have yet neither to admit this to another staff member nor to be punished for it. As for the detention for the dying of Malfoy's hair, perhaps, you can think upon your actions." Harry said scowling slightly.

"I didn't do that to his hair! He showed up to breakfast with it, for all I know he had it like that all day yesterday, after all, he wore that stupid hat all day!" Ron Snapped.

"Ah, but no proof to that particular theory, and while you may have not charmed it yourself, perhaps, someone who read your little prank, may have taken it upon themselves. You should learn the consequences of your actions," Harry said frowning.

"Y..you're just mad I involved you!" Ron spluttered.

"Indeed," Harry returned without hesitation. "Not only did you endanger Malfoy's life by even allowing the idea that he would turn his back on his family, rid them of any future heirs, but also implied the idea it was revolved around me. A Death Sentence to be sure of if the news of it spreads to Voldemort, despite his father's accord with the maniac. Merely for a joke. So, yes, your involvement of me has made it ten times as worse as it could be. Do you really believe he would not make an example of him?"

"I… I didn't think…wouldn't have…" Seamus and Ron tried to come up with something to justify their actions.

"You need not explain to me, for I do not want to hear your excuses," Harry said shaking off the feeling of swimming through water, as if his legs were not firmly attached to the ground, a feeling he associated with shock, a feeling he was all to familiar with. "If you do not wish to go to McGonagall I am sure I can locate Snape for you, he is sure to be more than happy to deal with your punishment," Harry trailed off at the wide eyed look of Ron, "No? Then you are aware of where the door is and the directions to McGonagall, you are dismissed."

It was several minutes later that Harry was able to pull himself together, the feelings of shock, anger, and guilt finally dissipating completely as if they had never been there in the first place. Harry sighed to himself, as he shuffled papers off his desk. The classroom was silent still, as not one student wished to direct attention to themselves, and this seemed to calm him above all else. "There will be no class on Wednesday, I am to attend the World Summit, and without doubt some of your housemates are likely to be excused from classes as well. Please note the makeup class will be held on Friday."

Harry turned to the board and began to write.

"The Euriscam charm, a variation of the Ertabilium Spell, is a charm in which acts much like a Confundus charm in which it causes a person to become highly confused. There are varying degrees of inflicted confusion, ranging from tricking a person about a specific issue to making them lose all semblance of common sense, even to the point of endangering themselves, thus, this charm is to be used with the upmost caution, and not on unsuspecting lower years," Harry said without turning around. "However, unlike a Confundus charm, it reacts to emotion not logic. The charm can instill a certain emotion into a person that is affected."

"Potter!" Malfoy's voice called out without its usual drawl, Harry sighed before turning around expecting a derivative or insult only to find Malfoy's hand raised high in the air, and from the perturbed look on his face, it was likely in the air for quite some time.

"Er… you have a question?" Harry asked uncertainly for neither Malfoy nor any Slytherin had ever raised a hand in his class, from any year, to answer nor ask a question.

"I don't understand," Malfoy said, something apparently no one, not even his housemates, ever expected to come out of his mouth for the reaction to it was startling, not one mouth was closed.

Harry shook off his own shock, "What are you confused about?"

"How does it effect emotion? Why would someone want to confuse an emotion instead of logic?" Malfoy rattled off the questions rapidly.

"Well let's take a real example, and see if you can suss out what it means," Harry said placing the chalk down and sitting down on top of his desk to get comfortable. "Does anyone know the emotion one would need to power the Cruciatus Curse? Mad-Eye, or Crouch as it turned out, got close to the emotion needed."

"Hate?" Malfoy ventured uncertainly but seemed to dismiss that once he said it.

"Anger?" Hermione asked tentatively.

"Ah, those may be leading causes of the real emotion, but no, to successfully perform this curse, the wizard or witch must possess a deep desire to cause the victim pain. Almost a sadistic pleasure in seeing someone in pain," Harry said. A dozen hands rose into the air, he pointed to Susan.

"But how then is someone under the Imperius Curse able to use it on their own family," she asked frowning.

"The victim of an Imperius Curse is placed in a calm, trance-like state in which all feeling of responsibility and anxiety is banished. They may then be directed to do anything the caster wishes, including crimes such as murder, political corruption, embezzlement, and so on. It affects physical capabilities as well, such as forcing a victim to cast a spell far above their level. The Imperius Curse robs a person of all emotions but that of calmness, and the castor's own will and emotions are therefore a factor in the abilities a victim can display. If a castor is able to perform the Cruciatus Curse, than so can the victim." Harry said nodding to Lisa Turpin, yet another Slytherin he could barely remember ever speaking before.

"But how can that be? If I am unable to cast it on my own, how then can I be forced into it?" Lisa Turpin asked.

"Think of it as if you were a marionette," Harry frowned looking at some blank faces in the class, he pulled out his wand and tried to conjure one," Er… well that wasn't right, let's try it again," Harry said laughing as he vanished the string-less Pinocchio like figure, and recast the spell conjuring one with strings. "Well as I said before, I'm not teacher material," he shrugged.

"Alright, so let's try this again, you are the marionette, and I am the puppeteer, yes? The marionette has strings I can pull in order to control it, and the marionette has no say in it whatsoever. If I were to release the marionette from those strings would it be able to walk on its own?" Harry asked the class and was met with the shaking of heads, "Correct, it is incapable of that on its own, and yet with the strings I can control it and make it walk." He demonstrated this quickly, "Thus my will is thrust upon the helpless figure, much like the castor's is thrust upon their victim. Understand?"

Lisa nodded as well as the rest of the class, "Good," he vanished the marionette before continuing, "So the castor of the Imperius Curse can push their own feelings on the victim in order to cause them to use a certain spell."

Malfoy raised his hand again, "So why teach us this spell, if it can cause the same effects as the Imperius?"

"Ah, you misunderstand, The Euriscam Charm, is not like the Imperius in any real way, it was merely an example of how transferred emotions can affect those on the other end. Remember, the Euriscam Charm is like the Confundus Charm more or less. The Confundus Charm allows the castor to corrupt someone's state of mind by confusing them by their location, or by whom the enemy really is, and easily enough diagnosed by their behavior and their lacking a sense of reality. The Euriscam Charm, effects emotions, not logic or their reality. How then, could this be helpful to the castor?"

It was Hermione who raised her hand, "Because, the castor could manipulate their emotions into not wanting to attack or raise a defense to an attack?"

"Somewhat, the castor doesn't rob a victim of their senses, or will to live, but instead can force an emotion on them they were not otherwise feeling. For example, if I were to cast it upon Goyle right now and decided that he should suddenly have uncontrollable anger, he could choose any method to display this anger. He could storm from the classroom, throw a table, start hexing those around him that he perceives as the cause of his anger, or depending on how he expresses anger in real life he could lash out at others with words, only he would decide on the course of the action, I merely provided the emotion," Harry said to more hands rising in the air.

"Er… Lavender," Harry said unsure of the look she was sending him.

"Well, what about love? Could someone cast that emotion?" She batted her eyes at him, reminding Harry of someone trying to rid them of some small particles of dust.

"Not quite, otherwise love potions wouldn't be necessary," Harry said looking towards the clock, "One can transfer the ideas of love upon another, but again it's the victim's choice in how to deal with it. It can not ultimately make them fall in love with you, in fact, that more or less can create a relationship of lust, not love, and when the emotion is not your own it can cause a person to act irrationally, clingy, and all together incapable of taking no as an answer," Harry frowned, "Emotions are a strong weapon. If you are not in control of your own it can cause you to make mistakes, over look important information, and distract you from your goals."

Harry frowned, "We are running out of time. For the rest of the period we will be working on casting the charm, however, I want you to write an essay on how and why you would use this charm in a duel."

Padma raised her hand, "How long should it be, and will it be counted in Umbridge's grades?"

"No it will not count for a grade, however, it will be necessary for Friday's lesson, I would suggest preparing, however, some will not since it is not for a grade. The length is up to you, depending on how in-depth you wish to make it… also, I would ask that anyone not in attendance today not be told about the assignment, it's always better to have an upper hand, so do encourage all of your classmates to attend the makeup class." Harry said as he began to break up the class into partners.

The class wound up nicely, and by the end of it nearly everyone had been able to cast the spell at some point and everyone was able to feel its affects.

"Neville, hang back a moment, I'll write you a note for Herbology," Harry said as the class began to empty. As the door closed behind the last student Harry sat behind the desk.

"I didn't have anything to do with the journal," Neville said hesitantly.

Harry frowned before shaking his head, "Didn't think you did, I was actually hoping you could help me."

"Oh… of course Harry, anything I can do I will," Neville said eagerly.

"Your grandmother holds a seat on the Wizengamot, correct?" Harry asked.

"She does, I'm the heir," Neville said nodding hesitantly.

"Good… what is the proper attire?" Harry asked frowning.

"The proper att—" Neville broke into a large smile, "Oh you're asking me what you're suppose to wear! Thank Merlin, I thought you wanted her vote on something, you know heirs aren't suppose to talk, and she wouldn't take kindly to me trying to sway her vote… oh yeah, you wear the family robes, they're past down from generation to generation. They have the family colors and crest. Lords and Heirs robes are different, the Lord's robe has the crest on the back, and the heirs are on the front." Neville frowned, "Oh, erm, if your robes were… you know at your family home… I'm sure Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions would be able to whip something up for you."

Harry scribbled a note to Professor Sprout and thanked Neville before turning back to the large stack of Propositions.

However, a clearing of a throat garnered his attention. Harry looked up to see Malfoy standing before him.

"Can I help you with something?" Harry asked uncertainly.

Malfoy seemed to weigh his words carefully, "Why did you take my side?"

Harry sighed leaning back in his chair to observe the blonde, "Ron was in the wrong, he was without doubt trying to get in on the pranks we were doing to each other during the first few weeks; however, ours' did not endanger one another. His did. I am aware that you are the last of the Malfoy line. I am also aware that it is your responsibility as a pureblood bigot to keep the line going, thus, without doubt you have a duty to find a wife or have it found for you, do correct that assumption if it is wrong." Harry allowed a few moments of silence before continuing, "You have dated Pansy Parkinson for nearly a year and a half. All of which would cause anyone with an IQ above 40 to conclude you are not interested in blokes. Also, I am aware of your hand writing, and that ridiculous green ink your mother sends you, a shade specifically sold to the Malfoys."

"If someone were to pass along that ridiculous piece of crap, your father could easily identify it as a fake, hell, Snape could identify it as a fake," Harry said idly, wondering if Malfoy caught the hint, "So, your safety was never in question from Voldemort, however, Ron never even considered the repercussions of his actions, and thus is in need of a reality check. Not everyone is on the same side as he is, and just because someone is on Voldemort's side doesn't mean they aren't at risk."

Harry scribbled a quick note to Snape, "I'm sure you aren't in need of one, but a note for Snape should you be stopped in the hall."

Malfoy puckered his brow slightly, "How do you know all of this," he waved at the stuff written on the board, "You've been subjected to the same abysmal professors as the rest of us."

"Yes, but most of those professor's haven't tried to kill the rest of you," Harry said returning to the propositions thoroughly dismissing him. It wasn't until Malfoy was half out the door that he called out to Harry, "Potter, family robes are kept in the family vaults, until it is time to use them."

Harry's head snapped up just in time to see the door of the classroom shut.

World Summit Tomorrow!

The governments of the world have decided on a day to meet, 0ctober 2 Wednesday 1996. With little to no warning the world's leaders will descend upon England to meet to discuss alliances and support for the war with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Some in attendance will be Minister Charles and Head Auror Karen Parker from America, Premier Ajamark Puatta and Head Auror Majaq Kunnak from Greenland, Prime Minister Nolan Wyatt and Head Auror Riley Daniel from Canada, Sergey M. Mironov chairman of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of Australia, President Ong Teng Cheong from Singapore. The Daily Prophet Welcomes all in attendance from foreign lands…

Hogwarts Students to Attend World Summit

There is an excited air amongst the students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as several students prepare to leave for the location of the World Summit in which they are privileged enough to join. Several students have been chosen based upon academic excellence to join the gallery of observers, a precious few seats, in order to attend the momentous occasion. The last World Summit was held in 1943, thus this academic experience is a rarity. Those invited to take part of the limited seats are Hermione Granger(G), Trevor Birch(R), Kevin Entwhistle(R), Hortense Cooper(R), and Curtis Evercreech(S). Also, to join those of academic achievement are the heirs to families of the Wizengamot…

Will Harry Potter Be Attending!

Little is known of the Boy-Who-Lived and yet everyone is wondering the same thing, will Harry Potter be attending the World Summit? Not many know that Mr. Potter holds the Potter Family Seat of the Wizengamot and is therefore legally entitled to a vote on any and all propositions and bills the government submits to the Wizengamot. Therefore, his attendance could very well be expected if it weren't for the fact of his reputation for avoiding such affairs. It has been years since Mr. Potter has been seen for an extended time in Diagon Alley and most recently disappeared on a 'Vacation' and even the Minister was unable to locate him. So, will Mr. Potter allow someone with more experience to sit as a stand-in for him at the World Summit? Will Headmaster Dumbledore fill the role, for he is only an heir and has no legal vote in his own family? Or, if Mr. Potter does attend where will he sit his box? As everyone knows the higher a family box, the more esteemed a family is viewed. Mr. Potter's family box has been dormant for decades and is therefore entitled to move about. Will he move it to rejoin the Families of Old and take his rightful spot near the top, or will he choose to sit it near Albus Dumbledore (again who is just an heir) whom chooses to sit lower? Only time will tell, tune in to the WWN for full coverage of the World Summit.

Harry growled in annoyance as he tossed the Prophet over the side of the Gringotts Cart. It had finally arrived at lunchtime, apparently, the Prophet wasn't given the date of the summit until that morning and had to scrape together new articles as quickly as possible, and it was a letter from Dumbledore that made it possible for the students with academic achievements to attend.

As it was Harry had barely been able to take the paper before shimmering off to Gringotts in order to search his family vaults for the Lord Robes.

"Mr. Potter, we've arrived at your vault," Nagnok, a portly goblin that leaned to the left slightly, said.

Harry stared bemusedly at the vault for a moment, "My vault is 687 and Sirius' is 711, why are we at vault 813?"

"Your trust fund is indeed located in vault 687, however, The Potter family vaults are 813, 814, and 815. Upon your instatement as the Lord of the Black Family the Black Family Vaults were moved here as well 528, 230, 710, and 666," He pointed sternly at the vaults lining the walls around him, "You are also the heir to the Peverell family vault and since you are the only legitimate heir, and are borne from a male descendent, you are entitled to that title as well."

"I've never heard of the Peverell family before," Harry said solemnly not sure what to make of being yet the end of another doomed family line.

"They were one of the very first wizarding families," An unfamiliar goblin said appearing out of the shadows, "I was informed you were here, Mr. Potter, how can I be of service today?"

"Er… I'm sorry, I'm unaware of your name," Harry said holding his hand out to the new arrival.

"I am Councilman Geural Wonsaji; Head of the GGC," Wonsaji said nodding slightly to Nagnok, whom had been bowing since his arrival, a fact Harry had missed.

"Nice to meet you," Harry said shaking his hand, "I hope you weren't in the middle of anything, I would hate to pull such an important person from their job for a simple matter of locating the Potter Family Robes."

"Nonsense, we are here to serve, especially one of our principal account holders," Wonsaji said in a tone Harry recognized as slightly pretentious, one often used by Lockhart when trying to get Harry to use his fame.

"Well, thank you, I won't pass up the help," Harry said furrowing his brow, "I thought it might take a little while to locate the robes, however, I only factored in one vault."

"I can see the dilemma," Wonsaji said, "Where should we begin?"

"Well, it shouldn't be too hard really; the vaults mostly only hold money right? So a pair of robes should be able to be spotted easily," Harry said indicating to Vault 813.

"Bloody, 'effin, pack-rats!" Harry growled in irritation. "WHAT IS THIS!" Harry tossed the weird contraption a good 20 feet to the right in irritation, "My entire family off their trolleys, they were!"

Harry glared around at the cavernous, yes, cavernous vault in frustration. There were no less than 12 tunnels interconnecting vaults 813, 814, and 815 and there was no filing system in place at all. Money was scattered about in every denomination Harry could think of, and some in coins that Harry didn't recognize at all. Amongst the large piles of gold, silver, and what looked like large diamonds were humongous stacks of wardrobes, chests, trunks, coffers, and cases of varying shapes and sizes, each filled to the brim with odds and ends from muggle, wizard, goblin, fairy, and other cultures throughout the centuries.

"Mr. Potter," Wonsaji said helplessly holding 7 scrolls fraying at the edges, and so worn Harry doubted the ink was legible, "I think we're in need of more help."

"Bugger," Harry said despairingly.

"Listen, I was going to pay that overdraft fee, honest!" The hysterical voice of Tonks wafted through the air as she was ushered into the vault. "I didn't realize my rent, and taxes were due in the same week. They don't pay us aurors' very well! I can work it off! You're bound to have boggarts or other dark creatures down here!"

"Tonks," Harry said hiding a laugh, "I summoned you."

"H… Harry?" Tonks said hesitantly turning towards him, "Y…you mean I'm not about to be fed to a dragon? Or, decapitated?"

"Child," Wonsaji said frowning, "we haven't decapitated a wizard for over-drafting in nearly a millennia."

"Harry, this is going to take forever," muttered Bill whom had been the easiest and fastest to summon to help, considering he worked for Gringotts.

"Why did your relatives keep everything they ever owned," Fred said in an agitated manner.

"Or, lack any sort of organization!" George muttered sifting through a wardrobe filled with robes.

"James always found it funny, he said it was the only way to keep a Potter home clean, keep the essentials and banish the rest to the vaults," Remus said fondly.

"He could have thrown it away," Harry said darkly holding up a robe filled with holes, singed as if burnt around the edges, and the lingering letters 'PRAT' barely distinguishable, "These are useless, why keep them!"

"Those were your dad's actually," Remus said smiling brightly, "he wore those on his first date with your mother."

Harry looked incredulously from Remus to the robes, "What happened?"

"Well, I didn't say she was a willing participant to the date," Remus said frowning, "Or realized she was on a date at the time… perhaps date is the wrong term."

"Um… Why am I here?" Tonks voiced hesitantly looking at the robes dubiously.

"To play 'where in bleeding hell are the Potter Family Robes' and for fun after that, 'Where are the Black Family Robes'," Harry said irritated. "We need to split up," Harry said decisively, "Wonsaji, split your men up into two groups, Tonks take Bill and George with you, and one of Wonsaji groups, head over to the Black Vaults and try and locate the Black Family robes. Fred take two or three of Wonsaji's group left over and check down that way," Harry pointed to the three long tunnels to the left, "Remus, take a few that way," he pointed down the middle, "I'll take these three," he nodded to his right, "Wonsaji, think you can take a few that way?"

"I shall do my best," Wonsaji said nodding casting an uncertain glance towards the towering chests, "if you hear a panicked yell, that's probably just me being crushed to death by an avalanche."

Harry shook off the rain from his robes as he appeared inside the secret passage outside of the Gryffindor Tower. After finding the robes of the Potter and Black families Harry had treated everyone, including the goblins, to dinner at the Leaky Cauldron, of course Harry had to keep his hood drawn considering he wasn't suppose to be out of Hogwarts. As it was Harry was arriving three hours past his curfew.

"Where have you been?" Asked Hermione as soon as Harry stepped through the portrait door. She was lying on the couch surrounded by books, and what looked like a stack of old Daily Prophets, and was curled up underneath a large blanket.

"What are you still doing up?" Harry asked walking over towards her setting the packages holding the robes off to the side.

"I wanted to tell you," she said sitting up slightly allowing Harry to sit down on the couch, and promptly cover up with the same blanket, "I was selected to go to the world summit. I know we can't sit together, I'm not of noble blood and all that rot," she said shifting, "but I was doing all this research, and thought maybe I could help you out, you know give you an overview of what to expect?"

"Ah, about that," said Harry frowning, "I know you were selected to go to the summit as an observer, but I was hoping you would give up your seat…."

"Y..you don't want me to attend?" Hermione asked dejectedly, "Is this about V..Voldemort? Are you suspecting an attack?"

Harry laughed, "Er… no not currently, I was actually hoping you'd trade it for a better seat."

"Are you ready for this?" Harry asked hesitantly as the carriage began to slow in the long precession towards the large arena like construct that was to hold the World Summit. The three ladies nodded their heads.

"Harry, I really don't think your wardrobe is appropriate," Hermione said for the tenth time since he had entered the carriage that had picked him and his party up at the apparation point.

"As I have said and will continue to say, I have the outer part of the robe, and I'm wearing my muggle clothes beneath it, I won't play party to their ideas of what a 'Lord' should be, I am proud of both my wizard and muggle heritage," Harry said before grabbing her hand and in a rare moment Harry found himself kissing her forehead, a move he had never done before, "Relax, they'll be tearing me apart, they'll hardly notice you." He winked at her before pulling his hand from hers and wondering exactly why he had done it, not that he regretted it, however, considering their company, he did regret the timing.

"Announcing Lord of the Potter, Black, and Peverell Houses, Lord Harry James Potter, accompanied by Heiress to the Potter, Black, and Peverell Houses, Miss Hermione Jane Granger, representative to hold the seat of the Black House vote Mrs. Andromeda Tonks née Black, and representative of the Peverell House Miss Nymphadora Tonks," A man announced as the carriage came to a stop. Harry exited first, offering each lady a hand out of the carriage. Flash bulbs went off as a dozen reporters from different countries rattled off questions in different languages that Harry completely ignored; however, he didn't miss the abashed looks that several pureblood families shot his way while looking at his wardrobe.

Several names filtered out of the announcer's mouth as Harry made his way towards the entrance of the arena. He saw Dumbledore idly chatting away with some stuffy looking nobleman that looked to hail from Spain if the flag carrier behind him indicated anything besides his pompousness. Malfoy was practically glued to his mother as she darted around to various cliques of the purebloods and greeted different members, it would seem as though she held the seat and he was the heir. Poor Neville had been lost to the crowd; the only way of seeking him out was to spot his Grandmothers atrocious hat from a distance.

Harry had seen a glimpse of Karen as Minister Charles led her around to meet other dignitaries, her mouthed plea for help or a very large knife did not go unnoticed by him.

A large crowd was milling about before the doors of the entrance and it seemed almost as if an argument was commencing between some attendees and the large burly aurors' guarding the doors.

"This is an outrage! Do you know who I am?" A man with a heavy accent announced angrily, "How dare you ordain to search me!"

"Chairman Mironov, it is a requirement that everyone passes through the detection arches," an auror explained in a tone that suggested he had been repeating that line a lot.

"It is an insult!" He growled clutching the sheathed sword at his side. "No one with any bit of nobility would submit to this! I demand to be let through!"

"It is a matter of security, your wand will be returned, any other weapons are not permitted inside the arena," a different auror said in a placating tone.

"Go on, than, see if anyone complies!" He growled challengingly. His eyes dared anyone in the crowd to step up.

Harry frowned to himself as he stepped forward, removing the small holder of Chinese stars from his upper arm, handing it to the auror, "I expect to get those back, they were a birthday gift," Harry held out his wand allowing it to be weighed, before passing through the archway without trouble. He indicated for Hermione, Tonks, and Andromeda to do the same, all the while ignoring Chairman Mironov's glare. It was as Andromeda passed through the archway that silence fell over the large crowd, and only the voice of the announcer was heard.

"Announcing… is this right!" The man said in horror before clearing his throat, "Announcing Queen of the Eravisci and Helvetii Clans, Dutchess of the Minoan city Arkalochori, former Archduchess of Croatia, Countess of the Goblins of Nightenshade, Leader of the Vampire Council of Seven, Lady Shaylee Aloysia Ryann, accompanied by Duke of Bosphorus, Knight of the Round Table of Arthur Pendragon, Count of the Goblins of Nightenshade, Baron to the Elven Clans of Moridan Sir Dartagnan Dardanius Adaltico, Prince of Nineveh and member of the Vampire Council of Seven Sir West, Member of the Vampire Council of Seven Lady Ren, Member of the Vampire Council of Seven Sir Markus, Member of the Vampire Council of Seven Lady Lalaine, and Interim member of the Vampire Council of Seven Jeremiah of the Balkan Peninsula."

Excited whispers broke out as Shaylee led the Council out of the Large Victorian looking carriage, the now known reason to why a hush had fallen upon the crowd. She easily glided down the long carpet, her outfit comprised of a long, voluminous robe with multiple pins and crests, Dar's were nearly as full Harry noticed as he walked full speed after Shaylee.

Shaylee arrived at the archway and passed it over with an unimpressed glance before her eyes landed on him, "Harry, darling, lovely to see you again." She leaned forward taking his proffered hand and gave him a kiss on each cheek.

"You as well Shay," Harry said smiling unsure of her warm greeting, it was unlike her to show any emotions but contempt, boredom, and an altogether disinterest in the events unfolding around her , "I see you have refrained from killing Jeremiah as of yet, has he improved?"

She scowled slightly, "No, unfortunately, he seems to be worsening, I expect any day now to remove the problem all together," she passed a glance around at the shocked observers of their conversation.

"I do not see you Monsieur Dumbledore," she said sardonically, raising an elegant eyebrow, "I was unaware of your ability to function without him pulling the strings."

"Aw, yes, you see there was this terrible accident," Harry said with a fixed smile at her blatant tactics, "I was running with scissors and, whoops, tripped," Harry shrugged, "Long story short, the strings had to go, tell me, how are the strings the Covens are pulling? Not to taut? We wouldn't want them to instill another vampire amongst your Council against your will."

Shaylee eyes flashed with an unknown emotion, before her tinkling laughter was heard and Harry was rewarded with one of her rare smiles, "Ah, Harry, you're never boring, which is good, I don't think I'd like you if you were." She indicated to the rest of the Council to approach, "This is a shame," she said gesturing towards the aurors', "In times past Lords and Ladies carried swords to such meetings, the only real reason I deemed these human squabbles worthy of my time, the heated discussions usually resulted in the passing of a seat to a younger heir." She removed a small dagger from her voluminous robes and placed it upon the table before passing through the arch, it beeped once, much to her chagrin before she smiled and removed what looked to be a muggle ballpoint pen, "My fault, I do forget I have it on my person most of the time," she said as a way of explanation.

"Harry, are you aware if the Head of the GGC has arrived yet?" Dar asked as he surrendered his sword, several daggers, and three small blades to the aurors.

"Councilman Wonsaji arrived several carriages ahead of mine," Harry said following Shay and Dar into the arena, Hermione in step with him, followed closely by Tonks and Andromeda. The rest of the Council wasn't far behind, "Dar, I'd like you to meet Hermione Jane Granger, Tonks, and her mother Andromeda Tonks."

"Pleasure," he said demurely taking each of their hands in turn kissing them. "It would be best if you were to locate your seats, I expect the day to linger on the more we dally at the entrance way."

Harry nodded as he watched Dar join Shaylee at the end of a precipice and watched as a large box materialized before them. Seven large thrown-like chairs appeared, three on the first row, four directly behind it. Shaylee took her seat in the first row, directly to the far right. Dar took the seat immediately to her left, and Markus took the final seat within the first row, the rest of the council finding seats in the second row; Jeremiah was shoved off into the far right hand corner. The box, now filled with its owners', floated off into the arena, finally settling eyelevel with the plinth housed upon a parapet that held Minister Fudge and an assortment of officials. Quickly, a box housing Councilman Wonsaji and another unknown goblin, joined below the Council's box.

Soon the entire left side of the arena was filled with boxes, filled with different magical creatures and wizards like Dumbledore.

"How do you know the Vampire Council?" Hissed Andromeda into Harry's ear as quietly as she could.

"I believe that is my business," Harry said shooting a look at Hermione whom looked ready to ask a dozen questions.

"The Council has not deemed to attend a World Summit since 1862," Andromeda said hesitantly, "The last one that allowed swords," she shuddered. "I was under the impression they had perished with the others that failed to escape…"

Andromeda trailed off shuddering as Tonks picked up the conversation, "Merlin's Beard, I always thought they were a myth," she stared incredulously at the ornate box across the arena, "and you know them?"

Harry indicated for the two women to climb into the newly appeared Black box. The Peverell Family didn't have an active box, which allowed Harry to deem where his representatives would sit. Which gave Harry the added bonus of upsetting Narcissa Malfoy, whom according to Andromeda hadn't spoken or seen her since she had married her husband and been kicked off of the family tree. Andromeda had been the last to be disinherited by Sirius' father before he died, the same year as he ran away. According to Andromeda the reason Sirius was still the Black Lord, and subsequently able to pass it along to Harry, was that his mother had never formally disinherited him, if she had Draco Malfoy would be in line to inherit the title.

Harry waved merrily as the box lifted away with the two women and turned to Hermione, "Our box is next," Harry led her into the Potter box and allowed Hermione to sit, noticing that several heads turned towards them.

"Where did you end up choosing to sit?" Hermione asked closing her eyes, her fear of heights making itself known.

"Well, I wanted to make a splash," Harry said smiling as the box settled into the space right next to the Council.

"Harry," Shaylee said in acknowledgement. Hermione opened her eyes and smiled brightly.

"Lady Shaylee," she said excitedly standing immediately and walking forth to the edge of the box extending her hand, "I'm very excited to meet you."

Shaylee raised an elegant eyebrow and looked at Hermione's hand as if she was extending a knife in its place.

"Shaylee," Harry said in a warning tone.

Shaylee frowned before taking Hermione's proffered hand, "And you are?"

"Oh, forgive me," Hermione said nervously, "I'm Hermione Granger. I'm—"

"Granger?" Shaylee said pensively, "I am unfamiliar with the surname. From which family do you hail from?"

"I'm sorry?" Hermione asked frowning.

"You are a debutant, yes? A match such as Harry would be most prominent, from which noble family do you claim association," Shaylee said as if talking to a child.

"Shay," Dar said exasperatedly.

"I am merely inquiring about her status amongst the old families," Shay said waving him off.

"I do not belong to a pureblood family," Hermione said deflating and her excited attitude turned sour, "I am a muggleborn."

Shaylee seemed to survey her more closely, "The first of the line?"

Hermione gave a curt nod readying herself seemingly for a fight.

"Oh, dear," Shaylee said clicking her tongue and smirking, "When I informed you to take an heir I believed you would choose a pureblood," Shaylee gave a slight laugh, "How they must detest you at the moment. Choosing a first generation witch, the matriarch of a new line, this is simply not the way things are done, Harry."

"First Generation?" Hermione said frowning, "Well at least that is nicer than Mudblood."

"I'm sorry, mudblood? I am unfamiliar with this term," Shaylee said perplexed, "Dar?" She cast a confused look to Dartagnan who frowned deeply.

"Child," Dartagnan said after a moment, "you misunderstand Shay."

"Misunderstand?" Shaylee asked scowled slightly, "I do not need you to explain my intentions Dar."

"Ah, but you do, for even Harry seems to be agitated by it," Dar said soothingly nodding towards him.

Harry had closed his fists angrily at her comments, and only for the fact that they were under the scrutiny of nearly everyone in the arena did he hold his tongue, although, he doubted anyone but the Goblins could overhear them.

"Shay means no insult, child," Dar continued addressing Hermione. "You must understand that she has not been in the wizarding world in 134 years, she returned this year for the first time, and it has not gone well, as Harry can attest to." Dar smiled slightly.

"Shay's marriage was an arranged one," Dar said conversely, "she comes from those ideas. Marriage is a business arrangement, a way to climb a social ladder, something most nobles followed," he frowned, "and unfortunately still follow." He gestured lazily towards the top row of the seat holders, "One of those families would push greatly to involve one of their daughters with someone of Harry's lineage and prestige."

"If Harry were to pass on, you stand to inherit everything," Dar continued, "including the titles. For a First Generation witch or wizard to be on par with one of the families of old, it is quite an insult to them. Shay, merely was trying to convey this to Harry, he shouldn't be so open about his dislike of the traditions of the wizarding world."

"So, you weren't insulting me for being a muggleborn?" Hermione asked suspiciously.

"I would insult you for being human," Shaylee said disdainfully, "Or if I were feeling catty, on your lack of style or inability to wield a comb correctly. I have no ill notions or feelings towards parentage."

"Harry, I admire your gall, but if you push too hard against those in charge, they'll push back," Shaylee said, "and you will be hard pressed to find aide in times of need."

"I'll keep that in mind, though you should know," Harry said indicating to Hermione to sit down, "I chose Hermione as an heir because she is my best friend, and should I pass on as Dar said, she will keep trying to better the world. It was not an intended insult, although, if people choose to take it that way, so be it."

"And your wardrobe?" Shaylee asked smirking.

"That was intended," Harry said his eyes finding the dais that Fudge was standing on trying to garner everyone's attention.

Harry rolled his eyes as Fudge kept prattling on. He had been talking for nearly half an hour, and the only thing he was saying was ego boosting of the various purebloods in the crowd. He went on for nearly fifteen minutes introducing the different members of his cabinet, explaining their various achievements and giving off an underlining message of pureblood superiority, seeing as not one member of his staff was from a muggleborn family; or so Shaylee was muttering boredly while she continued filing her nails. Harry bemusedly wondered if her nails continuously grew for she'd been filing them for at least 15 minutes and they didn't seem any shorter than when she'd started.

"I would like to thank the dignitaries from around the world for joining us in this terrible time to discuss whether or not they can offer assistance," Fudge said broadly smiling at the other countries representatives, "and… welcome to everyone else joining us." He smiled uneasily toward the magical creature side of the arena, his eyes landing on the Vampire Council and the smile disappeared.

"I will direct your attention to the first proposition—"

"Harry," Shaylee muttered under her breath so soft he doubted anyone else had heard her. He turned towards her slightly. "You vote by touching the tip of your wand on those small runes in front of you," she gestured covertly with her nail file. "The one on the left is to vote yes, the one in the middle is undecided, and the one on the right is no."

Harry frowned as Fudge laughed, "This one is really a matter of formality. We won't have to spend much time on it…"

Harry glared fully at Fudge before he touched his wand to the rune to the right. A sudden red light encompassed his box, drawing several people's attention. Apparently he wasn't suppose to vote at that moment, or so he discerned at Shaylee's small laugh of disbelief.

"Mr. Potter," Fudge smiled patronizingly, "I would suggest you not play while the adults are talking."

"I believe," Shaylee said scowling, her voice carrying easily, "Harry was voting." She threw her nail file angrily embedding it into her own rune allowing her box to grow red.

"How can he vote; How can you, if you don't know what the proposition is even about!" Fudge said slightly irritated, and yet trying to sound patronizing.

"Oh you mean the confinement camp you wish to instill in the guise of protection of known werewolves," Harry said crossing his arms. "Or the imbedded ability to detain anyone you want and hold them for a month for suspecting them of being a werewolf. Or the inability of those confined from contacting anyone outside of the camp…" Harry trailed leaning forward, "I would suggest to you, Minister Fudge, that you not play around with wording, because even a child can read what you're planning."

Fudge shifted uncomfortably, "If you weren't so quick to vote," he cleared his throat, "I can explain you're mistaken in its context."

"Oh? Then perhaps it is written in the wrong context," Harry said disbelieving, "Tell me Minister where in this proposition does it clearly define those distinctions?" Harry pulled out his large stack of propositions and pretended to peruse the first one.

"It would be for their own protection," Fudge said trying to sound reasonable, "They would have access to Wolfsbane, better housing, and a safe place to call their own!"

"Indeed, a prison to call home," Harry said rolling his eyes. "Tell me, Minister, could not the same be said if you lifted the restrictions on werewolves, making the Wolfsbane Potion affordable or even free, and not discriminating against known werewolves?" He smiled, "And you could improve the relations between the government and the werewolves and start overcoming some of the idealisms in the Wizarding World that helped create this war in the first place."

"I understand with your age you have certain idealisms and fantasies of how the world works, but—" Fudge began.

"Idealisms of a society that isn't bred in hate and discrimination," Harry said frowning, "Yes, how silly of me. And yet, it is how I shall vote. I've read your proposition, and unless it is majorly reformed it will never have my vote. But, do appeal to the rest of the world, perhaps I am alone in my fantasies."

Fudge took a deep breath, before turning a smile towards the group at large. Unbeknownst to Harry, every single box within the Magical Creature side began to glow red, however, Shaylee had told him their votes didn't count for much, it was the Seat Holders and Dignitaries that would decide the fate of the Propositions. Several red boxes dotted the sea of unlit boxes of the dignitaries and the 'Families of Old'. Of them Neville's face was clear in a box alit in red. Behind him, Tonks and her Mother were glaring defiantly toward the Minister, their box glowing red as well. It looked as if Andromeda was literally holding Tonks back from charging at the Minister.

Fudge pulled himself up reading himself to defend his proposition, adding in a slightly snide voice, "Oh and Mr. Potter, you do not vote until I call for one."

"Eh, you do it your way, I'll do it mine," Harry said uncaring sitting back in his chair intent on not listening to Fudge try and save the first proposition.

Harry sat through several propositions casting his votes either for or against them. He had refrained from casting before the Minister had started explaining them, but did in several instances cast his vote during his explanations of them. For the most part the Minister ignored Harry and his flaunting of the 'rules' of voting. Fudge had made a fatal mistake talking to Harry the first time, basically giving Harry the floor to sway the votes, and he wasn't about to give it to him again.

As it turned out, after Fudge presented a proposition and explained it, he would call for questions. Then depending on who raised questions he would call on them. He had yet to call on anyone residing in the Magical Creature Section, a fact the Goblins and the Council; minus Shaylee who didn't seem to be even listening to the proceedings, had begun to complain about loudly.

Harry, didn't really have any questions having looked over the propositions beforehand and basically deciding how he was going to vote on each, however, he had expected Hermione to have a lot of questions and she had thus far been virtually silent.

"What's wrong?" asked Harry as he watched her worry her lower lip in obvious confusion.

"Minister Fudge said he plans on putting most if not all the Aurors on re-assignment to tackling Voldemort and the Deatheaters from their current assignments, but, what does that mean for the muggles? Are they just supposed to fend for themselves?" Hermione asked in a whisper.

Harry frowned, "I don't know. Why don't you ask him?" Harry said lighting his box up with a swish of his wand.

"Harry, no!" Hermione whispered frantically. "Heirs aren't supposed to talk!"

Harry shrugged her off noticing Fudge blatantly trying to ignore the fact that Harry had raised a question.

"Does anyone have a question, anyone at all?" Asked Fudge loudly.

"Over here, Minister Cupcake," Harry said sweetly, ignoring Shay's and the Goblins snickering over his use of their nickname for fudge, "Hermione has a question."

Fudge frowned, unsure perhaps of his use of Cupcake, before shrugging Harry off as an annoying bug, "Heirs are not permitted to spea—"

"Heirs are permitted to speak when their Lords permit them, and since Hermione never has to ask me if it's ok to speak her mind and is always encouraged to tell me exactly what she's thinking, she is therefore able to speak by the rules you are suppose to uphold in your position, so if you don't mind, she has a question, and you will answer it to the best of your ability using that mush of frosting you call a brain, or we can have words outside about your deliberate attempts to silence the magical world patrons not currently calling themselves pure!" Harry said angrily, a cold air rushing around the arena whipped Fudge's robes around ominously and an almost static electrical current crackled in the air above the parapet Fudge stood upon.

Shaylee smiled happily as she crossed her arms, "Oh not to worry Harry, I will already be talking to him about that, although, I'm always willing to have help getting rid of garbage, what with the heavy lifting and disposal of evidence, quite tiring by myself."

Fudge swallowed nervously, "Miss Granger you had a question?"

Hermione was frowning while looking between Shaylee and Harry, but turned towards Fudge when she heard her name, "Er… yes," she said in a slightly strangled voice before working up the nerve to come out stronger, "When you say you're re-assigning almost all the aurors from their current assignments, does that also include the few aurors you've deployed in the field to help the Muggles that are currently being attacked by the Dementors? Or the aurors charged with the mission to help prevent Muggles from being attacked?"

Fudge weighed his words very carefully, "It is my job as Minister of Magic to protect the inhabitants of our world whom follow our code of law, that is my upmost concer—"

"So you're basically saying, yes, it does include those, and what's more you are not only aware of but purposefully leaving the Muggles to fend for themselves," Hermione said in irritation, "Even though they are in danger because of our world and the hate that is an underling thread of thought of this society towards Muggles and Muggleborn."

"My job is—"

Again Hermione cut him off, a fact that Harry had to smile about, "Your job is to help govern our world accordingly to ensure the safety and well being of not only the magical but the non-magical as well. Tell me Minister, did you consider that every muggle-born had Muggle parents whom are affected by this, are they not your inhabitants? Do they not deserve some peace of mind from the government for the protection of their families when they are at School and unable to help? Is it not also plausible that the influx of new students from Hogwarts will dramatically drop because of the added risk of being put on a 'do not protect' list the Government seems so willing to adapt into our world…"

"Oh, you got her going now," said Harry proudly, "Don't forget, he basically just said he only wants to protect wizards and witches, I mean I'd at least think he'd want to protect the Goblins, they do after all have all of our money…"

"I find the government is.. oh, you are just so…" Hermione seemed unable to properly voice her anger after Harry had interrupted her train of thought.

"You know what will make you feel better," Asked Harry smiling as he gestured to the front of the box. Hermione stabbed her wand angrily towards the small rune and lit the box up like a Christmas tree on Boxing Day with the haze of voting no on the proposition.

"Perhaps, Minister, It is time for a small recess," Dumbledore said serenely calling from his box amongst the silence of the full summit.