Author's Note: Caranthir/Amarië, serious fluff, written in a moment of weakness. Anyone who wishes to ponder the matter should be advised that it takes place in Valinor post-Caranthir's re-embodiment, pre-Finrod's, and that it references as fact Caranthir's relationship with Nimloth as per my own "On Some Fair Isle" and his relationship with Haleth as per Unsung Heroine's collection of C/H writings.


grew weary of waiting.
She walked out.

She found him first:
before the Sea he sat, summoning his senses
to return to the place he could no longer,
in all honesty,
name "home."

sat beside him in silence,
while the waves wandered between words
tactfully left tacit.

He found her
presence pleasing,
and easy to the eye,
though he thought immediately
and inevitably
of her he left behind
and of her by whom he was left.

isn't it,
the things one remembers!)

The first,
Man-maid, small and fair, icy-proud;
ah! the sight of her stubborn back
as she strode from his demesne!

The second,
whitest blossom stained with red;
Elf-maid of stars and the songs of wind,
avenger of her husband,
and he finally able, after the fact,
to appreciate the irony.

And she,
sitting softly at his side,
watching the waves at work,
His sorrows are greater than mine.

And for that she loved him,
greatly daring;
and later he learned it
and left her sitting by the Sea:
he would not now
- too late -
learn to love.