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Affair of the Heart

Chapter One:

It was almost midnight on July 30th; Harry was wide awake in his room; his remaining family asleep within their rooms. He was sitting at his desk finishing off the remains of his potions homework; he was keeping an eye on the sky outside his window. The breeze through the open window disturbed his work and sent it flying around his room. Harry followed his work gathering it up from the various places it had landed.

It was midnight when he final collected it all and placed it securely on his desk. Through the open window flew seven owls carrying letters and parcels. The first owl to fly in was Hedwig, his own owl. She landed on her perch and calmly waited for him to untie the package from her leg, it was from Hermione, it was a book judging from the feel of it. He then untied five other parcels from the other owls. He came to the last owl, which had a Ministry Seal pendent around its neck. He untied the letter and before he could put the letter down the brown owl had flew out of the window.

He looked at the letter and placed it down on the desk. He went back over to the bed and sat down. He opened Hermione's present first it was a DADA Auror level book. It would come in handy when it was time to fight against Voldemort. Ron had gotten him a years subscription to a Quidditch magazine and a box of chocolate frogs. Fred and George had gotten together again and had made him a WWW care package. Mrs Weasley had made some homemade toffee and a chocolate cake. Hagrid had sent his traditional rock cakes. The last package was from Remus. He opened it; it was a leather bound book with a gold title embellished on the front. The Marauder Book of Pranks, he opened it and had a quick glance through. The writing told him what they did and the pictures show him the results. He smiled as he came across a picture of his mother, Lily, who was looking a little blue from one of the pranks that had been played on her.

He put the book down and went over to the desk. He remembered the letter from the ministry. He knew he wasn't in trouble for anything, because he hadn't done anything. He opened it; it contained a short note and another letter addressed to him.

Dear Mr Potter;

Enclosed is a letter from your parents, the late Lily and James Potter. This was to be given to you upon your 17th birthday in case they had been killed.

Mr. A. Edwards

Department of birth & deaths

Harry finished reading the short note, a letter from his mom and dad. He looked at the letter that had fallen onto his desk. He wondered which one of the two had written to him. He picked it up and opened the seal. He took out the parchment and began to read.

Dear Harry,

I write this letter to you in case Lily and I are killed. I know you will be fine as you have a strength within you, that many can sense. What I have to tell you will shock and more than likely confuse you a little.

During my 6th year at Hogwarts I fell in love with someone. We were together for some time. When I was 19 he broke it off with me. He had become a spy within Voldemort's ranks and he didn't want me in danger if anyone had found out. I still love him even now, and I know he still loves me. Lily knows this.

What I didn't know was that I was pregnant with you. Male pregnancies last around 14 months, so we kept it secret, just Lilly and me. I was scared that if he came back to me he would unknowingly bring Voldemort as well, and I couldn't risk anything happening to you. So he was never told about you.

That means that Lily isn't you mother, your other father is Severus Snape. You have most likely heard about the marauders playing tricks on him, and I am ashamed to admit we did pick on him a lot.

I love you Harry, you're my last link with Sev. If I was still alive and Voldemort gone I would be with him. I love you Harry never forget that and so did your Aunt Lily.

All my love,


Harry read the letter another two times, to make sure that his eyes weren't playing tricks on him. With his eyes wide open in shock he gently placed the parchment onto the table. He took out his writing materials and began to write a letter to Severus Snape. When he was done he sealed the letter and tied it to Hedwig's leg, telling her to go when she was ready.


Severus Snape was in his potions lab within Snape Manor, with his godson Draco, who had been disowned by his parents for refusing the Dark Mark during the summer. Severus had yet to find out why Draco had done so.

His thoughts were interrupted when an official Ministry owl flew in through a small open window. The black owl landed gracefully on the back of the lone chair in the room, Draco retrieved the letter from the owl and noticed it was addressed to Severus. He handed it over to his godfather. Severus looked confused as he opened the envelope.

Dear Professor Severus Snape;

Enclosed is a letter from James Potter, who requested that this letter be delivered to you on this date in the event of his death.

Mr. A. Edwards

Department of Birth & Deaths

Severus finished reading. He looked at the familiar handwriting on the envelope, which lay on the table in front of him, a sharp pain flew through his chest, and he closed his eyes and took a calming breath. He opened his eyes and picked up the other letter; he broke the Potter family seal and began to read.

To my dear Severus,

What I am about to tell you may come as a shock. I know why you left me and I understand; I still love you Sev, I always will. The day we split I went to Lily to ask for her help, she has a way of understanding anything. I wanted to try and get back with you; she helped me understand why you left.

Not long after that I found out I was pregnant. I didn't tell you because I was afraid. I guess I'm not strong, like you. I was afraid that Voldemort might hurt my child. A little pointless now considering that he is after us.

Eleven months after I found out I was expecting I gave birth to Harry. He has your grandmother's eyes and my hair, poor lad. He is now 17. I wonder what he looks like. I know I am dead if you are reading this.

Take care of him Sev; I know he has been living with Lily's sister and brother-in-law. That's because no one knows that he is your son and not Lily's. I should have told you the moment I found out. I'm sorry Sev. I'm sorry I'm not strong and brave, not like you.

Love you Severus, always,


Severus went over to the chair on shaking legs; the owl had already flown away. He couldn't believe what he had just read. Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, was his son. He had treated his own son almost with hatred. All because he had thought Harry was Lily's.

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