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Hidden Legacy

Chapter One

Harry sat alone on his bed in his room. Hedwig was dead; Uncle Vernon had killed the beautiful owl in a fit of rage two days ago. The empty cage stood opposite him mocking him about how he should have sent her with Ron or left her at Hogwarts. She was the very first present that he remembered receiving. He knew that he would never find an owl as smart as she was.

He was locked in his room again. The sun had just gone down telling him it was almost ten. He lay carefully on the bed, hissing as the new and old welts and cuts met the hard, lumpy mattress. Uncle Vernon had beaten him again because he didn't do the dinner quick enough. Dudley had complained about being hungry and that dinner wasn't ready so Harry had gotten the beating and been locked in his room again without anything to eat.

Though that was not unusual, he had only eaten two slices of bread and that was three days ago. His stomach cramped up on him quite often now, though it was going away slowly as it got used to having very little food. His wand was hidden in his room, though he wasn't allowed to use it until he turned seventeen.

This had been going on since his return from Hogwarts after his fifth year. Now a year later he still had to put up with the beatings and starvation. He would be seventeen in two days and he was more than a little afraid of his Uncle. He had been saying things about Harry getting a special birthday present and Harry knew that it was not going to be anything nice.

He hoped again that someone would send word to him so that he would be able to go before anything could happen. He cleared his mind just like Professor Snape had taught him; he was thankful to the professor for continuing his Occlumency lessons. He had apologised for looking at the professor's memories, and to his astonishment Severus Snape had continued the lessons during his sixth year.

He smiled at the thought of the sullen potions professor. What people didn't know was that Harry and Severus Snape had started going out with each other. When Harry started his lessons he was finding it very difficult to get over the memories of Sirius' death. Severus had gotten the distraught young man to open up and talk to him instead of keeping things bottled up. They started talking to each other and found they had a lot more in common than they thought.

Ron and Hermione were too wrapped up in their own relationship with each other to notice that Harry would often sneak away from them to go and see Severus. For the last three months of Harry's sixth year, Severus and Harry had grown very close to one another. Harry had a feeling that Dumbledore knew what was going on though; he had an amused twinkle in his eye whenever he looked at Severus or Harry.

He had managed to hide the memories of abuse he had suffered from Severus during their lessons together, but now a small part of him wished that he hadn't. He thought that if someone knew then maybe he would not have had to return to the Dursley's. Then he remembered the protection he had by going back and he soon forgot about letting someone know what was going on. He knew that no matter what, he would have to go back to his relatives. He also didn't want Severus to pity him or feel sorry for him, so he never told Severus what was happening to him.

Harry closed his eyes and rolled over onto his side to get away from the pain caused by the wounds on his back. He gave a small sigh as the pain eased a little and once again cleared his mind and pulled up the wall he had created, so that Voldemort would not be able to seize hold of his mind. Sleep soon claimed him, as he was tired and weak scarcely having had any food and water over the last four weeks.

Large, abusive hands woke him the next morning as he was dragged out of bed by his hair. He received a punch to his stomach and a fist to his face before he even had the chance to open his eyes.

"Morning boy," Came the greeting from his Uncle. "Up, washed and down to the kitchen now. You have breakfast to make for us," He added.

"Yes sir," Harry replied obediently, as he got up and quickly got ready.

"Hurry up boy!" His Uncle roared as he grabbed Harry by the hair once again and threw him into the hallway. "Shower so I don't have to smell you."

"Yes sir." He replied and quickly headed for the bathroom, locking the door behind him.

He heard his Uncle grumble and thunder down the stairs. Harry sighed in relief and turned on the showerhead. He undressed and went into the stall and let the hot water sooth some of the aches. He opened his mouth and drank some of the falling water to quench his thirst. He didn't know when they would let him drink some water properly. He turned around letting the water hit his wounds causing him to hiss in pain. He washed himself as quickly as he could to try and avoid his Uncle's wrath.

Finished, he went quickly to his room and dressed himself. He was still a little wet from the shower, but he didn't care as long as Vernon left him alone for a while. He went to the kitchen and started their breakfast. He hoped that he would have something to eat today. His stomach was protesting the lack of food over the last few days. It was cramping up on him again as he worked around the kitchen doing the breakfast for his family. The smell of the bacon and eggs was making his mouth water.

Harry shuddered as he felt eyes staring at him from the dining table. Harry turned slightly to see who it was and when he saw the leer on Uncle Vernon's face he shuddered again. It would be his birthday tomorrow and he hoped the Order would come for him really soon. He didn't want to find out what his Uncle was planning. Whatever it was it would not be good.

"Listen up boy. I want the kitchen cleaned, the windows washed and then I want you to clear Dudley's room up," Aunt Petunia screech at him.

"Yeah Potter, I have friends coming over that aren't stupid freaks like you." Dudley sneered at his cousin.

"Yes Aunt Petunia," He replied politely as he ignored the comment from Dudley.

He carried on with the breakfast and was soon dishing it out. He was allowed to have a slice of toast before he began his chores for the day. He quickly cleaned the kitchen after he had his toast. He got the things ready for cleaning the windows and set to work.

It was lunchtime when he finally finished. The Dursley's had just finished their lunch and Dudley had gone to his room so he could keep an eye on Harry when he was cleaning his room, just in case Harry came across the junk food Dudley had hidden in his room from his mother and father, as he was once again on a diet. Petunia and Vernon were in the living room watching TV, as it was a weekend and Vernon didn't have work. He walked up the stairs quietly so he would avoid getting his Uncle's attention.

He entered Dudley's room and saw the mess the pig had left his room in. 'Merlin even pigs are cleaner than this idiot,' Harry thought to himself as he started to clean up. Dudley turned on his stereo and turned it up as loud as he dared. He did this to try and give Harry a headache so he would clean his room slower than he usually did.

It worked and by the time Harry had finished half of the room he had slowed down as each step became painful for him, and each thump of the loud dance music made his vision swim before him. Dudley found it even more fun when he started to throw things at Harry.

"Move your fucking ass Potter! I don't want my room looking like the inside of your head when my friends come here." He bellowed as he threw a plate that was on his bedside table.

The plate shattered as it hit Harry on the head, right where Dudley had intended it to strike, some of the shape edges cutting into the side of Harry's face. Harry wobbled on his feet as it made his head hurt even more. He stopped what he was doing and tried to will the pain away. He knew if he didn't finish Dudley's room he would get another beating from Uncle Vernon.

His vision blurred and he collapsed to the ground, his body not being able to take any more abuse. Harry tried to get up, but his body wouldn't move. He was weak from the lack of food and the abuse he had suffered over the last four weeks. He felt cold and clammy every time he tried to move up off the floor.

"DAD!" Dudley shouted from his place on the bed. "POTTER WON'T DO THE REST OF MY ROOM!"

Vernon came thundering up the stairs and burst into Dudley's bedroom. He grabbed Harry by the throat and picked him up off the floor. Vernon then pulled him to his room, Harry stumbling after him trying to keep the grip around his throat from getting too tight. Harry tried to struggle free from the grasp but didn't succeed.

Vernon suddenly tightened the grip as they reached Harry's bare room. The edges of his vision started to grey as he ran out of air. The death grip around his throat was finally released and he collapsed to the floor, gasping as air rushed back into his burning lungs.

"So, you won't finish Dudley's room then." He sneered, backhanding him across the face. Harry's glasses flew to the other side of the room.

"Sorry, don't feel well." He gasped out his throat sore from when Uncle Vernon had grabbed him.

"DON'T FEEL WELL." Vernon bellowed, as he kicked Harry as hard as he could in the ribs. He felt satisfied when he heard a few cracks. "I'll show you what it means to not feel well." He said quietly to himself.

He began to beat Harry with his fists and feet. It carried on for what seemed to be an eternity, but that was only to Harry. For Vernon though, things were over far too quickly. The last thing Harry saw was another fist aimed for his face. He was catapulted into unconsciousness.

When Harry finally started to come round he felt the gentle movement of a car in motion. His eyes opened and he looked at the blurry image of the back of the driver's seat. He tried to speak but found that he had something stuffed into his mouth. When he tried to move he found his ankles and wrists tied together.

"Finally awake are we Potter. Good." Came the voice of Uncle Vernon. "I had an offer from someone to buy you for the sum of £500,000. I'm not one to pass up the opportunity to get some money, who would? This man wanted you the day before your seventeenth birthday though. Don't know how he figured out your birthday, but who cares."

He lapsed into silence again as he continued to drive to the rendezvous point where he was to meet the man who wanted his nephew. It wasn't long until the car started to slow down and then stop. Vernon got out of the car and closed the door preventing Harry from hearing anything that went on outside. Harry tried to get up so he could see out of the window, but his injuries from earlier stopped him from moving very far.

The back car door opened and Harry's scar exploded in pain. Voldemort.

"Well done Mr. Dursley. The money has been put into your account. You can check now on your phone." He hissed, as he gently trailed a scaled hand down Harry's face. Vernon called his bank confirming that the money was in there.

"Nice doing business with you," Vernon said, smiling.

Two brutal hands pulled Harry from the car and lifted him up. His body screamed in agony as white-hot flashes of pain erupted from his chest and right arm. A muffled scream passed through the cloth rag that was still stuffed in his mouth. Vernon smiled down at Harry and smirked. He got back into the car and drove away from them all.

"Well Potter, you now belong to me." He said merrily, as he pulled out a stick and cast a spell on it.

Harry soon felt the pull at his navel and knew it was a portkey. He felt everything come to a standstill and felt a wave of nausea flow over him. It didn't help that he had a concussion from the blows he had received to the head. He felt bile and the toast he had eaten not long ago rise up his throat but he couldn't spit it out because of the gag. He started to choke and the man holding him pulled the gag out of his mouth and turned him around so he was facing the floor while he threw up what was left in his stomach.

"Take him to the room that was prepared earlier and inform Severus that the potions I have asked for are required now. Make sure the injuries he has are not life threatening. If they are, cure him to some degree." Voldemort instructed the one that was carrying him.

Harry was righted and taken away up the grand staircase that was in the room where they had landed. He was carried down a corridor and then into a room where he was placed roughly onto the large bed that stood in centre of the room. He looked around the room trying to see if there was a way he could escape but couldn't find one. He struggled with his captor, but with his injuries and weakness it was not much of a struggle.

A sharp slap was delivered across his face and he stopped when his arms and legs were bound to the four posts of the bed. A silencing spell was used on him, as the gag was no longer in his mouth stopping him from talking and shouting. The unfamiliar voice said spells that he recognised as those used by Madam Pomfrey when he ended up in the hospital wing.

He felt the weight that had been pressed down on his chest lift and his arm was mended. The strange man released the bonds on his arms and legs and tossed him onto his back, tearing off the large shirt that Harry was wearing. Cold, forceful hands checked over the whip marks on his back to make sure that none of them would cause any trouble for what Voldemort had in mind for the soon to be seventeen year old.

One last spell was cast to clean the young man up. Blurry eyes looked up at his captor and squinted to see if he could place a name to the face hovering above him. Something metallic was taken from the bedside table and placed around his neck. Weak from blood loss he tried to get his hands to remove the collar that had been placed on him.

"Leave it be!" The gruff voice shouted at him, slapping his hands away from it. The strange man then grabbed Harry's hands and cuffed them to the bed.

The strange man walked away from the bed and out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Harry looked around the room as best as he could without his glasses on. He wished he knew where they were. He wanted to be able to see everything, just in case there was a way out of the room.

Still feeling tired from the plate that Dudley had thrown at his head he started to drift off to sleep. He guessed he was suffering from a concussion. In vain he tried to stay awake. He wanted to know what was going on. Outside of the door he could hear muffled talking before he fell into the peaceful and painless embrace of sleep.

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