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Chapter Twenty-Six

Five years later

The party was joyful and happy. Harry and Severus danced together, each having eyes only for the other. It was their fourth wedding anniversary, and they had decided that it would be nice to celebrate this one with friends and family. As the song came to an end, the two separated and walked over to one of the tables that were spread around the garden.

They sat down, and Harry leaned into Severus' side, as best as he could since they were sat on chairs. Harry looked around and saw Ron and Greg dancing together; they had gotten together not long after the final battle. Harry could see that Ron was still having trouble with his right leg, as it was injured badly during the battle. The healers from St Mungo's had told him that he would never be able to walk properly again and whilst he had difficulties on occasion, for the most part he could walk with few problems.

Teresa was enjoying her time at Hogwarts, and was still living with Jasmine and Philippe. Fleur and Bill had married, and were now expecting their first child. Mathew had fallen in love with a young witch he had helped on the battlefield, and she with him; the two had just gotten engaged. The rest of the family were happy as they were, though Quinn and Leanne had added a fifth and sixth child to their brood, as Leanne gave birth to twins three years ago, two little girls named Vanessa and Valeria. Galen was happy with his single life as a cursebreaker.

Harry had never made up with Hermione; he could never trust her after what had happened. The last time he heard, she had moved away from Britain and was attending a Wizarding University in America. Ginny was also at university and had done her best to avoid Harry at all costs, though she did apologise. Draco had become a friend to Harry as well, since he was the godson of his husband. He was still living the single life, and by all accounts, enjoying it thoroughly.

"Happy?" Severus asked his young husband.

Harry looked up and into Severus' dark eyes and replied, "Very, just perfect."

"Daddy!" Came the energetic cry, as a troublesome almost five year old ran towards them and jumped onto his dads lap.

"Hello Ricky," Harry said as he held the little boy on his lap.

"Daddy, uncle Ron said he and uncle Greg will take me to the zoo tomorrow for an early birthday present. Can I go, pweaseee," he begged cutely, making Harry and Severus laugh.

"Now Ricky, say your words properly," Severus corrected him, knowing that it would last until the next time he wanted something.

"Yes Papa, Please can I go?" he asked again, giving his fathers the puppy eyes.

"You can go, but you have to promise to behave and do what they say." Harry gave in to the look.

"Yeah!" Dedric yelled as he jumped off his dad's lap and ran to his Uncles Ron and Greg to tell them the news.

"I wonder whom he gets it from," Severus said as he looked pointedly at Harry.

"Don't blame me." Harry laughed.

A few moments later Dedric ran back to them both and shouted to them, "Daddy, Papa, I know what I want for my birthday,"

"And what is that?" Severus asked the little boy.

"I want a baby brother." He answered, a cheeky grin on his face as he then ran off back to his Uncles.

"What do you think Harry?" Severus asked him, "Shall we grant his wish?"

"Well, I wouldn't mind another baby, though Ricky will have to wait a while for his birthday present." Harry said as he smiled up at his husband.

"I have been meaning to ask you if you would like to have more children, but our son seems to have good timing, which must have come from me. You were late for detention quite often, and almost late to our wedding." Severus said, a soft smile on his face.

"That was not my fault, you can blame the twins for that; they insisted I look my best, but non removable make up was not the way to go. Thankfully Molly was able to do something to get rid of it." Harry said, "and I was going to talk to you later as well, I want more children too. At least another two, don't you think, I would love a little girl though."

"Yes, a little girl with your beautiful eyes," Severus said softly, as though he could see the little girl.

"Well, I suppose we best go and talk to others, though maybe we can get away a little early and impose on Ron and Greg to watch over Dedric for the night." Severus said as he pulled Harry into his lap.

"I like the sneaky idea better, I'll go and talk to Ron and Greg," Harry smiled as they kissed passionately. Breaking the kiss, Harry jumped up and almost ran to Ron and Greg to ask them.

The two were happy to take Dedric for the night and in the morning to take him to the zoo. Harry reached Severus once again and within moments, the two had disappeared from their own party, to have a more private one.

The End

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