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Other side of the fence

I stand looking over the grounds of Hogwarts, bathed in the light of the half moon, there are so many people just standing around waiting for the end of the war. I want it to end as well, my follower's look at me expectantly; I know that many of them will fight to their deaths. This will be hard on both sides and the loss of life will more that likely be great.

My name, Lord Voldemort, has put fear into the hearts of the Wizarding World. I created it to escape the name of my pathetic Muggle father. My mother named me after him. Even though he abandoned her when he found out she was a witch, she still loved him. She is dead now, dead because she gave birth to me. She is the first person I killed, I regret ever being born, she would still be here if I hadn't.

Growing up in an orphanage where fear and loneliness walked with me was hard. I had a name from my mother. I was told over and over again how my father never wanted anything to do with me, because of him still being alive I wasn't able to go up for adoption. I was also told that he hated me, and I didn't know why. The older kids picked me on all the time. Cuts and bruises marred my skin thought my time there. I vowed that when I grew up I would get my vengeance on them and I have done so.

The day I got my Hogwarts letter helped me understand why my father hated me. It also explained why my mother was alone at the end of her life, she was a witch. I feel guilty over her death and I think I always will. The children ion the orphanage tormented me even more calling me a freak of nature. I was beaten unconscious more often than not. Hogwarts was a haven and a home for me.

It was my home but it still held its dangers. I thought that being with others like me would help, it didn't. I was put in Slytherin a house for purebloods, not half bloods like me. The bullied and tormented me about my dirty blood. I did find one friend though; she was picked on as well, though for different reasons. She was younger than me and we helped each other out. Myrtle she was my first real friend. I found out I was the hair of Slytherin and I opened the chamber of secrets. I hated muggleborns and half bloods, even myself. They had Muggle relatives that loved them and didn't abandon them because what they were, like me and my mother was. I hated them and wanted to hurt them.

It was madness, I know that now, I knew it then as well but I couldn't stop. They were only petrified though and not killed. I went into the girl's bathroom one last time to open the chamber. What I didn't know was that Myrtle was in the bathroom after being teased by that Hornby bitch. As she stepped out of the cubicle the basilisk came out into the room, and she was killed instantly. Ironic isn't it, I'm a killer but the very first two people that I killed was my mother and best friend, the two people I card for most.

I blamed everyone else for it. I didn't open the chamber again. The reasons were because Dumbledore was watching me but the main reason was because I would not bring the basilisk it to the place where Myrtle now haunts. During my last year at Hogwarts I would often go down to the bathroom and talk with her. I would like to go and see her one last time to say I am sorry for what I did.

I see young Harry Potter below. He has grown in to a strong young man. His mother, father and godfather Sirius should be very proud of him. He is in his last year at Hogwarts but he has seen things that most twice his age hasn't, just like me. Then again maybe he has seen more.

I turn to the Death Eater's and tell them to leave Harry Potter to me. I want him to come to me unharmed. He is to fight me only and no one else. They agree to my request, they don't know the true power he holds within himself. I know of his true power as I have felt it thorough our link. I know one of us will die this night.

I know it shall be me. I have had enough this life where I am always feared and hated even by some of those that follow me. I wish I could start again, I wish to know what it is like to loved and care for. They are dreams that will never become reality for me. At least I can dream.

The final battle begins.

It has been hours and dawn is beginning to break on a cold December morning. Christmas is only four days away. I wonder what it would be like to get a Christmas present from someone who cares. Another dream. Harry now stands before me. I am alone; he isn't his lover Draco Malfoy is next to him. Draco betrayed his father to be with his secret lover.

"You are stronger than me young Malfoy." I say to him. He is stronger than me he was able to follow his heart, something I could never do. If I had then the chamber would never of been opened. Maybe I would have gotten married, though I think it would have been to Myrtle. Whenever she was near she would bring out my good side.

"This is it, the end." Harry whispered to himself. It was so quiet I almost didn't hear the words.

I looked at him "I'm sorry for all the grief I have caused you." I say to him. I am at last following my heart. "Before you kill me I would like to make a request," I asked hoping they will grant it.

"Go on." Draco says looking at me with suspicion in his grey/blue eyes.

"When this is over can you go to Myrtle in the girls bathroom and tell her Tom says sorry, and let her read this." I take out a letter for Myrtle; I hope they will do so. I wrote it so long ago that the parchment has gone yellow with age. I added some more to it yesterday.

"I will I promise." Harry replied taking the letter from my hand and placing it inside a pocket. "Before the battle began Draco and I had a talk."

Draco then took over. "Harry doesn't want to have to kill anyone. So we looked for another way, we found one. There is a spell we can use. It will take you back to before you were born, you will be inside Harry. After eight month you would be reborn."

"I know you would like to start again." Harry added pointing to his scar. "Draco and I would be you parents."

I am surprised that they would do that for me. "Why would you do that for me? I have caused you both so much pain and anguish, as well as many others." I asked wondering why.

"Everyone deserves a second chance at life. It would be difficult for you to do so now." Harry answered as though he was prepared for my question. "Do you want to do this?" he then asked.

"Yes." I answered, wondering what it would be like to be the son of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. I look at them both the smile fading from my lips "if I start going down this path again please tell me what I have done in the past. If I continue walking the wrong road, kill me." I told them, they nodded their heads in solemn agreement of my request.

Harry raised his wand and pointed it towards me. Latin spilled forth from his mouth and light began to form at the tip. It shot towards me and my mind started to go blank. They last thing I saw was Draco supporting Harry.

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