Restraining to say sit!

(Hey everyone! I am Sooooo sorry for the increasingly long wait. I've been pretty busy! I also apoligoze(sp) for the many errors in this story. This is the finale of this story...sad isn't it?)

Chapter 17. The finale

Kagome new what she had to do. With out a single second thought she rushed in a blind run towards Owsumi. The bow Of purity by her side. Owsumi turned around just in time to she kagome coming at her. Inuyasha took this to his advantage and slashed at her arm. She wheeled around feeling nothing as the wound repaired it self.

Kagome then took her first shot it missed by a hair and only charred Owsumi's skin. This did not repair and Owsumi's calm disposition began to falter. Kagome shot anther Owsumi moved just in time! Kagome cursed like Inuyasha who was to wounded.

'Damn! I can't see! Kagome I can't help her!' Inuyasha's vision was one of haze and doubled. He heard the fight and was in a panic! Soon he couldn't see at all! The next thing Inuyasha knew he was unconscious.

Sango came out of nowhere her weapon destroyed! Her sword was in the hand as she fought with Owsumi who seemed to be regaining herself. Kagome was injured badly blood flowing down over her body! The bow of purity was glowing faintly instead of the usual bright glow. Kagome was losing her life force trying to keep the bow with her!

Miroku noticed this and yelled "Lady Kagome stop your killing yourself!" Shippo who had lost touch and fainted a while ago awoke and saw what was going on and began to cry tears of sorrow.

Kagome stared at her friends her heart ached at the sight! She knew her life force was in jeopardy ,but she didn't care something had to be done. Kagome then stood up her body ached with every small movement. She looked over the field of dead decayed grass. She saw Inuyasha losing more blood by the second sprawled out on a rock that was tinted a deep demon blood red. Her eyes held back tears shifting to Miroku and shippo on the ground both trying desperately to get up and fight. Finlay she watched the still standing sango desperately trying to fight Owsumi with her injuries getting worse by the second.

Kagome took a deep breath one that she thought would most likely be her last! She took her stance slightly shaking and as she readied her arrow Sango saw this and moved away. The bow glowed so brightly that Owsumi felt paralyzed!

Inuyasha awoke just in time to watch Kagome let the arrow go. His eyes widened as the arrow hit it's mark. Owsumi burst-ed into flames! Out of those flames Naraku appeared he grinned deviously and disappeared! She had done it Owsumi was destroyed and her friends were safe. This knowledge know Kagome fell to the hard ground.

Kagome awoke in Keade's hut with a stir her nose smelled many herbs. Her eyes opened to many faces watching over her. The waves of relief on there faces were puzzling to Kagome. Shippo ran into her arms crying happily. Inuyasha sat by her and hugged her a tiny tear rolled down his face. "Guys what happened?" Kagome couldn't remember a thing.

"You used up a great deal of your lives energy to defeat owsumi and fainted once she was dead." Sango replied as she hugged her friend. It had been two weeks since the battle and everyone questioned if Kagome would ever awaken.

"You beat Owsumi, but Naraku is free again..." Miroku pondered putting arm around Sango. To Kagome's surprise Sango only got closer to him! Sango blushed at kagome's questioning stare. That was all kagome needed to prove her thoughts true.

"That and the Jewel is now in pieces and scattered again." Sango responded attempting to change the subject kagome was sure to ask about.

"What are you guys complaining about! We just get the Jewel pieces again destroy that ass Naraku and Then were done! Nothing new." Inuyasha put in as grouchy as ever. Kagome sighed things were back to normal... well mostly.

A few weeks Latter Kagome and the others set out for the jewel once again. Kagome hadn't sat Inuyasha the whole time. She was trying to stop saying sit so much.

One day a familiar wind rushed by and stopped to say "Well inuyasha I hope you've been taking good care of my women!" Kouga said as cocky as ever. Inuyasha's blood boiled.

"She is not yours! She'd never be yours! You damn wolf!" Inuyasha screamed. Kagome's eyebrow began to twitch violently. Sango ,miroku ,and Shippo all backed away scared for there lives!

'Just ignore them!' Kagome told her self anger boiling almost to it's peak! The fight was getting worse as Kouga asked if Inuyasha thought that Kagome was his!

"Well yeah! She is mine!" Inuyasha yelled back in rage. Forgetting about Kagome being right there.

That did "INUYASHA! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT BOY!" Ah well I guess some things will never change!

The End!

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