Tainted for life

Chapter 13

'Hee-Heero?' All he could do for the next minute was gape at the boy on his doorstep, who looked like he had crossed the country without any sleep to find out why his best friend/future lover left him. Well, maybe because that's what he did. He wore normal jeans, nothing special about them, a red shirt and a dirty army green summercoat over it. A small duffelbag, also olive green, was slung over his shoulder. He stood completely still, staring at Duo like he stared at him.

'I'm sorry Heero.' He blurted, tears coming to his eyes as it really hit him that Heero had traveled thousands of miles just to see him! He felt like becoming all dramatic and mushy, but he tried his best to keep his masculinity and pride. 'I didn't knew we were moving. I never meant to abandon you like that!' He explained, remembering what Quatre had told him.

Heero slowly dropped the bag, it fell onto the marble with a surprisingly soft thud. He stepped closer and Duo almost expected one of those hollywood kisses, all choreographed and practised. Instead, he got something far better. Heero awkwardly walked up to him, eyes large and sad, when they were close to each other the Japanese boy suddenly tightly wrapped his arms around him and buried his face in the crook of his neck.

Duo, though shocked, found the a little piece of sense and warpped his arms about the smaller young man, rubbing his back up and down. When he heard Heero crying softly, he couldn't help but cry himself as well. He didn't even care that the neighbours across the street were looking out of their windows, staring at them. It all didn't mattered! Heero had come to see him!

Joy overflowed his heart and he had to bite his lip to stop himself from making a dramatic scene on the doorstep. He gasped as Heero suddenly pulled back, face teary but angry looking, all air was knocked out of his as Heero gave him a hard push against his chest, causing him to stagger backwards.

'How could you do this to me! To us!' He said, referring to everybody else he left behind without any notice of his departure.

'I'm sorry! Heero, I-I wanted to call you but I was so afraid you'd get angry and wouldn't understand!'

'I'm not an idiot! You could have talked to me!'

'Well, THIS is exactly the reaction I feared. So you can't say I was completely wrong!' Duo protested. A smile tugged at his lips as Heero fell silent at that, his shoulders slumping as he let out a long sigh. He looked terrible, but at the same time still so immensely beautiful... it was hard to describe.

He felt so overjoyed he could just walk around screaming from happiness. It was hard not to. Especially when Heero stepped up to him again, now standing in the house and once again wrapped his arms around him, in a gentle way, rubbing their cheeks together.

'I missed you.' He confessed with a small voice.

Duo, not liking all the attention his neighbour were giving this supposedly private, intimate moment kicked the door shut and focussed all his attention on the young Japanese man in his arms. 'I missed you too.' He replied.

Heero was again pulled back quite suddenly, still confused about the whole situation. It was obvious the American had some explaining to do. 'Why didn't you call? Send a card! It's been almost one and a half months and not even a word from you!'

'I'm sorry...'

'You know how hard it was to find you, under a DIFFERENT name in a DIFFERENT state! On the OTHER side of the fucking country!' He stomped his foot on the floor.

'I'm sorry...' He said again, watching as Heero was starting to calm down.

Heero sighed and then looked around in the white hallway. 'Nice.' He commented timidly.

'Wait till you see the poolhouse.' Duo said with a grin.

'... My bag!' Heero suddenly called turning back to the closed door.

Duow alked past him, opened the door and grabbed his old duffelbag from the floor, it was very light, he obviously didn't bring much with him. He gave the back to it's owner, who grabbed it tightly with both hands and then continued to look around, a little helpless.

'Can I uh... take a shower?' Heero asked, ignoring the whole emotional scene they just had.

Duo nodded and motioned him to follow him upstairs. He immediately brought him to the bathroom, not stopping as they passed the door to his bedroom. He opened the door and Heero gasped softly, taking in all the luxury.

He was about to give Heero some privacy, leaving the bathroom when Heero stopped him.

'I hate to ask but, do you have some spare clothes?'

He looked at the bag, not needing to put his question in words.

'I didn't bring much... no clean clothes... stupid me.' He said sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

'Sure. Wait here.' Two minutes later he came back with black sweatpants and a skyblue T-shirt. When he had bought the shirt, which was almost too small for himself, he had dreamed of how good it would look on Heero. This was a great excuus to find out.

'Thanks.' Heero said as he was handed the clothes.

Duo left the bathroom and only one minute later he heard the water fall down from the showerhead. He went back to his bedroom to clean up the little mess that had gathered there. For some reason, he also made his bed. Did he really, seriously believe they'd have sex now? They had a lott to talk about... And he didn't want to take things too fast. Still... He felt himself grow and needy and hot at the idea.

Twenty minutes later, Heero had taken his time, he emerged from the bathroom with a shy look. 'Sorry...' He murmered 'It's just that, due to the traveling, I hadn't been able to shower for three days... so...'

Duo smiled and happily took Heero's dirty closed from him, disposing them in the laundry room. He mom wouldn't mind. Cleaning Heero's clothes was the least she could do after 'kidnapping' him and brining him to a different state. He noted contently that the shirt, indeed, looked amazing on the Asian boy. Though the feeling were overpowered by guilt now for not stepping on a plane himself, they had the money to spare. Come to think of it-

'How did you pay for your flight?' He asked as they walked down the stairs in the general direction of the livingroom and kitchen.

'Frankie won the lotery. We... He knew I didn't have the money to spare for the trip, so he gave it to me.'

'Remind me to thank him.' He sweetly said and motioned Heero to sit down on one of the barstool. A small bar, that was connected to the kitchen.

Duo went to stand on the other side and offered him a drink.

'Is a beer okay? I could really use one.' Heero sheepishly said.

Duo nodded and went to fetch him his beer. He didn't get anything for himself as he knew at this moment his body wouldn't be able to function normally enough to allow him to swallow.

'Thanks.' He immediately took a large gulp out of the bottle, not even bothering with pouring it into the glass Duo also handed him.

A real man. Duo noted, nothing like the reunion with his ex-girlfriend when he was still under the impression he was straight. All she did was cry and fidget in her seat, hoping the wonderbra she wore would do the work for her.

'I can make you a sandwwich.' He offered, wondering if he had taken the time to eat while getting up here.

'If it isn't too much trouble... I'm starving.'

He smiled and prepared him three simple sandwiches, pushing the plate across the counter. Heero immediately took a large bite. He blushed and covered his mouth with his hand as he noticed Duo staring at him as he munched on the large hump of bread.

'It's okay.' He removed the hand with a smile. 'I know what it's like to be hungry.'

Heero gave him a sympathetic look and then took another large bite again, not bothering to cover his mouth. Though he did have a light red hue across his cheeks as Duo continued to stare at him in silence.

'We need to talk.' Duo eventually said.

'Hmm hmm.' Heero agreed with his mouth full, nodding.

'Let me first just say how happy I am that you came to visit.' He said, holding Heero's hand with his own and looking up at him lovingly. He couldn't help himself. Heero was acting like a starving man, which he was if he was to believe. But still he felt himself falling like a brick for him. Even more than he already did. Is was the month of not seeing each other, merely dreaming of being reunited, he concluded.

Heero, with some difficulty, swallowed his third, large, bite, the last one of his first sandwich and met his gaze. He gave Duo's hands a light squeeze. 'I don't know what gotten into me. As soon as I, finally, found your adress I grabbed my coat and bag and ran out of the house! Frankie and Cat were there and they came after me. Frankie handed me the money and... The next thing I knew I was on a plane, that first had a six hour delay... But-' He fell silent as Duo sealed Heero's lips with his own, giving him a romantic kiss without the intimate twining of tongues. '- seeing you was worth it...' He finished breathlessly as Duo released him.

'You have no idea how much I dreamt of doing that.' He whispered.

Heero smirked and got off his stool, walking around the bar to come stand very, very close to Duo, their noses touching. He face broke into a smile and he reached his hands up to carress the soft skin of Duo's cheeks (the facial ones you perverts!).

Duo placed his hands on the narrow hips, clad in his sweatpants. He trailed his hands up and tucked then under the T-shirt on the bare, soft skin.

Then Heero placed his hands aroudn his neck and pulled him down a little, pressing their lips together. He opened his mouth the moment Duo licked his soft lips, granting him access.

The kiss made Duo soar, high in the sky. He didn't think life would get any better than this. This simple, though passionate, kiss was better than that one time he went all the way with a boy. Far better. He felt his heart flutter, blood rushing through his veins to his nether regions and to his face, blushing as he felt them both grow hard from exitement. Feeling the urge to touch him even more then he did he let his hands wander up further under the shut, briefly carressing smooth chest and brushing past nipples, hardening them on instant. The hands went down again following the spine, the bumps and the gentle curl in in. He didn't dare pushing his hands under the hem of the pants, entering them so he didn't. He lay his hands on Heero's ass, squeezing the firm globes. Heero moaned into his mouth.

He didn't know why or how, but somehow he ended lifting Heero up and placing him on the counter as he came to stand between his legs. With Heero's face now higher he had to turn his own face up to be able to continue their sparring. When Heero groaned and buried his hands in his hairs and deepened the kiss even further he had a faint idea of the 'Why'.

They kissed and groped some more till Heero pulled Duo's head back by his braid, inflicting a little pain, but Duo hardly felt it. He looked up into the blue, sloe-eyes, gaze.

'Why don't you show me to your room?' He suggested seductively.

'We'd better head for the poolhouse.'

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