Inuyasha was determined to find out what the hell was going on. Not only was Kagome acting strange, she was deliberately seeking Kikyo out. That of course clearly stated that something was wrong. It was common knowledge that the priestess of the future and the undead priestess didn't see eye to eye.

Intending on figuring out what the hell was going on, Inuyasha began to walk into the clearing to confront the two women he swore to protect. He didn't want them to see him, so he chose to hide behind some trees a few feet away from the two women, still making sure that he could hear what was being spoken.

The sun was going down, casting the whole clearing and the two women in a warm orange glow, and giving the impression of a painting that depicted a moment stopped in time. The wind slowly blew around them, making their dark hair swirl around them, while the two women might seem a lot like physically, they could not be any more different spiritually.

As Inuyasha gazed at Kikyo and Kagome just standing there facing and talking to one another, he was filled with so much confusion and longing. There was Kikyo a woman who held part of his past and heart, standing there now part of the undead because neither could get past what the other was. She was a miko and he was a hanyou both loving but never trusting the other, which resulted in her death in the end.

Then there was Kagome. The reincarnation of his past love, some would say she was the spitting image of the undead priestess, but when it came to their spirits, she was the polar opposite of Kikyo. No two women could be so different like the two were.

Kagome was passionate, filled with light and love that she spreads to the people around her. When Kagome loves, she loves a person with everything she has, like it would be the last time she saw you and wanted to show you that you were wanted. She couldn't care less if you were human, hanyou, or youkai; every one was the same to her. It was because of Kagome that he learned to trust again and even…love again.

As his golden eyes settled on the two women, he realized that trying to choose between the two of them was like trying to make a mother decide which one of her kids would live and which would die. The mother would sooner die first then make that decision, just like him. If there was something the hanyou was certain about was that he wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice his life in order to save either of them. Both meant so much to him.

But you already made you choice when you promised Kikyo you would go to hell with her, Inuyasha's mind seemed to answer.

However he was starting to have second thoughts about keeping that promise, because that would mean he would have to leave Kagome. He felt his heart ache painfully as he thought about this.

He already hated when she was gone to her time for too long or even out of his sight. It drove him mad when he could smell other men's scents on her. It drove him mad with jealousy, making him want to claim her, kiss her senseless and make her forget any other rotten bastard who dared to touch what was already his. He couldn't even fathom how it would be like if he ever truly had to leave her or if she decided to leave him.

But then again she deserved much better than anything he could ever give her. He was just a filthy hanyou after all. His ears drooped sadly as he once again was reminded of his true heritage. Since his birth he had been reminded of being what he was and therefore less then everyone else. He was neither youkai, nor was he human; he was an outcast, hated by both species. It wasn't a surprise that he came to believe those harsh words.

He was only a filthy hanyou that couldn't offer anyone anything, especially not Kagome.

Inuyasha didn't know how long he had been standing day dreaming about the two beautiful women before him but, at the sound of his name, his soft white triangular ears twitched and faced forward to catch more of their conversation and his golden eyes regained their focus.

"You have nothing to worry about Kikyo. You have always held Inuyasha's heart. I recently come to realize that there are far greater things in life than to chase after a person who can not love you back," Kagome said.

Inuyasha's eyes widened in shock as he heard her words. His throat went dry and breathing suddenly became a bit too much.

She loves me; he repeated mentally, making him feel anxious and excited, all at the same time. He couldn't describe the feeling as his heart accelerated in his chest. He had always sought out love even if it was unconsciously, so for Kagome to actually say that she loved him was indescribable.

He quickly pushed the feeling aside as he concentrated on the rest of the conversation.

"He is my best friend and my passion for him has dwindled into a warm brotherly affection. I want nothing more then to see him happy even if that means being with you,"

His golden eyes widened as he heard Kagome's words. He mentally kicked himself for being so clueless to her feelings.

How did I not realize the extent of her feeling for me? Have I lost her already before I had a chance?

He shook his head. No, forget it, he made a promise to Kikyo, he reminded himself even though his heart felt like he was just doused with ice water, freezing his very heart and soul.

His head snapped up as he heard Kikyo soft and demanding voice. His gaze settled on his former love, her face was void of every emotion, while her eyes looked cold and distant.

"It doesn't matter he will join me in hell soon enough." Kikyo stated.

She had never spoken words more true, Inuyasha thought sadly. He promised her that he would join her in hell. And it would seem that he would keep his promise.

"I will help you girl on one condition. You will never become Inuyasha's mate or have any romantic involvement with him do you understand?" Kikyo asked, even though it was more of a statement.

His golden eyes flew to Kagome and he could see the slight shock in her eyes. A part of him hoped Kagome would not agree that she would take a stand for him, for them.

"Please." Inuyasha whispered his secret prayer.

"Did coming back to life affect your hearing? Did I not tell you that he does not want me!" Kagome spat clearly angered.

Inuyasha felt his heart break as he heard her words and he once again kicked himself for his foolishness. Did Kagome really think that? Did she really think that he didn't want her?

"Fine Kikyo, you have a deal." Kagome said softly, even though you could still detect a hint of anger and even sorrow in her voice.

"No." Inuyasha's mind screamed

He couldn't believe it; she just gave up on him. He clenched his fists at his side. He didn't know what to feel. He felt betrayed, hurt and angry at the same time. Did her love for him really mean that little? Would she not fight for him, even though if given the chance he would fight for her?

He was momentarily distracted from his thoughts by Kikyo's next words.

"I assume you are leaving in the morning so I will be back then." turning around Kikyo disappeared into the woods, leaving Kagome standing there alone.

The hanyou forgot about his earlier thoughts as the next words registered in his head.Leaving! She was leaving. Where was she going?

Kagome, Inuyasha thought, as felt himself slowly losing control. This really scared him, he would never admit it to anyone, but he was scared of losing her.

"Feh. Whatever." He heard her say, as she rolled her eyes and crossed her hands over her chest. Taking a quick glance at the well, she headed back to the village.

Seeing Kagome head back toward the village helped him regain the control he was slowly starting to lose. It didn't mean though that he was completely calm. He was troubled with the recent developments.

The hanyou felt anger replace his worries as he turned to gaze in the direction that she had walked off.

What has just happened? And where the fuck does she think she is going?

Bracing himself, he decided that he needed answers and damn he was going to get them. He knew that he might get sat for eavesdropping, but he didn't care. With determined stride he followed Kagome back to the village.

Kagome was seething with anger as she stormed down the dirt path that led to the village. She could not believe Kikyo would ask her, no, demand she not become intimately involved with Inuyasha. It's not like her and Inuyasha embraced each other in a romantic way. No, he left that for his precious Kikyo, that damn witch.

Of course that never stopped her from having explicit daydreams and fantasies about a certain gruff sexy down right irresistible hanyou. She was a woman now and her once childish fantasies about sweet kisses and hand holding turned into an inferno of passionate embraces and slightly rough yet gentle lovemaking under the stars or the hot springs or any where else her hentai mind could think of.

Yet, those fantasies will never come true because her and Inuyasha were never really meant to be together. She was expendable to this time and to him, since she didn't belong here. Sighing heavily, Kagome looked up from the ground to see a worried Miroku and Sango staring at her.

"uuummmm…hey guys. Uh how did slaying the demon go?" Kagome nervously asked her confused and concerned companions.

"Kagome what happened to you? Why did you leave?" Sango asked taking a step closer to Kagome. Desperately trying to figure out what Kagome was hiding without being to straight forward. She was feeling a little upset that Kagome couldn't confide in her about her quest as Kaede called it.

"Why did I leave…oh um…it looked like you guys had it covered so I decided to come back to the village to see if Kaede needed any help." Kagome quickly said trying to cover her deceit. Looking at Kaede for assistance in her lie, Kagome saw Kaede avoid her gaze and looking extremely guilty.

Please Kaede, don't tell me you ratted me out already and that the guilty look I see on your face is just my own conscious portraying my own guilt onto others. Kagome desperately prayed as she tried to back up only to be stopped by something rather firm.

No. No. No. Please kami do not let that be who I think it is. Kagome chanted over and over in her head.

Just when Kagome was about to jump away from the muscular chest pressed against her back, strong-clawed hands grabbed her upper arms as she felt someone's warm breath caress her outer ear. The spicy fresh scent that she knew all too well tickled her nose as her body involuntary shivered from the contact.

"Where do you think your going wench?" A low guff voice whispered into her left ear, making the hair on the back of her neck rise as her body involuntary shivered for a second time.

"No where Inuyasha. You are so paranoid." Kagome managed to get out as one of her many fantasies similar to this moment played over and over in her mind causing her mouth to go dry.

Now is not the time to have hentai thoughts Kagome. So get a grip, you're worse then Miroku. Kagome's mind screamed as she instinctively licked her lips.

"I can smell your deceit and guilt wench and I must say it doesn't suit you. So why don't you tell us what you where up to while the rest of were collecting the jewel shards that you broke or did you forget." Inuyasha yelled as he pushed Kagome away causing her to stumble out of his grasp into Miroku's arms.

Smelling Kagome's guilt mixed with her naturally sweet yet fresh scent did not upset him. It was the fiery scent of desire that suddenly tickled his nose when he whispered into her ear. Not knowing how to react to her desire for him Inuyasha reacted the way he knows best…he yelled.

"Inuyasha there is no reason to be so harsh on Kagome. I am sure she has a logical explanation for departing as she did, right Kagome." Miroku confidently stated as he helped Kagome straighten herself out.

"Sit. If you don't like the way I smell then I suggest you keep your damn nose and paws to yourself dog boy." Kagome screeched as she kept her back facing Inuyasha, in order to get her raging hormones back under control.

"Lady Kagome, please calm down we where just worried when we didn't see you after we exterminated the demon. Then Lady Kaede said you were on a quest so you can understand our concerns. Miroku said in his most diplomatic way.

Relaxing her stance, Kagome closed her eyes and slowly inhaled and exhaled. Once she had her emotions and hormones under control she turned around to face her friends.

"Ok. I will tell you but I can guarantee you are not going to like it." Kagome said as she walk passed her curious companions and into the hut.

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