Who are you again ?

An over stuffed Luffy strode on to the deck "Finally done eating?" Zoro spoke.

"Yep!", Luffy said with a huge grin on his face, "I would go back for more but we're out of rations and Sanji wants to kill me."

"YOU ASSHOLE!", Zoro screamed drawing one off his sword, "Not if I get you first! We got rations YESTERDAY!"

"Only if you catch meee! HA HA!", he said darting around the corner only to see Sanji standing there glaring at him though one eye "Sorry Sanji, didn't mean to run into you." still wearing the giant grin.

"That's all right I have another matter to discuss with you", Sanji said though his teeth

After Sanji and Zoro had finished beating the hell out of Luffy. They notified the rest of the crew of what he had done, than they too beat the hell out of him. As Nami locked on to another island she looked at Luffy moaning on the floor looking like a beached whale 'I wonder what this next island will be and how the hell are we going to keep Luffy from eating all the rations again.'

A large island with massive trees at least 100 meters tall and they were so thick that no one could see though them and there were large cliffs preventing everyone from getting on the island. Well almost everybody. Luffy catapulted himself over with "GUM GUM ROCKET!" the last the crew saw of there captain was him flying over the first row of trees.

Shingles walks with strange gait, muttering to himself while juggling couple large sharp knives. Only problem was that he couldn't juggle worth a flip and kept dropping these sharp implements and by sheer dumb luck avoided hitting his raggedy old shoes. When he bent to pick up the knives he had dropped, he heard a loud "swoosh " then " boom." Shingles began to stand only to see a tree recently broken in half. He saw a young man stand.

"Where's my hat?" he said franticly looking around himself.

"What ya looking for?" he muttered as he moved toward the boy. Still trying to juggle with no avail.

"I am looking for my hat, my straw hat." he said hurling a large piece of wood with one hand "I gotta find it. Its really important."

"What is?" Shingles retorted with out missing a beat

"My hat I am lookin - wait a second, I already told you that." he said in surprise

"No you didn't."

"Yes I did."

"No you didn't."

"Yes I did."

"My name's Shingles what's yours." he said like nothing was happening.

"My name's Luffy. So will you help find my hat." still looking around

"What hat?" he blurted out

"The straw hat I told you about earlier." Luffy was starting to get frustrated

"No you didn't."

"Yes I did."

"No you didn't."

"Yes I did."

"My names Shingles; what's yours?" smiling he held out his hand. Just then, he noticed something. "Cool, a straw hat." He put it on his then looked at Luffy "So where did ya come from."

"You found my hat!" Luffy screamed

"What hat?" Shingles said in surprise as he looked around

"On your head." Luffy announced as he tore the hat off his head, smiling.

"There's something on my head!"

Shingles dropped what rest of knives he had and started run around in circles screaming, "Get it off! Get it off!"

Luffy mistook this as a dance and joined him "What are we doing?" Luffy inquired.

"I don't know." Shingles replied.

As they stopped Luffy remembered that the others needed to get a shore. He began to look around trying to figure out which way he had come from.

"What ya looking for; I know this place pretty well (lie)." Shingles said with enthusiasm.

"Follow me!" Luffy replied running in the general direction from which he.

While they were running Luffy got an idea. He quickly turned to Shingles, grabbed his arm, and drew a few badly drawn people. Luffy then wrote names under each person. "You go that way I'll go this way."

After running a way's off, Shingles began to juggle, or rather tried to. He came across a small boat and in the boat were three men, two women, and a strange little deer-like thing. As he approached the boat, two of the men noticed him

"Not a step closer." The one holding three swords said .

"My name's Shingles; what are you doing here?" Shingles questioned.

"We're looking for a friend; you seen anybody?" the other man replied.

"Umm……," he began than remembered what was on his arm," Yeah, but I don't remember his name."

"Well, you're not a lot of help," woman exclaimed.

Shingles looked at his arm then back at the crew. Pointing to the man with the long nose, he said "You must be Ussop," then he pointed at the deer thing "you're Chopper," next he looked toward the man with three swords "you're Nami"

"I'm not Nami!" the man screamed.

Then he looked back at his arm "Robin?"

"I am Zoro you twit!"

"Ok you're Zoro and you're Nami" He said pointing to the other man.

"I'm not Nami either; she's Nami-chan, I'm Sanji, and that's Robin-chan!"

"Alright, let's go find your friend Zoro" Shingles said

"I'm Zoro; we're looking for Luffy!" Zoro screamed

"Ok, ok, Luffy, whatever, let's just go find him."

"Me, Robin, and Ussop will stay on board the ship, and you four go find Luffy" said Nami.

"Alright, that should work." Zoro replied then turned to Shingles, "Which way to Luffy?"

"Umm……. I don't know." Shingles replied

"WHAT! You don't! Why don't you know!" Zoro screamed.

"Well, he's really helpful to us." Sanji said, lighting up a cigarette.

"Let's go the way he came from." Chopper suggested.

"Yeah, I don't know why you're getting all riled up, Nami" Shingles said as he disappeared into the bush, followed by Sanji and Chopper.

"I'm not Nami!" Zoro said as he ran after them.