My name's Itachi

The door swung open to reveal two cloaked men, the restaurant's owner walked over and asked the two where they would like to sit.

"We will sit in the corner over there." the shorter one said. As they walked in the owner noticed the large sword on the larger one's back.

"I am sorry but we don't allow weapons in the store" he said

"What?" he said giving the man a death glare.

"But in this circumstance I'll let it slide.." he said as he pissed in his pants.

As the two sat down, a waiter came over and asked them what they wanted.

"I'll take a hamburger, no lettuce or tomato." said the shorter one

"I'll have fish sticks."

The waiter then placed glasses of water on the table and left with their order

After the waiter was gone the two began to talk.

"So Itachi how've you been"

"Horrible! I have more enemies then ever, the police have been getting close to catching me, I am starting to attract smarter, more eccentric fan girls, the pairings with me and my brother are up and get this some one paired me with Orochimaru."

"Damn that's gross" Kisame said

"And you won't believe how many painful things have happened to me. I been hit by an avalanche, twice"

"Same one?"

"Yep and that's not all I have been hit by three bolts of lighting in the same spot who ever said "lighting never hits in the same spot" is going to die." he said as he should his third degree burns.

"Damn that sucks" Kisame said with a cringe because of the burns

"Here is you food Sirs. I hope you enjoy." the waiter interrupted. Kisame gave him a death glare then began to eat.

As Itachi began to eat he noticed that they hadscrewedup his order.

"Where did that waiter go" he said very agitated.

"Yes sir"

"You screwed up my order" Itachi screamed waiters face

As Itachi began to do the Mangekyou him he noticed a quarter on the ground and bent over to pick it up. Directly behind which reflected the genjustu right back into his own eyes.

Two hours later

"Huh, what hell happened" Itachi said as he sat up

"Umm……., your Justu back fired" Kisame replied, "I thought that wasn't suppose to happen."

"It's not" Itachi responded, "I just relised how bad my genjustu are."

"What happened."

"I forced myself to eat 41 hamburgers with only lettuce and tomato" he replied.

"you got the worst luck lately" Kisame said as he