Apartment of Det. Olivia Benson

83rd St and 2nd Ave

Saturday, March 21, 9:47 AM

Olivia yawned as she opened up her newly acquired desktop computer, and was surprised to find an email from Elliot sitting in her inbox.

Sent to: Liv

From: El

Subject: Important Message

March 21st, 7:23 AM


A woman claiming to be a college friend of yours called the office today, looking for you. She said her name was Debbie Dorner- but you would know her as Debbie Wilson. She insisted that she talk to you, fast. I left a message on your cell and your answering machine, but I bet your still sleeping. Lucky me, I got weekend duty. I have her number…but I think you should come in and get it. Catch ya for lunch?


A frown creased her brow until the last sentence. She was worried about Debbie, but she could help the happiness that flowed at her partner's suggestion. Was there something terribly wrong with that?

Liv clicked the 'reply' button at the top of the screen, and began typing a short reply to Elliot.

Sent to: El

From: Liv

Subject: RE: Important Message

March 21st, 9:59 AM


Thanks for the heads up. I remember Deb, we were roommates my sophomore and junior year of college. Did she say what was up? I haven't talked to her since Academy. I was sleeping, yes. Why aren't you using work email? I thought you were on the job today? Why do I need to come in? Is something wrong? Whatever… I'll bring in roast beef on rye…salad for me.


Liv couldn't understand why Elliot was being so secretive, what was so horribly wrong with Debbie that she needed to talk to Liv this instant? She rubbed her eyes and shut down the computer. Next on her list was a shower.

Twenty minutes later, Olivia was cleaned, fully dressed in emerald V neck and tan slacks, and hungry. She grabbed an apple from the bowl sitting on the counter, and while munching, looked in her green suede jacket slung on the stool to search for her cell phone. Sure enough, the bright blue screen flashed the ' New Message" sign instantly. She listened to her partner's baritone voice, his message as cryptic as his email. Sighing, she shrugged the jacket on, and put her wallet and cell back in the pockets and walked out the door to get lunch for her and Elliot.

Special Victims Squad room

Saturday, March 21st, 11:56 AM

"Hey, I got your email." A bored Elliot Stabler smiled at Liv, who rolled her eyes and tossed a bag onto his lap.

"Roof?" Liv motioned with her salad plate, and Elliot nodded, getting up from his chair.

"Cap, I'm taking thirty. Liv's here!"

Cragen obviously didn't care, because El was soon on Liv's heels, following her up the musty stairs to the solace of the roof. The walls that spanned the entirety of the roof were made of cement, and slowly crumbling. Liv wondered randomly if Cragen was going to care enough to get them fixed.

Olivia turned to sit on the lower ledge, her back to the wall, and waited for El to join her. He instead, sat on the ground. She gave him an odd look, and then focused on her salad preparations.

"What? I prefer the ground to cement?"

"I didn't say anything."

Elliot smiled and unwrapped his roast beef sandwich. " So, you figure this thing out with your old friend yet?"

Liv cringed slightly, and shook her head. " Everything you said makes no sense to me. Deb and I parted on not so nice terms, and she not so nicely stated that all I was to her was the past. I moved out of the dorms a day later and got my own apartment. I haven't seen or heard from her since."

Elliot thought about this while chewing. The other half of his sandwich lay forgotten on his lap, and Liv reached for it quickly, taking a bite and smiling. Elliot glared at her, and she grinned. " I paid."

Ignoring her comment, he went back to thinking about Debbie and her situation. " I wish I knew more, Liv. But all I can tell you was that she sounded truly frantic, almost scared."

She shrugged hopelessly. " I am meeting her tomorrow at one thirty. I hope I can find out answers then."

Elliot saw the pain in her eyes, and heard the strain in her voice. " Hey, whatever happens, none of it is your fault. Maybe she just needs you to forgive her; twelve step program."

Liv smiled and raised her eyebrows meticulously, " As in, ' hi, my name is Debbie and I am an alcoholic.' Huh?"

Elliot grinned, standing up to wipe off the crumbs, and offer her a hand up as well. " Exactly right, Detective."