Chapter 4: Technius' Assault

As Technius was making his way through the Ghost Zone, Danny Phantom was following Technius and coming in at Technius.

"He still thinks he can take you on right here" said Brainiac, "why don't you show off your new move against him?"

"A great idea!" replied Technius.

Technius then charged up his ghost beam ray and fired it at Danny. It sent Danny flying across the Ghost Zone. Danny recovered and started to chase down Technius. Technius then noticed a door that was nearby and exited the Ghost Zone through the door. Danny then followed Technius through the door. As they exited the door they entered back in Amity Park.

"Alright Technius, what's this all about?" asked Danny.

"I am here to prove to you that I am a formidable foe!" replied Technius.

Technius then launched his fist at Danny, punching him and sending him flying across the street and hitting a lamp post. Back at the secret government facility where CABNUS had its temporary base, the readings of the strange electrical current went off the charts.

"What's going on?" asked Superman as he came in the room with Batman and Hawkgirl.

"We have traces of Brainiac" replied Joan as she was looking at the computer.

Suddenly Jack, Jazz and Maddie Fenton came in.

"Hello, we're here about the government job?" asked Jack.

"How did you get passed security?" asked Joan as she turned around to Jack and Maddie.

"We just told them that we were here for the interview" replied Maddie.

"What kind of strange facility is this?" asked Jazz.

"Yea" added Maddie, "I thought this was suppose to be a ghost hunting job or something like that."

"Let me be honest with you" said Joan, "we're really suppose to stop an apocalypse from happening. I just used the ghost hunting job offering to get you people on aboard along with Vlad Masters."

"Well then" said Jack as he got his ghost hunting gear ready, "if it's to stop a horrible apocalypse then I'm all for it. I haven't had this much fun since this Pariah Dark character was released from the Ghost Zone. But just who are we after?"

"We're after Brainiac" replied Batman, "we think he might be here in Amity Park using some sort of strange machinery to resurrect himself."

"Well then bats" said Jack as he started to point at Batman, "you're going to have to give me some proof that this Brainiac fellow you are talking about even exists."

Suddenly Danny was sent crashing right into the ground of the CABNUS base.

"The ghost boy!" shouted both Jack and Maddie.

"Danny?" asked Jazz.

"Look, I'm in a lot of trouble" replied Danny as he got up to Superman, Batman and Hawkgirl.

"Why should we believe you?" asked Jack as he armed himself with one of his ghost hunting gadgets.

"Leave this to us" replied Hawkgirl.

"Now what kind of foe knocked you here?" asked Superman.

Suddenly Technius blasted a hole right through the building.

"That!" replied Danny as he pointed his finger at Technius.

"There are high readings of some strange electrical current in him" said Joan.

"The same type of strange electrical current we were chasing before" said Batman.

"Yes, so you have figured it all out" said Brainiac as he took over Technius' mind.

Brainiac while controlling Technius launched his attack by firing a ghost beam. Danny turned everybody invisible so that Technius' attack would be useless.

"Everybody, get out of the way" said Danny, "get to safety now!"

"Not while we're able to fight him" replied Superman as he placed his hand on Danny's shoulder, "if you're fighting Brainiac then you're on our side."

"Just let me handle this" said Hawkgirl as she raised her mace up high.

Hawkgirl then raced toward Technius with her mace up high in the air. As she swung her mace at Technius, Brainiac while still controlling Technius turned invisible. Brainiac then grabbed Hawkgirl and threw her down to the ground.

"Get our ghost hunting gear ready" said Jack to Maddie.

"Don't worry" said Batman, "we'll hold this guy off. We're professionals at this."

As Superman, Batman and Hawkgirl along with Danny started to fight off Technius, Jack and Maddie were trying to get their ghost hunting gear ready. As Joan along with other CABNUS members were heading to safety, Vlad noticed the chaos and turned himself into Vlad Plasmius. As Danny managed to knock Technius toward Vlad, Vlad was curious to why Technius was acting so strangely.

"Technius, what's wrong with you?" asked Vlad, "I'm suppose to be your ally."

"You're so-called ally is no more" replied Brainiac while controlling Technius.

Then Brainiac while controlling Technius punched Vlad, sending him right into the wall. As Technius was about to blast Vlad with the ghost beam, Superman bashed Technius down to the ground.

"You should be more careful" said Brainiac while controlling Technius, "I have learned more moves to hit you hard."

Brainiac then fired several fireballs from Technius' hands, sending Superman crashing into Batman and Hawkgirl. Danny then fired his ghost beam at Technius, but Technius dodged the attack by going invisible.

"Impressive power don't you think?" asked Brainiac while controlling Technius to Danny.

"Then so is this!" replied Danny as he raced toward Technius.

Danny then rammed his fists right at Technius, sending him crashing against some computers. Technius got up and fired his ghost beam again at Danny, sending Danny flying through all the rooms of the CABNUS base and outside the street. Technius then raced toward Danny and uppercut Danny right into the air. As Technius was about to fly up toward Danny, Jack managed to use the ghost fishing net to grab a hold of Technius.

"You're not going anywhere" said Jack.

Technius anyway tried to fly up toward Danny, but Jack managed to hold on. As Jack's grip on the ghost fishing pole was loosening, Superman entered the scene as he flew in.

"Here S-man" said Jack, "hold this for me."

"What is this?" asked Superman as he was given the fishing pole.

"It's supposed to catch ghosts" replied Jack, "just keep on holding it. You seem to be strong enough to hold it."

Superman with all of his might began to hold onto the ghost hunting fishing pole. Technius tried to loosen his grip, but it was no use. Danny saw his chance and raced back toward Technius, giving him several good punches and kicks, sending Technius flying down to the ground. Superman then saw his chance and started to fly around Technius tying up Technius with the ghost rope of the ghost fishing pole.

"You can't hold me forever!" shouted Brainiac while controlling Technius.

"So what do we do with him?" asked Joan as she entered the scene with her CABNUS cronies.

"I say let's bash him into pieces" replied Hawkgirl as she flew in with her mace.

"I believe I have a solution" said Vlad Masters as he came into the scene.

"Okay, what's your solution V-man?" asked Jack.

"Let's find out how this Brainiac fellow managed to take control of this ghost" replied Vlad.

"CABNUS base has been nearly destroyed because of this ghost" said Joan.

Suddenly Danny noticed a glowing piece of an electronic device on Technius' back head. Danny then walked behind Technius and fired his ghost beam at the glowing electronic device that was glowing, knocking it out and having it falling onto the ground. Then Technius started to wake up and look around.

"Uh, what happen?" asked Technius as he was looking around, "Why am I tied up in some ghost rope?"

"I believe I have one answer for you" replied Jack as he took out a Fenton thurmus.

The Fenton thurmus then sucked Technius right into the thurmus. Joan then walked toward where the strange electronic piece and picked it up. She then gave it to some CABNUS henchman.

"Put this in a secure location" said Joan, "I don't want this to get into the wrong hands. And as for you ghost boy, I think it's better you run off now."

"That's a good idea" said Danny.

Danny then raced off. Joan then walked toward Superman, Batman and Hawkgirl.

"I think we can rest easy" said Joan, "knowing that Brainiac can't resurrect himself."

"I hope you're right" said Superman.

"As for you Mr. Fenton" said Joan as she turned to him, "we may need to call you along with your buddy Vlad Masters in the future."

"Hear that V-man" said Jack as he slapped Vlad's back, "we get to be employed by the government!"

"Yes" replied Vlad as he grumbled, "how thrilling."