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Author's Note: Dark, Angst, all those things that you can find in almost all of my stories. I hope you enjoy this one, though. It's kind of a repeat one might say, but I'm trying to make the best of it. This won't be giddy stuff, so be prepared…


Dejection flows through countless threads mangled throughout a work of art called misery. A sense of desolation is swimming in a duo of orbs observing this thing called beatitude. An endless clash of passion inside a maelstrom of motivation causes endless confusion.


A downright merciless swipe of hatred was kneeling down before him, asking him to join in on the torture. Energy sizzled amongst the magnificent display of powerful sensations. A bolt of wonderful destruction seemed to pass through him as he beckoned for further explanation, with a childish, but very dangerous and penetrating gaze.

I yearn

A foreboding stranger showed him the way to obliterate senseless entities.

He was Death himself, though not in name, it would be in atmosphere…

Death shall be I, …

The Clashing

- Prologue

Children ran about as they played on the playgrounds of the Shinobi School. Umino Iruka observed every Nina Student present and knew everything about them. It was said Iruka was the most powerful Chuunin Teacher on the school. There was Mizuki, who carried a strange, hiding aura around him, but he didn't seem as strict and controlled as Iruka.

"Oy, Kiba, you little brat! Leave little Hinata alone!" Iruka screamed.

But the young man was fast to scream when needed. Iruka looked behind him to see Nara Shikamaru and Akimichi Chouji lie around, staring at the sky. Chouji seemed to be staring at both the sky and his food.

There were little outstanding students this year. There was the Rookie Genius, but he wasn't as good as the previous Rookie Hyuga Neji. Uchiha Sasuke downright hated his classmates, while Hyuga Neji merely looked down at them. Then there was the genius of the class, but she lacked in the other departments, such as strength and technique. Haruno Sakura was very intelligent, but she was also the target of a lot of bullies. Iruka never thought her forehead was that big.

There was a student a year ago, who had passed the Genin Test with flying colours. The student was more powerful than any of the teachers and even some of the higher and more advanced Chuunins. But a suited Jounin Instructor couldn't be found so said Student was having solo-missions ranked C, close to B.

Uzumaki Naruto was amazingly dangerous… The entire Village hated his guts and would do anything in their power to kill him… if it weren't for the Third's Law… Iruka also hated the boy's guts, among almost everyone else. But the boy would be avoided at any cost, since he already had a big list of kills.

Well, tomorrow would be the last day for this set of Students, as the Genin Test would be held then.


Kakashi lazily strolled towards one of the rooms assigned for him. He didn't know who his students were going to be, as he was too late at the briefing. The Hokage did tell him he had the hardest bunch.

'This year that little brother of Uchiha Itachi was going to turn Genin, right? I wonder if the Hokage picked to him to be one of my students…' Kakashi wondered as he opened the door.

He was met by two faces. One was missing. "Oy, where's the other one?"

Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke looked at each other before looking back at the famous Sharingan wielder, Hatake Kakashi. "So you two don't know? I'll have to report this to the Ho-"

Kakashi was interrupted as he sensed a powerful Chakra behind him.


Kakashi nervously swallowed as he recognised the voice. 'Don't tell me… The Hokage found me the most suitable to be his Jounin Instructor?'

Kakashi turned around to stare into two very dangerous eyes. The blonde boy had his arms folded as he glared. "Ah, Uzumaki Naruto… So you've finally decided to go along with Sandaime's advice?"

You're the only one I will ever respect, for you have always respected me…

Naruto glared Kakashi down. "Make this quick, Hatake…" He warned with a gaze that would turn Kakashi into a pile of ash. "I still have one mission to finish today."

Kakashi nodded his head and turned to face Sasuke and Sakura. "My name is Hatake Kakashi. The boy behind me is Uzumaki Naruto. We both don't like to introduce ourselves, but for the facts… I like reading and he likes missions. Now, what about you two? Any likes or dislikes? Dreams?"

Sasuke frowned a second before Sakura started her useless bantering. After seeing her blush about three times, he got annoyed and interrupted her rudely. "I am Uchiha Sasuke… There are few things I dislike, but even fewer I like… My Ambition is to kill a certain man."

Kakashi nodded his head, while Naruto sent a tiny glare to Sasuke. Sasuke almost seemed to be scared, but he sent a glare back. Naruto turned his back to him and walked out.

"Wait, you three will have a final Genin Test tomorrow. I expect you to come too, Naruto-kun. Tomorrow morning at 9, survival training will commence. I expect all of you not to eat breakfast; otherwise you most probably will throw up."

Naruto simply walked away, while Sasuke and Sakura's eyes widened. Kakashi decided to explain further…


Sasuke was a bit nervous, while Sakura was very nervous. In front of the duo stood the vessel of the Nine-Tails, Uzumaki Naruto.

"Calm down." He had said when he had just arrived. "Your nervousness can be felt in the entire Leaf Village." The blonde Shinobi left it at that and indicated with his eyes that he wouldn't appreciate it if they would talk to him until Kakashi had arrived.

'Great, I'm stuck with a psycho on our team… At least Sasuke-kun is on my team!' Sakura mentally cheered. "Eh, Sasuke-kun? Did you eat breakfast?"

Instead of answering the question, Sasuke, as usual, ignored the pink-haired girl. 'Who is this boy? He's almost akin to me… But he seems even colder… Why do I feel so intimidated whenever he glares at us?' He remembered how the blonde boy had talked to Kakashi yesterday. 'He shows no sign of respect towards Kakashi, but then again, neither do I…'

Sakura wanted to ask this strange Naruto why he was so late. They had been waiting for a full hour, could the boy have known Kakashi would show up later? She decided not to ask, as it seemed Naruto was asleep, seated against a tree. Another thing was that the boy scared her…


This indicated the sudden arrival of Kakashi. Sakura immediately pointed a finger at the Jounin. "You're late!" She yelled, waking up almost everyone in Leaf Village.

Naruto rose to his feet as he heard Kakashi. Kakashi turned to him first. "I assume you won't be having any missions anymore, now you've become a Genin to a Jounin Instructor?"

Naruto almost lazily gazed at Kakashi, still with his arms folded. "According to you, Hatake, I can't have missions next to being under your tutorage, as you have put it…"

Kakashi nodded. 'They boy's only friend is the Hokage… He seems mad at me for going to the Hokage to ask him to relieve Naruto from solo-missions…' Kakashi analyzed. 'This boy will be a handful… I have to gain his trust.'

Kakashi knew Naruto was the vessel of the Kyuubi and knew that he boy was hated throughout most of his life. He also knew the boy trusted no one, except the Third.

Naruto had become a cold Shinobi, a skilled, calculating and merciless killer, but still a Genin. He knew some of his skills, but only some. This team of his was very interesting…

"Well, let's start this thing! I have two bells here." Kakashi showed them to his public. "Your mission is to grab one of these bells. If you have one, you will be a Genin and I will be your Jounin Instructor."

Kakashi viewed their reactions. "If you fail, you will become a Student again." He said, answering the question that was going to come out of Sakura's mouth.

"Alright, I expect you to come at me with intent to kill… Otherwise, you will have no chance in even touching these bells." Kakashi explained. "Come!"

As expected all three Shinobis spread out. All in their own ways… Sasuke jumped further back, while Sakura quickly dove into the bushes. Naruto, on the other hand, slowly walked away.

"I will observe these two along with you, Hatake." He said with a very superior voice. "I assure you that you, as I, will be very disappointed." He said as he disappeared.

Kakashi narrowed his eye at the spot where Naruto disappeared. 'From that movement, he indicated to me that he's fast… From his speech, he indicated to me that he was far more superior to Sasuke and Sakura.' Kakashi smiled underneath his mask. 'I do wonder how strong you are then, Naruto.'

Kakashi yawned as there still was no movement around him in fifteen minutes. 'Sakura is doing nothing under that tree, while Sasuke is really observing me, trying to look for some weak spots, openings. I can't locate Naruto, though… He's skilled in stealth, too.'

"Time is running out, guys… I guess I will have to show you a lesson in stealth and in… Genjutsu!" Kakashi started as he disappeared from both Sasuke's and Sakura's view.

Sakura was immediately caught in Genjutsu as she saw Sasuke die because of dozens of Kunais ripped through his body. Sakura quickly fainted afterwards.

'Hmmm… I didn't expect her to faint… I guess she really likes that Uchiha boy…' Kakashi wondered as he sensed that Sasuke was in the clearing he was in before.

As he appeared before the Uchiha, the little boy smirked. "I'll have you know that I'm far above the average Genin… I'm not like the Haruno girl." Sasuke said. "I don't know how strong that Naruto is, but he's as old as I am, so… I should be superior to him as well."

"You have mighty words, Sasuke-kun." Kakashi said. "But can you back them up?"

Sasuke started with throwing Kunais at Kakashi. Of course, the Jounin dodged only to see Sasuke activate a trap. Kakashi dodged the trap as well and noticed Sasuke using Taijutsu on him. 'He's fast! But still predictable…' The Jounin thought as he blocked every move. He quickly moved backwards as he saw a hand slip towards one of the bells.

Sasuke smirked as he performed a few handseals. "Katon!"

Kakashi's eye slightly widened. 'He's using that Jutsu? But he's a Genin!'

"Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" Sasuke let out as he let out a ball of Fire at Kakashi.

As the fire died down and the smoke cleared Sasuke found no trace of Kakashi. 'Damn, where did he go?'

"Below you!"

Sasuke's eyes widened as his foot got grabbed and he was dragged down low.

"Ninjutsu, Sasuke-kun. To be more precise, Doton, Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu." Kakashi explained. "Ah, there you are…" Kakashi suddenly said as he turned away from Sasuke.

Naruto had his eyes closed as he stood in front of Kakashi and Sasuke, with his arms folded. "I told you they would disappoint you." He whispered.

Kakashi's eye widened a bit, asking for clarification. "What about you, Naruto-kun? Want a bell?" He asked as he swung the bells on his pouch. "You'll have to fight me for one…"

Naruto opened his eye and sent a huge wave of Killer intent over Kakashi and Sasuke…

Sasuke's senses trembled as he felt Naruto's killer intent. 'Wha-what…?'

Kakashi clenched one his fists to ignore the killer intent. 'Impressive… He's still holding back though; he's too calm to be going all out… Still, this Killer Intent is insane for someone his age.'

Naruto grinned as he glared Kakashi down. "I've never fought a Jounin before… I'm facing an elite Jounin now, Hatake Kakashi, wielder of a Sharingan, owner of a thousand Jutsus…"

Sasuke's eyes widened. 'Wielder of a Sharingan!'

Naruto closed his eyes again. "Let's end this little quarrel. You're a Jounin, so I should have no chance of beating you." Naruto opened his eyes again. "But let's take this up a notch…" He dangerously whispered as Kakashi felt a little of the Kyuubi's Chakra…

Kakashi's eyes widened at the Chakra. 'He can control the Kyuubi's Chakra?'

Kakashi braced himself as Naruto vanished. 'He's fast… But I can still keep up…'

Sasuke, on the other hand, had no clue of what was going on as he was still stuck in the ground. 'Damn… they both have so much Chakra…'

As Naruto appeared in the clearing again, Kakashi threw a few Kunais at him. Kakashi watched as all of them were bounced back by red Chakra… 'Damn, he's controlling it so well he's made a defense out of it. Really impressive.'

"For all that has been used against me, I shall grow stronger by the seconds…" Naruto said as a huge red hand of Chakra reached out towards Kakashi. Sasuke's eyes widened as the ground obliterated and set him free. Kakashi had jumped away just in time.

Kakashi tried to attack Naruto with Taijutsu from behind, but red Chakra stopped his advance and actually tried to grab him as he was approaching. 'Make that absolute defense…' Kakashi analyzed as he jumped back. 'He's become a very difficult Shinobi to beat.'

Kakashi narrowed his eye at Naruto. 'Speed… I'll have to move fast.'

Naruto closed his eyes and shook his head as he saw Kakashi move in high speed. "Halt, Hatake. I have no need to get hurt today. As a Jounin, I fully expect you to beat me. But I thought this was us versus you…" Naruto turned to Sasuke. "You, you puny little bug. Get up and try to attack Kakashi."

Sasuke looked annoyed at Naruto, but his attention got diverted as Sakura suddenly latched to him from behind. "Sasuke-kun! You're still alive! Oh thank god!"

Sasuke snarled as he dropped Sakura to the ground. "Don't touch me." He turned back to Naruto, with an occasional glance at Kakashi. 'He's got one bad attitude… But we may have to work together to get the bells… Perhaps the two of us should become Genins. Sakura can be left behind. She isn't skilled enough anyway.'

"Doubt and I will attack you instead of Hatake, bug." Naruto warned as he vanished.

Sasuke snarled again. 'I'll teach him to talk to me like that… After we get the bells.'

Kakashi jumped up to avoid a sudden hand of red Chakra from underneath. In mid-air, Sasuke appeared to attack Kakashi. Kakashi easily avoided the small Taijutsu techniques and kicked Sasuke back down to the ground.

Sakura was looking up at the two and hurriedly ran to the spot where Sasuke would land. Before she could reach the spot however, Naruto stopped her by appearing before her. "Another bug… Make yourself useful and try to grab a bell instead of chasing the other bug…" He advised as behind him, Sasuke fell on his back.

Naruto shook his head as Sakura ran to Sasuke. "Useless…" He said as he looked at Kakashi, who had just landed.

Naruto quickly performed a few hand seals. "Hmph, Doton, Doryou Dango!"

Kakashi's eye widened at the technique, before he dodged the huge mud ball that Naruto created and threw at him. 'I should have know a Genin like him knew Chuunin Level Techniques.'

Sasuke's eyes were widened as well. 'He's certainly interesting… His defense is good, with that strange red Chakra. His techniques are impressive too. I will have to surpass him…'

Naruto turned around to glare at both Sakura and Sasuke. "I'm not strong enough to face a Jounin on my own yet. You two insects should hurry up and attack him along with me." He softly said, but to the two Genins, it sounded like a vicious bark.

Sakura immediately rose to her feet, albeit wobbly, too afraid to say something against Naruto. 'He… He really frightens me somehow…'

Sasuke too, rose to his feet. 'His Killer Intent is insane… Even I am slightly trembling when he's staring at me…'

Kakashi narrowed his eye. 'Naruto knows he can't beat me alone, so he decided to get some back-up. Well, it does work, but they're doing it for the wrong reasons.' Kakashi turned to Naruto after staring at the trembling Sasuke and Sakura. 'They're afraid of Naruto.'

"Hmm, there are only two bells here, why would you work together?" Kakashi asked. "One of you will fail, anyway."

Naruto snorted, already knowing Kakashi's mind games, but he let it rest. Sasuke and Sakura both doubted, though, as their fear for Naruto died down a bit. 'Heh, that only counts for Sakura. She's done nothing so far. Naruto and I will definitely get those Bells.' Sasuke thought.

Sakura, being pretty smart, was on a whole other thought pattern. 'This is a test… there are two bells, so only two can become Genin. But we're with three, so, why should we work together…' Sakura smirked as she caught on. "Heh! We'll work together, even if one of us won't become Genin!"

Kakashi smirked back. 'Smart girl… All of them are very interesting.' He analyzed. "Very well… The combined strengths of all of you combined show me the three of you are ready to become a team. But you…" He started, looking at Naruto. "Don't need to scare your teammates."

"You need to start leaning on another more." Kakashi said, staring at Sasuke.

"And you…" Kakashi started as he turned towards Sakura. "You shouldn't let your emotions get the best of you." He ended. "Other than that, congratulations on becoming Genin."


"I won't."

Kakashi was able to rip his own head off at his refusal… his hundredth refusal by now. "Naruto, just complete this mission already."

Naruto glared at Kakashi. "I won't, Hatake. First, this mission is ridiculous. Grabbing weeds… Second, that old lady hates me and I hate her right back. If we were alone now, I would rip her throat out and eat it." He warned. "I don't care what you think of me, Hatake, but I simply won't do it." Naruto snorted. "Ripping weed out, I'll rip her stomach out if she keeps glaring at me like that."

Kakashi sadly nodded his head as he stared at the old lady at the door, who was overlooking Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto and himself. But indeed, she was mostly sending a very cold glare at Naruto. The entire Village hated Naruto and it had turned Naruto into a vicious Shinobi.



Okay, things will go very different beyond this point. This was the prologue; next chapters will be a lot longer, of course. This will be a very dark fic, where Naruto listens to no one but the Third. He's a bit like Gaara, but a lot colder when he goes all out. This prologue wasn't very dark, but it'll go a lot darker from here on out. Naruto will show his true evil nature only outside Leaf Village… Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little bit. Take Care!