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A White Flower and Masked Emotions


A ray of sunlight poked through the open window, illuminating the room. The light slowly crept along the ground and touched the objects in the room, bathing them in a golden glow. It hesitated a moment before it touched a solitary dweller, who slept with the appearance of a person who had not acare in the world. This individual sat, leaning against a pile of books, his sword propped against his shoulder. An unusual position to sleep. Do you not agree? But in this era, in the Bakumatsu, you cannot afford to sleep deeply. There could sudden attacks and you could fall dead in your sleep.

This man's name was Himura Kenshin, known far and wide as Hitokiri Battousai. But right now, he did not look like the cold, amber-eyed hitokiri but instead, a simple, innocent child. His flawless skin was only marred by a cross-shaped scar on his left cheek. His handsome, youthful face held a peaceful expression, not his usual cold glare that he often gave to intimidate people. His blood-red bangs and high ponytail covered half his face as he leaned forward slightly, showering his shoulders with scarlet strands. His eyes twitched as a strand of hair tickled his closed eyelid, but a small breeze from the open window blew the strand away, and he relaxed once again.

He could hear the sound of footsteps outside the door and he stiffened. He felt the person's ki briefly, then relaxed once again. He knew it was Sanosuke, a carefree man and trusted friend, who was probably searching for any threats before turning in for a couple of hours of sleep.Kenshin pulled his hair back, off his shoulders, and continued to sleep...or tried to.

Suddenly, the sound of breaking glass reached Kenshin's ears. His eyes snapped open and the color flickered instantly from a soft blue to a fierce amber. He jumped from his bed, pulling his sword out at the same time. The morning sunlight glinted of the blade, and became blindingly bright. He paused, realizing that the sound outside the door was not hostile, so he sheathed his sword. He sighed inwardly in relief, glad that he didn't have to shed blood at the moment.

He gathered his books which had fallen on the floor and placed them back where they belonged. After he had folded his blanket and placed it on his futon, he turned his attention back to the door. The person was still outside, and cursing under her/his breath. He could hear small crunching noises coming from outside also. Curious to know what was going on, he slid open the paper door.

Outside, a beautiful young woman was frantically sweeping the floor with a broom, gathering the broken slivers. The sun pierced through the doorway. The girl stopped, noticing a patch of sunlight on her kimono. When she finally saw Kenshin, she froze.

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