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Col. Campion Bond locked the door behind him as he carefully looked around the quiet neighborhood to see if any insomniac neighbor was looking, there wasn't any, but to make sure he lowered his hat and stuck up his coat's collar to conceal his features.

It was almost dawn when he distantly hared the coach quietly arriving, so he as quick to rush through the cobblestone corridor amidst the small garden and through the small gate and into the coach which had a suspicious driver at the seat, Bond didn't pay much attention to the man and hoped in while telling him to head to his house.

Inside were two Agents of Special Branch, "This came through foreign Intelligence, Sir." said an Agent as he handed him a dossier marked 'For the Eyes of Sir Campion Bond only'.

As Bond went to open the dossier which was sealed with a wax seal, he couldn't help but look outside the window; he saw a slender silhouette of a young woman looking through the second floor window, the silhouette then proceed to shut the blinds. Bond couldn't help but feel warm at heart and smile, with a faint fell of guilt as well.

For the past months Sir Bond had been living a lie, he was the man who overlooked the Special Branch, he was a highly decorated military man, knighted by the queen just months ago right after the capture of the Jacques Deir Par society that was the organization behind the Jack the Ripper murders, he was a married man and a father, and he was having an affair.

He and Suzan his wife had lost the warmth of their relationship years ago and had just kept it up to keep appearances, he had lived for his work for all those years, until Lillian arrived; Lillian Baxter: The Widow of a young solider killed in Kenya by the Boers1, they had met by coincidence and they took to each other, she found a protector from the cruelties of life in her and he had found someone to love, they had been meeting every night for a month now, and none knew about it. Except for his trusted agents at his side. He knew he couldn't keep it up forever, and he knew he could never leave her, someday in the near future he would divorce Susanne and marry Lillian, it would cause a storm of objections, but he didn't care, may it all be damned.

Bond opened up the dossier and read with the light of the gasoline lamp inside the carriage as he finished u his eyes widened in shock, it was an emergency of great proportions, he doubted all the Agents could deal with it, a matter such as this needed to be dealt with swift efficiency, he had to call the League into action, which would take sometime, Nemo was with the Nautilus in the Atlantic ocean, Skinner was vacationing in Morocco doing god-knows-what, Sawyer was in New York, Jekyll was with the Army in Kenya, Mina was the closest at the moment as she was in Paris visiting 'ancient friends' as she said. He ordered the coachman to head to Special Branch Headquarters instead, but all of a sudden, the coach stopped.

An agent called to the coachman and asked what's happened, but there was no answer, and the coach wasn't starting to move anymore.

"Go see what's happened, be careful." ordered Bond.

An agent stepped out of the coach and went to look outside, the first thing he saw was that the coachman was missing and that they were in an Miter Square, and then he heard the sound of a pop and simultaneously felt a sharp pain through his knee, before he could scream there was another pop and a bullet pierced his skull, the Agent inside reached for his gun but a bullet came through the window and struck him in the chest.

Bond was quick to act, he reached for the agents gun and jumped out the other side of the coach, he caught a glimpse of a man with a rifle standing on the roof of a nearby building, he went to shoot him but and a bullet struck the assassin in the chest causing him to fall to the ground, the assassin shot a single round that echoed through the intersection, but then there was a single bullet in the chest that came from behind, preceded by a pop, dropping the big man to the ground as he took his last breaths.

Glimpses of all periods of his life flashed in his mind, the first sight of the queen, the first sight of his wife, the first sight of his son, the first sight of Hyde, and the first sight of Lillian, the last thing he saw was the iron image of Queen Victoria.

The man with red locks of hair placed the two coins on the dead eyes of Bond, rifle in hand and mischievous look in his eyes, the plan was a great success, everything went as planned down to Bond shooting the decoy assassin. The sweet taste of success filled the man with red hair's heart with glee.

1 -England was in war with Denmark at the time in West Africa.

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