The Pain of Those Left Behind

By: OtakuSailorV

She had always looked on the bright side, always thought that everything would turn out all right in the end. She was sunny and cheery, always wearing a cute smile that spread warmth through even the most dismal of people.

She had never felt the heavy pain of loss before, never stained her hands with blood; none of them had.

To think that the line between hero and villain could fade so easily right in front of their eyes like that. It was hard to believe that they had all come into this world to commit such a horrible crime. It wasn't fair, it just wasn't right for such a crime to be committed for the survival of Cephiro. What right did they have to kill the Princess? What right did they have to cause such suffering when all the Princess had wanted was to not be alone any longer? It was horrible…

Those left behind would suffer as well. Their hearts ached, reaching out in hopes of touching the warmth of the Princess' heart, only to find that it had stopped beating. Such a tragic story, such a tragic legend…

Magic Knights called from another world to save Cephiro from the love of the Pillar. From her ache to be with a kindred spirit, from her ache to love another more than herself. Such a tragic, horrible story that began so innocently…

But why? Why did it have to be that way? Why did everyone have to suffer so much in order to be safe? Couldn't it be changed? Couldn't they be happy? People were not bound by fate, were they? They had the right and ability to create their own destinies, didn't they? They could forge their own paths, and yet still this catastrophic event had been allowed to replay itself again and again. Over and over into infinity this tragic story spiraled, each time becoming more and more heartbreaking to those that were left behind.

Hikaru gripped her new friends tightly as they reappeared in the Tokyo Tower. They had not even noticed yet that they were no longer in Cephiro, they were so distraught by their deeds.

Hikaru wailed loudly with Umi and Fuu as she realized that the greatest pain in death lies in the hearts of those left behind.

Some implied EmeraudeZagato if you look hard enough. Post Season 1, drabble-ish. Not sure if this has ever been done before. This is my first time writing for Rayearth, and it is a bit...meh, if I must say. In other words, I wrote this mainly by request of a fan from antoher site who wanetd me to do some fanfictionfor MKR. (You people and your demands!)

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