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Home. It's a place that everybody wants. I have a home, I suppose. I adore my friends here in Tokyo, but something is missing. That part of home that tells you that this is where you're supposed to be? I don't have that. I may have had it once, but I lost it long ago.

My name is Misao. I'm afraid I can't tell you any more than that, as it is lost to me as well. Its a scary thing, to not know anything of your past. Who you were, what you did, where you're supposed to be, who were the people most important in your life.

Tomorrow is my 16th birthday. The day that I will set out to recover what was lost to me. I have only some vague suggestion as to my past, in that Sano found me wandering around outside the gates of Edo Castle. He brought me back to Kaoru's dojo.

In birthday celebration and as a means of farewell, we all went out to the Akabeko for dinner. Kaoru and Kenshin were paying, of course. Kaoru and Yahiko had gotten into an argument again when Miss Tae came by to wish me "happy birthday." She was followed shortly by Tsubame who also stopped by to talk to Yahiko.

"Didn't you hear? The lone Makimachi daughter is said to have survived the house slaughtering 10 years ago. It's rumored that she may even be here in Tokyo."

Now, anyone who lives in Tokyo will know something of the Makimachi House Slaughter. Sanosuke especially had a talent for picking up tidbits on it. It happened in the middle of the night. Some unknown syndicate on bad terms with the clan had attacked. Everyone in the house was found murdered the following morning. All except for her. The lone Makimachi daughter. The poor girl wasn't even 6 when it happened. There are some varied theories on whatever became of her. Some say her body was dismembered, dishonored, drowned, tortured, or subject to other unmentionable things as the sole daughter of the late okashira. Others say she was brought to Edo Castle when the syndicate took up an unofficial residency there. They had since been driven out by unknown means.

I know some of the others think I could be her. They've never said anything, but it shows in their eyes. Whenever the subject of the Makimachi daughter comes up, thy inadvertantly glance at me. It's got to be the most proposterous notion I've ever heard. Everyone knows the Makimachi's are gone. I just hope nobody coughYahikocough has the gall to actually make the suggestion or I'll never hear the end of it.

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