Summary: The first time I met her, my heart skipped a beat, and my breath caught in my throat. She was…perfect and exactly as I'd always envisioned her. That's when I knew. I knew the new girl was mine; my Querida.

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Chapter 1

"Querida" I mumbled into her flowing, beautiful hair. She was close to me, held tightly in place by my arms encircled around her waist. She held onto me tightly as well, as if never wanting to let go.

"I'll see you in school on Monday, Jesse" she said, almost teasing me.

"That's too long from now" I cooed. I know, Jesse De Silva, cooing, but she made me this way. All mussy, and frankly, I enjoyed it.

"Well, you're going to call me when you get home, plus tomorrow you said you'd explain my chemistry homework to me" she replied. I could tell she was smiling, and not just because her lips were dangerously close to my neck.

"Alright, I'll call you later" I whined before getting out of my car, and going to open her door. "Thank you. I love you, Jesse."

"I love you too, Querida."

I got back into my car, and smiled as I watched her saunter up the path to her house. She often did this to tease me, saunter away I mean. Seeing her walk so confidently; swaying her hips, and in a sense strutting for me, made me happy.

When she was safely inside her house I started my car, and drove the few blocks to my house, all the while thinking of my Querida. After quietly making my way into my room, I opened the top drawer of my nightstand, and pulled out a small black box. Inside was my grandmother's engagement ring; my father had given it to me once he noticed how I looked at my Querida. The ring was beautiful; a simple white gold band with a medium sized diamond in the middle, and two smaller emerald stones beside the diamond.

"Soon" I whispered to myself, "soon."

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