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From the glass windows of space colony ARK, a figure stood in the shadows watching the Earth in all its glory as it completed another full rotation around the sun. It moved slightly as it approached a small control panel in the rear. It pressed an array of buttons and suddenly as if by magic the ARK came to life power surged through walls, causing lights to blink on and brighten the room. The creature chose to remain in the dimness of the shadows. It moved toward some pods that were aligned at the left on the wall. It pulled a lever and the glass outer layer of pod rose, and the figure placed its self within it, and as the entrance began to close only few words escaped the being's mouth. "So it begins…"

She sat in a windowsill her knees in a lady like position because she was wearing a dress, were neatly folded to the side. She looked out over the blinking lights of the city seeing nothing that sparked her interest, so she turned her view toward the sky. She watched the beautiful cascade of shining and glimmering stars twinkle against the blue velvet sky, the moon catching her attention as it was nothing but a crest at the moment. It was so beautiful up there in the night sky, but no one noticed the dark side of the moon like she did. The lit side of the moon was the only part that was ever noticed, only when the darkness became light would the dark side of the moon be perceived. She loved the dark side of the moon it was so much like her, unknown to the world yet when in the spot light loved by many. She noticed a small shooting star falling from the dark blue heavens. She had always thought it foolish to make wishes seeing as how to her it was but wishful thinking, but there was something different about her way of mind that night, she felt as if she'd do anything to bring herself from the depression that filled her soul. She looked at the star it was almost out of sight she held her hand to her heart, and whispered something almost so quietly that even an angle would not know what one of God's children was wishing for. "Please…give me someone who will love me." A single tear ran down her face as she watched the star's light die off into the distance. She pushed herself from the windowsill and back into her apartment, she was in her room, it was painted a pink so light that you would almost think it to be white. She sat on her canopy bed witch was made with light pink sheets and a matching fluffy comforter, she had a few pillows at the head of the bed, and in the middle of the neatly arranged pillows was one shaped like a crescent moon and was a soft white color. She pulled the little moon to her body hugging it tightly as she laid her head on top of it. She sighed quietly; the pink hedgehog looked over at a picture sitting on her vanity. It was a photo of a blue hedgehog smiling and giving a thumbs up. She sighed again as she stared at the picture. "Sonikku why do you feel so distant from me." She picked herself up from the bed and walked to the bathroom, she soon returned dressed in a pair of light pink sweat pants and a tummy shirt that was pink with a yellow butterfly emblem in the center of it. Amy walked over to her vanity and sat down staring at her reflection, witch seemed so lifeless; no happiness could she find with in herself. She turned to the picture of her beloved Sonikku, she wanted to smile at it but she couldn't she did the total opposite she put her hand on the picture and then slammed it down to the top of the vanity so she could no longer see it. Then she sighed heavily in despair as she pulled away from her reflection. Amy suddenly heard a small 'meow', she turned to see a small calico cat staring up at her. She leaned down and petted it on the head. "Hey Patch." Amy yawned as the cat jumping to the foot of her bed; curling up to sleep. Amy began pulling the covers back on her bed, and then placed herself in it. She turned the light out next to her bed and fell in to the cradling arms of sleep.

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